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The following basic information gives our experience in the attenuation of mains frequency magnetic field reduction.
The following is based on full continuity fully welded and gapless joints to all shielded surfaces, augmentation of joints with an overlapping strap may be required. The behaviour of mains frequency magnetic field is very different to RF and microwave energies and the treatment of reducing the fields is also very different.
Aluminium – This medium is common in US Electron Microscopy chambers but not common in Europe, in the Global EMC 50Hz magnetic field cube tests this medium was the lowest in terms of field attenuation. Low Carbon steel – This medium has the lowest commercial cost and is commonly used for 50Hz shielding due to budget constraints, in the Global EMC 50Hz magnetic field cube tests this medium was slightly better than Aluminium in terms of field attenuation. Pure Iron – This medium has the highest permeability compared to the other two shield mediums. Note – There are other exotic ultra-high permeability materials such as Mu-metal, these were not considered as they are not commercially viable. The effect of shielding versus the field strength is not a constant, if the field is low strength then the shield has less effect.
Shielding of cables which emit high magnetic fields can be treated so as to reduce the adverse effects. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Electromagnetic radiation passes through the air and can interfere with the proper operation of various types of equipment. Sometimes the circuit design alone is not sufficient to properly protect against excessive levels of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the equipment or affecting the equipment. A metal box is a great fix since there would be no Emissions from the circuit and no way the circuit would be affected by the outside electromagnetic environment. To access the circuit and give it usefulness we need to penetrate the electromagnetic shield (metal box). It is best to keep apertures small, down to a fraction of the smallest wavelength of the frequencies of concern.

A seam is anywhere on the electromagnetic shielded enclosure where one metal piece meets another. Anti-corrosion coatings are not always conductive and can cause problems for an electromagnetic shield. Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. The second type of shielding uses a different principle, but is also effective against magnetic fields. Outside the shield, the two fields are in the same direction and the combined magnetic field is increased.
With input transformers, which are particularly susceptible to magnetic fields because they have a magnetic core, the shielding often consists of an arrangement combining magnetic and electromagnetic shielding into one composite assembly. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from unwanted electromagnetic fields can interrupt, obstruct, or degrade the effective performance of electronic devices. Eikosa€™s NanoshieldA® coating has demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce broad spectrum electromagnetic interference. We have tested our materials from 50 MHz to 40 GHz and found uniform and strong shielding across all wavelengths. In the Global EMC 50Hz cube tests this medium was easily the best at shielding 50Hz magnetic fields. Taking the example of a flat plate the energies cannot flow to anywhere, so, the magnetic field will want to re-radiate at the shielding medium edge, thus drastically reducing the shield effect.
Taking the example of a sub-station transformer, if enough distance can be afforded then shielding may not be required, although, this is rarely the case! Encapsulation will be required with a choice of permanent shield or with inspection covers. Electromagnetic shielding does not use a magnetic material, but rather one that conducts electric current well, such as copper or aluminum. As well as providing increased protection, the combination makes the arrangement more effective over the entire frequency range.

Traditional EMI shielding is achieved with vacuum deposited metals that are susceptible to corrosion and delamination. Because NanoshieldA® is a printable and conformal coating, any surface can be coated without the need for a vacuum chamber.
It is always better to get as close to total encapsulation as possible, thus allowing the energies to flow around the Faraday cage. When the field strength becomes very high the shielding can go into saturation and becomes less effective.
The shielded should run past a sensitive area by at least 3m but could be as much as 6m so as to negate the re-radiation effect. When the magnetic field causing the induction fluctuates, it causes current to flow in the shield.
Because it depends on fluctuating fields, this kind of shield is completely ineffective against steady magnetism.
The magnetic shielding takes care of frequencies down to zero or d-c and begins to become ineffective at frequencies between 60 to 300 cycles. By using low density carbon nanotubes instead of metals, NanoshieldA® can offer significant weight savings over traditional EMI shielding. InvisiconA® coatings have a shielding effectiveness of greater 20 dB while maintaining transparency in the visible and near infrared regions. This current in the shield sets up its own magnetic field that opposes the original inducing magnetism, and the two fields tend to cancel inside the shield. It is also comparatively ineffective against low-frequency fluctuation, and only becomes really effective at higher frequencies. The electromagnetic shield^on the other hand, begins to become effective between 60 and 300 cycles, and the combined protection is effective for all frequencies.

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