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In addition to Tulane's Alert Line and Emergency Notices website, the university has created means to contact Tulane students, faculty and staff in emergency situations.
In the event of an emergency or impending threat, Tulane will send critical voice and text messages to our students at multiple telephone and e-mail addresses. To ensure that Tulane has accurate and current contact information in the Office of the Registrar records, students should update their information through Gibson Online or the Registrar's Office. Following an emergency, which would displace students from campus, the university will provide updated information on the Emergency Notices website. In the event of an emergency or impending threat, Tulane will send critical voice and text messages to our employees at multiple telephone and e-mail addresses.
NOTE: This information will be used only in an emergency to send official university communications and does not alter employees' university directory information as done through the PPI.
Following an emergency, which would displace employees from campus, the university will activate a call-in registry for employees as well as provide updated information on the Emergency Notices website. Please fill out this form to subscribe to notifications via the parents listserv about emergency situations that threaten the Tulane campus, such as a hurricane, a shooter or a bomb threat.
Desktop Alert have been deployed successfully in a wide variety of cases of which only few are showcased here. Alerts can deliver prompt trade signals to forex traders, they can be used to monitor web server outages, websites can use them to deliver their news and newsletters to their clients, banks can use them to deliver important information to the clients directly, individuals can use them to set personal reminders for important events.
Custom Application which can show simultaneous signals within a very short time interval was developed for client end. Server end Control Panel was customized as Forex Signal Control Panel and all the tools were provided therein to manage the subscribers and send signals to them using both Automatic and Manual modes. API was also developed so that Forex Signals could be fed directly into the system thus delivering automatic alerts without human intervention. Failsafe were also employed to make sure that Admins get notices whenever there is some failure at the signal level or the delivery level.
Further Integration was done in which an Outage Alert is also sent to the custom made script installed on monitored server so that the affected service can be restarted automatically even without the assistance of the webmaster. Server end Control Panel was customized to provide webmaster with wide variety of multimedia templates so as to make the creation of alert messages simpler.
Full Audit Trail was maintained to enable webmaster to see exactly how many users received the message, how many read it, how many deleted it etc. Custom Application was developed for User's Desktop based on User's preferences and Language. Custom Control Panel was developed with many easy to use Personal Templates to create the Personal Messages with Timestamps. Custom Control Panel was developed to create the Coupon with Codes and Alerts with Timestamps.
Custom Application was developed for each department and named as per the department name and also given a unique group code. Custom Application was developed for Desktop which doesn't allow any Snoozing or Offline option.

Custom Control Panel was developed so that emergency alert message is delivered with a Single click. Pre-Designed templates were made available in Control panel to use during different types of emergencies and responses required. Desktop and Mobile App were also made available in case Control Panel is out of reach at the time of emergency.
Several Failsafe mechanisms were implemented so Redundancy is there in case the main network goes down.
You never know exactly when disaster will strike, and even in this age, no app or gadget can fully replace good old-fashioned preparation. You should have ICE ("in case of emergency") numbers listed in your phone, including the police, fire department and rescue agencies. One gadget that ensures you have plenty of clean water is the convenient, battery-powered SteriPEN — just stick it in a glass of water, and the water is purified in less than one minute. If you have to turn to nature, the Wild Edibles app lists a slew of information about which roots, nuts, fruits and plants are safe to eat, and also includes more than 160 recipes. If you find yourself in the dark, the LuminAID is a solar-powered, inflatable LED light source. A hand-crank phone charger could cover a few crucial calls or texts if you've misplaced your extra phone battery. It's also a smart idea to turn off LTE or Wi-Fi capabilities to conserve your battery power.
Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are warnings sent by authorized government alerting authorities straight to your phone via text (no download necessary). Voice Broadcast Alerts: An efficient and effective solution in the event of an emergency  In the event of an emergency, it may be necessary to reach thousands quickly and efficiently. For any business, in any industry, looking for a method of mass message delivery, using a Web-based voice broadcast emergency alert dialer provides a powerful tool to generate thousands of calls to clients, customers or prospects, or create customizable messages to be delivered to specific individuals. If you are a student, staff or faculty member, be sure to visit our page about receiving emergency alerts to your desktop or laptop. For notices about those types of crimes, please subscribe to the Tulane Police crime alerts list.
You can download its official FEMA app, which lists preparedness information for all types of disasters — including emergency kit checklists, maps and a section to plan meeting locations. Understandably, the first thing on your mind after any type of disaster is whether your family and friends are safe. Shelter View is an app from the Red Cross that helps you locate nearby shelters in real time, including temporary shelters set up in times of need. And if you're the type that likes to be fully prepared all the time, the VAULTkase is an iPhone case that comes with an assortment of tools, including a 2GB USB flash drive and a Swiss Army insert with a knife, screwdrivers and tweezers. If you don't have any of the aforementioned phone gadgets and can only make one call, it should be to your voicemail, and explain that you're safe.
You will receive extreme weather and AMBER alerts, as well as presidential alerts during a national emergency.

It automatically pinpoints your location to provide real-time severe weather alerts, as well as simple weather forecasts. And remember: If things get really desperate, you can always resort to the edible rice cake and gummy iPhone cases.
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Emergency Alert Dialer or Voice Broadcast is able to tackle through the traffic and quickly deliver emergency notifications. The voice broadcast emergency alert dialer is perfect for any business wanting to leave pre-recorded information with the party that answers the phone or on answering machines. Family organization apps provide the location of family members, but feel free to add friends to your list.
Check out this list of awesome gadgets — including an oxygen-sensing space heater, a phone that lasts for 15 years and more, all of which can help you when you're snowed in or stuck in a storm. This is an efficient blanket approach for worried friends and family who try to get in touch.
More than 100 carriers, including the big-name powerhouses, participate in WEA messages, which don't count towards your texting limits and aren't affected by network congestion. Severe weather can trigger the app, even if your phone is in sleep mode, which will then emit a series of beeps and an audio description of the emergency.
Able to generate thousands of calls in a matter of minutes, voice broadcast emergency alert dialers are the best option in an emergency.
It will also allow the consumer to have the option of pressing a number to speak with your company if they wish to. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy,, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices, and Mobile Privacy Policy & Terms of Service. If can't locate someone because your call isn't going through, the Lost Person Finder contains a searchable database and is integrated with the U.S.
The app also hosts a map of hospitals and clinics in your vicinity, as well as the nearest embassy. Simply log in, record your message, upload a list of contacts and within minutes, your emergency notification system can safely alert the public. In the event of an emergency, when time is of the essence, make sure you have the best tool available to alert the public in the quickest, most efficient, and safest way possible.
Take advantage of our Free Trial today to see how the Voice Broadcast system can benefit you.
It gathers data from citizens, disaster relief organizations, social networks and hospitals.

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