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An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is a threat few Americans are familiar with, yet one which could easily destroy their lives. A single EMP attack could disable all modern electronics in the United States, eliminating communications, food, water, transportation, medicine distribution, and our financial system. Experts from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the US Department of Defense (DOD) have told a House Homeland Security subcommittee that Defense systems that depend on the commercial electric grid are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse attacks and solar storms that could seriously damage the nation’s infrastructure. Recently The London Sunday Times reported that Israel might attack Iran by using electromagnetic pulses (EMP) that could cripple the country by shutting down its electronics and sending the Islamic Republic “back to the Stone Age".
Report claims that the possible use of such a weapon has been raised in several quarters as a debate rages among Israel’s politicians about whether a swift strike should be launched against Iran's nuclear facilities. Such a pulse could knock out the power grid and  communications for transport, financial and emergency services.
Founder and Editor-in-chief at 'Hack Reports', enthusiast server administrator , Internet activist and have keen interest in Cyber Forensics. Woolsey and Pry wrote a pretty convincing piece on the necessity of the SHIELD Act for Breitbart Big Peace, and DR recommends our readers read it. Another Carrington Event that would collapse life-sustaining electric grids and critical infrastructures everywhere on Earth is someday inevitable. So, between all those big, nasty foreign meanies out there, and the SUN, the SHIELD Act looks like a national security imperative that Defense Review supports.
Could you do a review on products that claim to protect electronics and vehicles from EMP attack?
In his speech, he says that an electromagnetic pulse is “essentially a peculiarly sized nuclear device that becomes a giant lightning strike.
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett commissioned seven nuclear physicists to study what the effect would be in the case of an electromagnetic pulse attack, and they unanimously said that it would be a catastrophic event. Gingrich also mentions to the crowd that just one EMP set off over Omaha would eliminate most of the electrical production in the United States. The government’s perception management machine, sadly, plays hand puppet to the multi billion dollar military industrial complex lobby. An EMP, also referred to as a ‘transient electromagnetic disturbance’ is a robust burst of electromagnetic energy and is a phenomenon that can occur both naturally (lightning, electrostatic discharge, meteoric) and via man-made (power line surges, gasoline engine ignition, nuclear electromagnetic pulse: NEMP and HEMP) events.
During the 1990’s Russia admitted to sharing its discoveries of multiple weaknesses in America’s critical infrastructure and EMP technology with North Korea.
America possesses the world’s largest energy distribution system and has been repeatedly referred to as a third rate, developing nation style grid. Defective management is compounded by current events detrimental to the security of the U.S. The most realistic probability for EMP by way of asymmetric warfare would be one of America’s countless enemies, attaching an unsophisticated nuclear bomb to a satellite that rounds the south pole with remote detonation in orbit above the United States. Taking out the energy grid automatically eliminates functionality of all other critical infrastructures that are dependent on the grid. In all fairness pre 911 Congress did establish a dog and pony show called the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.
In recent months, both North Korea and Iran have threatened to launch separate EMP attacks upon the United States. Short of a 3 mile-wide asteroid landing in the ocean, I cannot think of a more devastating event than an EMP attack.
I strongly concur with my Congressman, Trent Franks, that an EMP attack is the most devastating event that our country could ever face. Our power grid is susceptible to hurricanes, flooding, lightening strikes and Corona Mass Ejections (CME). In 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission, warned that an EMP would destroy the power grid, or at minimum, would seriously damage it. Most experts agree that the most effective delivery method for a nation-wide EMP, or HEMP attack would be the Club-K Container Missile System.
An EMP attack would literally send thousands of small and mid-sized businesses in the United States into bankruptcy in less than a millisecond.
Education records would be destroyed and only hard copies of transcripts would serve as the remnants of an extinct system.
America would see catastrophic conditions immediately take place in our hospitals and convalescent centers. One of the most tragic developments arising from an EMP attack with the fate of schoolchildren geographically isolated from their parents who have already commuted to work. If you were a teacher, how long would you stay on the job and ignore the welfare of your family?Getting home and reuniting with family will be problematic.
The greatest threat to human survival, in the aftermath of HEMP, is the public’s availability to obtain clean drinking water. In 2010, when Haiti was hit by a major earthquake which killed over 200,000 people, the misery did not stop with the survivors.
Keeping drinking water clean and separate from human sewage and other contaminates would prove to be humanity’s biggest challenge. There are multiple technologies which are used to pump water from the source to its final destination. In a time of a HEMP attack, the availability of water, as well as the safety of water would come into question for the vast majority of Americans.
Most people will perish within 30 days of famine, thus, making water shortages the greatest threat to survival.
BE AWARE THAT A NON-EMP GRID TAKEDOWN WILL HAVE THE SAME DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES AS AN EMP ATTACK WITHOUT THE CATASTROPHIC AFTERMATH. What is more likely is that the United States will be hit with localized EMP attacks, as needed, in order to subdue more difficult areas, and this will be accompanied by an assault upon most of the regional power plants in the United States but EMP weapons would not be employed. Ex-Green Beret, John Moore and I have had several on-air conversations about how two eight-man Russian commando teams can take down a power grid, the size of the city of Metropolitan Phoenix which has a population of four million people. I have learned that the Jade Helm 15 (JH 15)  drill is covertly practicing for the suspension of grid services to isolated communities who are hypothetically “resistant” to the takeover of the United States by foreign entities.
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Taking out the power grid would not stop resistance, electricity is not needed to resist tyranny. Gee, you mean King George didn’t stage a nuclear EMP attack on us before the limeys came onshore?
They’d likely be blaming the tea party and right-libertarians all the way to their destination.
Unplug the antennas from all of your electronic receivers and transmitters and ground it and you’ll be largely immune to EMP. Any EMP deserving of the name would have to be a HEMP, because the nuclear detonation’s effect on the outer layers of the atmosphere are what causes the damaging radiation. What reason would anyone privy to information about the results of such an action have for telling us? Social chaos occurs continuously in the same way that it is always raining somewhere on the planet. As long as the fittest, most equipped and adaptable are willing to do the fighting, they’ll be equipped and sent wherever their jingoism can be best put to work.
That explains how all Internet and phones, including cell phones, got taken down for an entire day here in Northern Arizona on 25 February 2015 . Only a complete Bozo would give out their actual residence address to the Obamunists or for purchasing arms, ammo, and all the other supplies and equipment that we have stocked up on over the past ten years. You should consider yourself lucky if Arizona is refusing to comply with the real ID requirement to place your residence address on your drivers license record. Since the US Postal Service refuses to deliver mail to our residence address, due to their trucks being too delicate to come down our driveway, our state ID cards show only our mail drop address at the UPS Store in town. They didn’t lose any electronics, they lost the telecommunications connection required by electronics. ArizonaM, we had a similar thing happen here on big island hawaii, half the island lost cell and phone, including 911 service for a day.
I don’t think common sense is something I would attribute to Hodges given the lunacy of his site and articles. An electromagnetic pulse is created by either a solar storm or high-altitude nuclear explosion.
While natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes are capable of inflicting severe damage, there exists another, much more catastrophic threat to our way of life: an Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP. A famous example of an EMP is the high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States in 1962, code-named Starfish Prime.

An EMP can also be caused naturally by geomagnetic storms such as the Carrington Event in 1859, which caused a failure of telegraph systems across the world. According to the HSNW, some reports estimate that the cost of a solar storm EMP to the US economy would be somewhere between $500 million to $2.6 trillion. Of course, an EMP caused by a high-altitude nuclear explosion, or an explosion compressing a magnetic coil or strong microwave fields is also a possibility. As the HSNW points out, as we become more interconnected via technology on a global scale, events such as an electromagnetic pulse become a real concern.
What would you do if your electricity suddenly went out and didn't come back on for months or even years? A solution to this problem could lie in the next-generation microgrids that enable local power generation and storage. Gingrich telling an audience at the Heritage Foundation that Bill Fortune has written a novel called One Second After, where he takes a town in North Carolina and shows what would happen in the case of a successful electromagnetic pulse attack. Gingrich also states that replacing the electrical generation system, especially once this system is gone and society is without electrical devices, is next to impossible. Therefore the public’s attention is perpetually bombarded with visuals of a 17 year old ISIS member training on an elementary school jungle gym, rolling around in the sand sporting a ski mask and shooting a WWII style, rust coated rifle.
But the biggest threat to the American public, by far, is the almighty Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). The question is not “Will it happen?”, rather “When will it happen?” The federal government has been so busy with cyber surveillance of Americans that it has ignored the very basics and most obvious threats to Americans. Threat and vulnerability assessments have been completed as a way of auditing substations, transmission stations and distribution stations. This process is eerily within the modest technological capabilities of even those deemed to be the most primitive of enemy nation states. Iran and North Korea, both in economic dyer straights from sanctions have verbally and historically demonstrated they are equally willing to undertake such an initiative.
This commission was to assess the likelihood of state and non state actors who could acquire nuclear capabilities and facilitate an EMP assault within the next 15 years, our Nation’s EMP attack vulnerabilities in the civilian infrastructure as a matter of emergency readiness, our recovery capabilities and cost analysis for civilian and military systems to be used against such an attack. Possibility has become probability yet the legislative community has failed to make this asymmetric warfare part of the discussion of national security planning. Congressman Franks represents a small group of Congressmen who have desperately been trying to attract attention to the possibility that a nation-wide EMP attack would prove more devastating than if a dozen of our cities were to be hit by a nuclear attack. The most malicious threat would be a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP).  A HEMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government coordination and communication, including intelligence and data gathering assets, and nuclear forensics. Most data backups of commercial systems are protected from just about every other threat, but not protected against EMP; and most data backups are located within the area likely to be affected by the EMP attack.
If there is a silver-lining, at least Common Core would stop wreaking its havoc on American students before the damage was too widespread.
Within a few days, old age homes would lack the resources and services of the staff to help preserve the lives of those who are virtually helpless.
Reuniting parents and their children would be next to impossible for the majority of Americans who have a 30 minute commute or more to work (20 miles). Nearly all broadcast stations, especially television stations, would go off the air.  Due to the high level of computerized automation, the equipment in most radio and television studios would be so completely destroyed that most commercial stations would be damaged beyond repair.
House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, a limited number of critical radio stations are being retrofitted with some EMP protection.  However, most of us will be without the benefit of mass communication.  Smoke signals anyone? Six weeks following the earthquake, Haiti announced its first cholera outbreak in over a century. The availability of clean water supplies would be the most critical threat and would claim the most victims. The takedown of a power substation will eventually have the effect of an EMP attack without the devastating aftermath. In other words, although a nation-wide attack upon the grid is not likely, isolated attacks are likely as will be the takedown of most of the power grids of the United States without the use of EMP weapons. However, I received credible and multiple reports that JH 15 is already underway and there is a lot about this drill that is not publicly available but the details are beginning to surface through back channels.
Then they will bleat about why they were never informed whilst being led to slaughter in FEMA camps. During this test, a Thor rocket carrying a W49 thermonuclear warhead was launched and detonated 250 miles above a point near Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean. As the HSNW notes, an EMP is capable of causing outages which last anywhere from two weeks to two years, owing partly to the fact that ordering replacement transformers takes months. The HSNW says several countries have begun researching creating an EMP via a non-nuclear device. Simply put, an EMP could potentially put an end to our technologically advanced way of life. How long would you last with the food in your pantry, the bottled water you have shelved, and your net worth reduced to the cash in your pocket? Major military weapons systems and nuclear assets are hardened against EMP events, but “DOD is heavily dependent on the commercial electric grid. If we can't protect our electric grid infrastructure, including communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water, then what's the point? Displaced fear mongering for purposes of capitalization is the name of the game when it comes to federal spending on defense. An EMP event would instantly set us back to the pre-industrial age and eliminate our critical infrastructures.
All it takes is a nuclear weapon launched by sea vessel or from our southern neighbors (a region that lacks early warning systems) and our archaic energy grid will be annihilated. Each time these assessments have demonstrated massive gaps enabling novice terrorist and sabotage breach threats full access which could lead to nonreboundable catastrophe yet the untrained armchair jockeys at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have refused to take action. Fragile boarders, federally enforced weakening of vendor encryption capabilities, unprotected southern skies due to lack of early warning systems all have an effect on the deteriorating security of our energy grid and critical infrastructure.
The neophyte sophistication and limited accuracy needed for such a devastating offensive is as simple as the historical Hiroshima and Nagasaki retaliation for Pearl Harbor. To argue the case one step further; take away the technological capability of satellites, a weapon for this purpose could be launched from a meager weather balloon. All it takes is a nuclear detonation, 300 miles above Kansas to obliterate power transformers throughout the United States. Would a foreign entity dare to launch such an attack given the threats made by Iran and North Korea?
John Casti, author of the book, X Events The Collapse of Everything states that EMP is only something that we have known about since the 1950’s when the United States detonated nuclear weapons in above-ground testing in the South Pacific. Indeed, with a  severe societal breakdown, the basic continuity of government agencies would be at risk. And their deaths might be considered merciful compared to the fate that the majority of the rest of us would face over the next two years. It is likely that in the 24 months following the event, that most people, who will die as a result of this event, would succumb to cholera and other water-borne diseases.
And even if your water system was powered by non-electrical means, how would the personnel and staff, who monitors and maintains your water supply, get to work without proper transportation? The resulting casualty rates stemming from civil disorder and death due to lack of water would be unimaginable. With hydroelectric power gone, where would the water come from for many food-growing regions in the country?
Yet, I was unable to locate any government or academic documents which attempted to project how bad it will get.
It is certainly an effective means for the authorities to eliminate all dissent and resistance and believe it or not, that possibility of part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.
A phone call to a  trusted source revealed that JH 15 is indeed underway and attacks upon the power grid are part of the drill. The result was an EMP which caused significant electrical damage, including blackouts, in cities some 900 miles away in Hawaii.
A recent example of this was sees in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit and parts of New York City were left without power for over a week. National Academies says the damage would be even more costly and recovery would take multiple years.
Peter Vincent Pry's assessment that Congress pass the SHIELD Act, which would, according to them, keep the above scenario from happening to us, or, more specifically, being done to us.
The Sun can hit us with powerful EMP pulses, as well, that can cause dangerous geomagnetic storms, including something really scary called a geomagnetic superstorm. Everything we depend on: electric, water plants, banking, nuclear energy facilities, dialysis machines, Internet and all communications would cease functionality thus ending the American way of life. A nuclear weapon ignited at high altitude is the most efficient way to eliminate our energy grid, telecommunications networks and all critical infrastructure.

The argument is that the suggestion results from the briefings are too costly therefore these findings collect dust in a forgotten filing cabinet in an underused document warehouse. Bureaucratic agencies and do nothing politicians who neglect this paramount responsibility dance around the topic due to lack of comprehension and lack of insider alliances that could cure this diseased sector of the legislative landscape. However, the emerging information does not suggest that North Korea or Iran will be the perpetrator. When one sets off a nuclear weapon, a pulse is emitted which “short circuits” all electronics and permanently damages them. Under such circumstances, it is judged unlikely that the source of a  HEMP attack, given even a minimal attempt to disguise it, would ever be known. These delivery devices would be readily available on the open market and a cargo ship could be rigged to launch such missiles.
The disease thrives in places where there is insufficient water treatment, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene. Iran) to launch a nationwide attack upon the grid because, for all intents and purposes, China owns a good portion of America’s assets and they are intent on realizing a profit from this ownership of our debt as evidenced by their domination of Inland Ports (e.g. Under such a scenario, the temporary takedown of the grid would be recoverable and that would keep the Chinese creditors happy, however, the devastation would be similar to an EMP attack in terms of social chaos and the destruction of the American culture. It levels the playing field completely, and reduces them to our level- hand to hand combat and manual warfare. One was blamed on a truck hitting a bridge and cutting the line and the other was struck by a back hoe, supposedly. Whether by an economic collapse of the US Dollar or a short war surrender by Obama; this could easily be a resultant reality. One of these, called the Carrington Event, occured in 1859, and it was anything but pleasant.
It is important to note that North Korea has a nuclear bomb size satellite rotating the planet and crawls the American sky from the south and at the precise altitude for an EMP attack. However, there is a lot more that is beginning to surface about JH 15 that is equally devastating.
However, the real perpetrator are likely to be the forces connected to JH 15 and the drills are providing cover for such an event. The Iranians might, depending on how much technological assistance they have received from Russia.
Many hospital personnel would walk off the job by the beginning of the second or third day. Many people on the various subways, would be hopelessly trapped depending on the time that an electromagnetic pulse would be released. Meanwhile, what is one to do with regard to an attack upon the grid? This will be the topic of a future article along with the JH 15 factor.
Again, these countries are not going to carry out this attack, the coming attack scenario is setting up to blame these countries as a pretext for war.
The only medical personnel that would stay would be those that live too far away from home to walk.
And we can all be sure, that the release of an EMP, through false flag planning, would occur at the optimal time to ensure the maximum loss of life. People would not be able to get their life-sustaining medications and services, most of which are electrically powered. In sum, EMP refers to the electromagnetic radiation that can be caused from an explosion (in the aforementioned example, a nuclear explosion) or a widely fluctuating magnetic field. In the case of a nuclear attack, the scenario typically involves the detonation of a nuclear device miles above the area designed to be damaged. EMP attacks: The history Concerns regarding EMP attacks did not sprout up recently with the advent of our war on terrorism. Further, the fact that our nation was once concerned about such an assault long ago would lead many to believe that our government may have some defense systems to fall back on. In sum, the devastation that such an attack could bring on its target area was looked at very closely during this meeting.
How about car damage (actual cars would likely be okay because they are encased in metal, but in order for cars to run they need gas and pumps need electricity), refrigerators on the fritz (immeasurable supplies of food would go bad), water sanitation devices unable to work (dehydration and bacteria infested water), and communication devices going down for starters?
After all, an EMP attack has never really occurred; thus, we’re in somewhat of a theoretical situation here (we know there would be significant damage, but how much is unclear). Further, the United States keeps what military systems are ready for an EMP attack classified.
In fact, when EMP is concentrated by metal it can actually be dangerous to man in and of itself.
A new device called the Ovonic Threshold Device (Energy Conversion Devices of Troy, MI) is a solid state switch that opens a path to ground when a massive surge of EMP is encountered by a circuit. So have a lot of that and food on hand (remember that refrigerators and water sanitizing devices would go out). A prompt Solar Radiation Storm reached the S1 (minor) level soon after the impulsive R1 (minor) Radio Blackout at 0641 UTC. And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than what NASA and the ESA have admitted.Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010 that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud.
In conjunction with Earth’s weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless against massive solar flares and intense radiation._________________What is life?It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
First of all, I'm a representative of academia, so do their conclusions only on the basis of specific observations, and based on mathematical calculations.
At the moment, is the accelerated rebuilding of the biosphere and climate maps, and these events are taking place against the backdrop of global geophysical changes. Start at least with what is currently beginning to change its polarity magnetic poles of the earth. That is, after a while the compass needle, which is indicated at this time to the north will point south. Yes, changing the magnetic poles, it is not second process, but it will not stretch for thousands of years. At the global scale it will all happen quickly enough, it will be enough, hundreds of other years. The very mechanics of the process - it is very deep geophysics, which, unfortunately, has to date been sufficiently studied.
About any changes we may judge by the secondary attributes, such as abrupt climatic and tectonic changes that we have to date seen everywhere on the planet, and are these traits.
Of course, the paleontological studies indicate that the crash happened 60-70 million years ago, and as a result of which the dinosaurs became extinct, was of this character, advanced the same calculations confirmed that a cataclysm waiting for us now will be stronger at 25%. Events - harbingers of impending changes are visible now, it is abnormally low edge of the aurora. This shows the change in the optical characteristics of the atmosphere that are already happening.
While they are not very important, but - here I speak as a hard dialectical materialist - the number will certainly grow in quality._________________What is life?It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
In the 132-page report, experts detailed what might happen to our modern, high-tech society in the event of a "super solar flare" followed by an extreme geomagnetic storm. The prediction comes from a team led by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).
If correct, the years ahead could produce a burst of solar activity second only to the historic Solar Max of 1958.That was a solar maximum. In 1958 you couldn't tell that a solar storm was underway by looking at the bars on your cell phone; cell phones didn't exist. Even so, people knew something big was happening when Northern Lights were sighted three times in Mexico.
The source of the excitement is a modest knot of magnetism that popped over the sun's eastern limb on Dec. LovettA recent report found that for countries relying on technology for life-sustaining infrastructures, a severe solar flare could be more devastating than any prior natural disaster. National Academy of Sciences in January says that if a coronal mass ejection from the Sun were to hit Earth’s magnetic shield, countries with mass electrical grid systems would experience devastating results.In the past, coronal mass ejections have affected satellites and communication devices on Earth. On March 10, 1989, a coronal mass ejection erupted from the Sun and reached the Earth’s surface.

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