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Pre-loaded with the just-announced Moto E and Moto G LTE devices, Motorola Alert will have you covered should you ever find yourself trapped under a [enter heavy object of your choice here] in an inconveniently remote location, or in some other similarly sticky situation. Once activated, periodic notifications showing your location are sent to designated contacts “so they can act fast to get you help you need,” Motorola says on the app’s Google Play page. Last week while I was drafting a brief in my office, I heard a tone coming from my iPhone that I had never heard before. Pursuant to the WARN Act, the FCC worked with FEMA to create a program called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). These are alerts issued because of an imminent threat to public safety or life, such as evacuation orders or shelter in place orders due to severe weather, a terrorist threat or chemical spill.
I am not aware of any official standards for when the President will issue a WEA Presidential Alert. WEA capable devices are designed to reject duplicate alerts, so you should receive each alert only once. AT&T just turned on the WEA system for iPhones in June of 2013, which is why I had not heard one before last week. If your iPhone supports WEA and the carrier has turned it on for your phone, then the default setting is that you receive all three types of alerts.
As noted above, when I first heard the sound last week, it was a tone that I had never heard before from my iPhone so it caught me by surprise. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on LinkedInFEMA, Red Cross, local TV stations – lots of organizations are offering emergency alert apps for Smartphones. Issued directly from 911 call centers or your local Emergency Management Agency, no middle man means quicker alerts. Alerts are sent for many issues too localized for an EAS alert, like a gas leak on your street, a missing person in the neighborhood or a local police action. Message length is not limited to 90 characters like WEAs so you receive more information and will know what to do. Alerts are sent based on the locations you register, so you know if danger is near your home, work, day care or any other location of concern.
You can register for where elderly parents or others live, it does not matter if they are nearby or far off. Reverse 911 systems already have land line phone numbers, that’s good if you still have a land line and if you are home to answer the call.

A quote on the value of Reverse 911 from the Los Angeles police.   Their local system is called Alert LA County.
Same goes for disasters where there is a fire in the area and we want certain people to evacuate north and others to evacuate south.  WEA cannot be as precise to affected areas. Emergency alerts sent to your mobile device automatically or through apps are valuable but are not the best for most situations.
Don't miss the call to evacuate or shelter-in-placeThe first step in keeping your family safe is to register all your mobile phones with local Reverse911 services Learn step-by-step how to set up Reverse911 and create an effective Emergency Plan to protect your whole family before, during, and after the most common emergencies.
SafetyInformed operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Social Good Fund, a tax-exempt 501c(3) charitable organization. 13, 2006) is titled the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, sometimes called the WARN Act.
The system was based on the existing Emergency Alert System (EAS), which are the warnings that you get on a television and radio when there is a weather or other emergency.
For example, the National Weather Service says that it sends WEA alerts for tsunami warnings, tornado and flash flood warnings, hurricane, typhoon, dust storm and extreme wind warnings and blizzard and ice storm warnings. No president has ever issued a Presidential Alert under WEA or similar prior systems (and hopefully, no president will ever have a need to do so).
However, subsequent alerts may be issued that contain information similar to a prior alert. The following YouTube video shows a WEA alert triggered by a hack on an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy G3. But are they accurate and informative enough to help you make a decision during community emergencies and natural disasters? They say “Hey there is a big problem!” but fail to offer much specific information and often refer you to check your local news and radio.
We can direct a message for those that live on streets A, B and C to remain in their houses with their doors lock. Because you need the best information, register and in a few minutes you will have the protection of your local of Reverse 911 alerts; precise, informative, authoritative and free.
The WARN Act, gives the FCC the authority to adopt standards for cell phone companies to transmit emergency alerts. Alerts are sent to cell towers providing wireless service to a target geographical area, and then all WEA-capable phones using those cell towers receive the alert.

The way it works is that a pre-authorized national, state or local government agency sends an emergency alert to FEMA, which then sends the alert to the participating cell phone companies, each of which then sends the alert to WEA capable phones in the zone of emergency. The incident, and others like it, led to the AMBER Alert system, a method by which police officers may quickly publicize information when a child age 17 or younger is abducted such as the name and description of the child, a description of the suspected abductor, a description and license plate of the abductor’s vehicle, etc. Although good for reaching a lot of people in a geographic area, the problem is that natural disasters and community emergencies can affect adjoining areas differently. We could also send a message on the same incident for resident on D, E, and F streets to evacuate to a position north of the location and for streets X, Y and Z Streets to evacuate to a position to the south of the area.
Search Emergency Notification Services--> Set up Reverse 911 AlertsHelp us build safer communitiesShare Reverse 911 with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.
Here are the details on Wireless Emergency Alerts so that if you hear one on your iPhone you will know what is going on. Participation by cell phone companies is voluntary — they don’t have to participate — but if they do, the law states that cell phone companies may not impose an additional charge for such alerts. Thus, you will receive an alert if you are in a targeted area even if you are just visiting that area. We would call every house that had a landline and every person’s cell phone that had registered with us.
Alerts may be re-broadcast at specific intervals in the targeted geographic locations, in order to reach as many devices as possible.
144 of those children were eventually found, and AMBER Alerts played a role in 28 of those cases. The original AMBER Alert system was opt-in only, and sent a text message based on a cell phone owner’s pre-defined geographical location regardless of where a cell phone was actually located when the alert was issued.
That system was retired on December 31, 2012 to be replaced by the new, improved WEA system.

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