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For the best experience, please upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Wireless Emergency Alerts, also called the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), is a new national public safety system that allows customers with CMAS-capable mobile devices to receive geographically-targeted notifications of emergency situations, such as a weather event, a hazardous material spill or a missing child, in their area. Customers with CMAS-capable mobile devices will automatically receive these alerts and may choose to turn off all alerts except Presidential alerts.
CMAS uses a unique signal and vibration to attract attention; however, Wireless Emergency Alerts will not preempt calls or data sessions in progress. The 90-character text-like alerts will be broadcast simultaneously to CMAS-capable mobile devices, similar to the way emergency alerts are broadcast over radio and television today.
You never know exactly when disaster will strike, and even in this age, no app or gadget can fully replace good old-fashioned preparation. You should have ICE ("in case of emergency") numbers listed in your phone, including the police, fire department and rescue agencies.
One gadget that ensures you have plenty of clean water is the convenient, battery-powered SteriPEN — just stick it in a glass of water, and the water is purified in less than one minute. If you have to turn to nature, the Wild Edibles app lists a slew of information about which roots, nuts, fruits and plants are safe to eat, and also includes more than 160 recipes.
If you find yourself in the dark, the LuminAID is a solar-powered, inflatable LED light source.
A hand-crank phone charger could cover a few crucial calls or texts if you've misplaced your extra phone battery. It's also a smart idea to turn off LTE or Wi-Fi capabilities to conserve your battery power. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are warnings sent by authorized government alerting authorities straight to your phone via text (no download necessary).
Honeywella€™s lifestyle-enhancing LYNX Touch lets you control your security system, lights, locks and thermostats, view video and morea€”all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen or on mobile devices around your home. You can view video right on the full-color touchscreen* or anywhere on the premises on your smartphones, tablets and other Wi-FiA® enabled devicesa€”a great way to keep an eye on your family and home! The icons and words are large, crystal clear and easy to reada€”making LYNX Touch great for family members of all ages.
Our LYNX Connect App* lets you use your Wi-FiA® enabled iOS or Androida„? devices for easy, on-premises system control and video viewing.
Enjoy quick and easy control of up to four garage doors* and know if theya€™re open or closed right at the touchscreen, tablets or any web-enabled device within your home. LYNX Touch works with Z-Wave sensors that can shut down your homea€™s main water valve when leaky pipes are detecteda€”helping to avert and minimize costly flood damage.
From indoor and outdoor motion sensors, door and window protection, glassbreak detectors, flood and temperature sensors and more. You can control and automate your thermostats, garage doors, lights, locks and water valves directly at the LYNX Touch display, around your home via Wi-FiA® enabled devices or remotely when using Honeywell Total Connecta„? Remote Services. The optional two-way voice feature lets central station operators listen in and talk to you when an alarm signal is received*a€”ensuring that the proper response personnel can be dispatched to your home should the need arise. Last week while I was drafting a brief in my office, I heard a tone coming from my iPhone that I had never heard before. Pursuant to the WARN Act, the FCC worked with FEMA to create a program called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). These are alerts issued because of an imminent threat to public safety or life, such as evacuation orders or shelter in place orders due to severe weather, a terrorist threat or chemical spill.

I am not aware of any official standards for when the President will issue a WEA Presidential Alert.
WEA capable devices are designed to reject duplicate alerts, so you should receive each alert only once.
AT&T just turned on the WEA system for iPhones in June of 2013, which is why I had not heard one before last week. If your iPhone supports WEA and the carrier has turned it on for your phone, then the default setting is that you receive all three types of alerts. As noted above, when I first heard the sound last week, it was a tone that I had never heard before from my iPhone so it caught me by surprise. Once installed, AMBER and Emergency alerts are automatically sent to your phone unless you switch them off via Settings. Cellular® has joined forces with the FCC and FEMA to offer Wireless Emergency Alerts on capable mobile devices, free of charge, in all of our coverage areas by April 2012. You can download its official FEMA app, which lists preparedness information for all types of disasters — including emergency kit checklists, maps and a section to plan meeting locations.
Understandably, the first thing on your mind after any type of disaster is whether your family and friends are safe.
Shelter View is an app from the Red Cross that helps you locate nearby shelters in real time, including temporary shelters set up in times of need. And if you're the type that likes to be fully prepared all the time, the VAULTkase is an iPhone case that comes with an assortment of tools, including a 2GB USB flash drive and a Swiss Army insert with a knife, screwdrivers and tweezers.
If you don't have any of the aforementioned phone gadgets and can only make one call, it should be to your voicemail, and explain that you're safe. You will receive extreme weather and AMBER alerts, as well as presidential alerts during a national emergency.
It automatically pinpoints your location to provide real-time severe weather alerts, as well as simple weather forecasts. And remember: If things get really desperate, you can always resort to the edible rice cake and gummy iPhone cases. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers.
With a press of the touchscreen, this mode arms preselected interior sensorsa€”such as in a basement or on the main floora€”while letting you move freely in areas like hallways or upper floors. Schedule them to open before you leave for work in the morning or close by a certain time every night, or have then automatically close if left open for a specified period of time or at a certain time.
Honeywell's wireless security sensors provide your home with a higher level of protection inside and out. You can even randomize lights for a lived-in look while youa€™re away and set scenes that correspond to sunrise and sunset times! 13, 2006) is titled the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, sometimes called the WARN Act.
The system was based on the existing Emergency Alert System (EAS), which are the warnings that you get on a television and radio when there is a weather or other emergency. For example, the National Weather Service says that it sends WEA alerts for tsunami warnings, tornado and flash flood warnings, hurricane, typhoon, dust storm and extreme wind warnings and blizzard and ice storm warnings. No president has ever issued a Presidential Alert under WEA or similar prior systems (and hopefully, no president will ever have a need to do so). However, subsequent alerts may be issued that contain information similar to a prior alert.

The following YouTube video shows a WEA alert triggered by a hack on an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy G3.
However, should you be tired of Obama, just know that there’s no way to switch off Presidential alerts. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy,, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices, and Mobile Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. Family organization apps provide the location of family members, but feel free to add friends to your list. Check out this list of awesome gadgets — including an oxygen-sensing space heater, a phone that lasts for 15 years and more, all of which can help you when you're snowed in or stuck in a storm. This is an efficient blanket approach for worried friends and family who try to get in touch. More than 100 carriers, including the big-name powerhouses, participate in WEA messages, which don't count towards your texting limits and aren't affected by network congestion.
Severe weather can trigger the app, even if your phone is in sleep mode, which will then emit a series of beeps and an audio description of the emergency.
You can even arm your system with the garage door open and it automatically becomes part of the protected area when closeda€”no false alarms or maximum exit delay times to worry about!
The WARN Act, gives the FCC the authority to adopt standards for cell phone companies to transmit emergency alerts. Alerts are sent to cell towers providing wireless service to a target geographical area, and then all WEA-capable phones using those cell towers receive the alert. The way it works is that a pre-authorized national, state or local government agency sends an emergency alert to FEMA, which then sends the alert to the participating cell phone companies, each of which then sends the alert to WEA capable phones in the zone of emergency.
The incident, and others like it, led to the AMBER Alert system, a method by which police officers may quickly publicize information when a child age 17 or younger is abducted such as the name and description of the child, a description of the suspected abductor, a description and license plate of the abductor’s vehicle, etc.
If can't locate someone because your call isn't going through, the Lost Person Finder contains a searchable database and is integrated with the U.S. The app also hosts a map of hospitals and clinics in your vicinity, as well as the nearest embassy.
Here are the details on Wireless Emergency Alerts so that if you hear one on your iPhone you will know what is going on. Participation by cell phone companies is voluntary — they don’t have to participate — but if they do, the law states that cell phone companies may not impose an additional charge for such alerts. Thus, you will receive an alert if you are in a targeted area even if you are just visiting that area. Alerts may be re-broadcast at specific intervals in the targeted geographic locations, in order to reach as many devices as possible.
It gathers data from citizens, disaster relief organizations, social networks and hospitals. 144 of those children were eventually found, and AMBER Alerts played a role in 28 of those cases.
The original AMBER Alert system was opt-in only, and sent a text message based on a cell phone owner’s pre-defined geographical location regardless of where a cell phone was actually located when the alert was issued. That system was retired on December 31, 2012 to be replaced by the new, improved WEA system.

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