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Although earthquakes only occur is certain areas, they can spawn tsunamis that can travel across entire oceans.
Wanneer een beving in onder de zeespiegel plaatsvindt, wordt dit een zeebeving genoemd en kan dit leiden tot een vloedgolf (of tsunami) als er veel water wordt verplaatst en dit richting het land gaat. Na een aardbeving kunnen er naschokken plaatsvinden, maar als er zeven dagen geen schokken zijn geweest en dan weer een is dit een nieuwe aardbeving.
De schaal van Richter (oftewel Richterschaal) is een logaritmische meetschaal opgesteld door de Amerikaanse seismoloog (iemand die zich bezighoudt met het opmeten, observeren en beschrijven van aardbevingen) Charles Francis Richter. Een logaritmische schaal houdt in dat bij toename van een magnitude-eenheid de uitwijking op het siesmogram tien keer zo groot is (het logaritme van 10 is 1). Een kracht van 4 tot 4,9 is een gemiddelde sterkte die door bijna iedereen waarneembaar is en waardoor objecten in de omgeving gaan trillen. De energie die voortkomt vanuit een bepaald punt waar de aardbeving is ontstaan, wordt ook wel het epicentrum genoemd. Het epicentrum is het punt dat aan de oppervlakte ligt, op de plek waar de aardbeving begon. Among all the animals, lynx has the sharpest hearing: even in its deepest sleep, it hears the quietest noise, coming from afar. Earthquakes, also called temblors, can be so tremendously destructive, it’s hard to imagine they occur by the thousands every day around the world, usually in the form of small tremors.Some 80 percent of all the planet's earthquakes occur along the rim of the Pacific Ocean, called the "Ring of Fire" because of the preponderance of volcanic activity there as well. Catch a glimpse of wildfires from a rare perspective, as firefighters open a window into their world. Unlike earthquakes, which are often followed by aftershocks, the storms that birth tornadoes are independent of one another.
See heroic firefighters and breathtaking devastation shared with the #wildfire2014 tag on Your Shot. Twisters across much of the South and Midwest highlight seasonal dangers in vast strike zone.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home could do tons to protect the planet.

The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability. It's always been known that animals of all species have heighten senses when compared to humans.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. De meest recente tsunami was in 2011 in Japan, waarbij een beving van 9,0 op de schaal van Richter plaatsvond bij de kust van Sendai.
Bevingen op erge dieptes (meer dan tweehonderd kilometer) vinden vaak plaats door convectie (transformatie van mineralen), zoals het loslaten van water uit watermineralen. De plek waar de aardbeving precies begon (diep onder de grond) wordt het hypocentrum genoemd. A fault is a fracture in the crust of the earth along which rocks on one side have moved relative to those on the other side. This animal owes its hearing abilities to little “brushes” on the top of its ears, which serve as a sort of antenna. Most earthquakes occur at fault zones, where tectonic plates—giant rock slabs that make up the Earth's upper layer—collide or slide against each other. When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin.
I believe that in order to understand why animals can seem to detect earthquakes more research must be done on earthquakes. Fortunately the vast majority of earthquakes are barely felt, but every so often (about once per year) a strong earthquake will and hit and as was the case with the December 2004 Asian earthquake; about 500 000 people died (directly from the initial disaster, and much more from the water born diseases, and chaos that ensued afterwards). Bij een kracht van 6,6 zit je al in de categorie krachtig en ontstaat er vaak paniek, bewegen bomen, kunnen de zwakkere en oudere gebouwen instorten en ontstaan er vloedgolven. Stresses in the earth’s outer layer push the sides of the fault together, pressure builds up and the rocks slip suddenly, releasing energy in waves that travel through the rock to cause the shaking that we feel during an earthquake. These impacts are usually gradual and unnoticeable on the surface; however, immense stress can build up between plates.

This could be done by having animals treated normally in laboratories, and study there behavior for up to a year on end. So, it definitely make sense that they would be able to detect natural disasters such as earthquakes.
I believe there is some sort of precursor to the earthquake that animals can predict, but our human sense are not sensitive enough to pick up on. Door de bewegingen ontstaan spanningen en bij een hoog opgelopen spanning kan dit leiden tot een breuk in de korst: de aardbeving. Aardbevingen komen het meest voor rond de Grote Oceaan, de Himalaya, Indonesie en het Middellandse Zeegebied.
When this stress is released quickly, it sends massive vibrations, called seismic waves, often hundreds of miles through the rock and up to the surface.
This could be some sort of electrical pulse that is only detectable by animals or some sort of slight shift. A strike-slip earthquake occurs when the rock on one side of a fault slides horizontally past the other. Other quakes can occur far from faults zones when plates are stretched or squeezed.Scientists assign a magnitude rating to earthquakes based on the strength and duration of their seismic waves. In a dip-slip earthquake, the fault is at an angle to the surface of the earth and the movement of the rock is up or down. Collapsing buildings claim by far the majority of lives, but the destruction is often compounded by mud slides, fires, floods, or tsunamis.
Smaller temblors that usually occur in the days following a large earthquake can complicate rescue efforts and cause further death and destruction.Loss of life can be avoided through emergency planning, education, and the construction of buildings that sway rather than break under the stress of an earthquake.

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