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I found a printable and shareable illustrated sets of simple safety tips, produced by GMA News Online. Comments or suggestions about "Earthquake Safety Tips - Safety, Awareness and Planning" is important to us, you may share it by using the comment box below. It was originally posted on the wall of one of the solid supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The greater risk is in the magnitude of the quake that may cause natural and manmade structures to fall and cause injury and even death.
Mudslides or mudflows is basically a downhill movement of mud and water and fragments of rocks and other debris.
Check out for gas leaks, or damaged water supply, and report it to the proper maintenance personnel.
On 19th June 2012 an earthquake occurred with the epicenter being ten kilometers south west of Moe.
On Friday March 11th, 2011 an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude triggered a tsunami hitting the coastline of Japan destroying everything in its path.
After the fresh devastating earthquakes in the ring of fire, many people have been wondering what they should do should they ever be caught in an earthquake. Earthquakes can also cause flooding because strong vibrations in the ground may break dams within the affected area. A tsunami which literally means “harbor wave” in Japanese, is basically an earthquake that occurs under the ocean. The only thing we can do is minimize the effect that it might cause us by looking at the hazard and understanding how we can mitigate them. Check for items hanging on your walls or ceilings, or any other moveable items that may fall off during an earthquake. Device a disaster plan and find carefully strategize how you can keep communication lines open during an emergency.

Organize the necessary items that you might need in case of an earthquake and its aftermath. As earthquakes may cause heavy damages to us and our properties, it is wise to take any measures that would save us from financial hardships. When you are overwhelmed with fear, there is a greater chance that you won’t be able to think straight and respond with a clear mind. In the absence of tables or desks for you to take cover, you may stay in an inside corner of a building.
Christchurch was badly damaged by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which killed 185 people and injured several thousand. Since most Filipinos live in an earthquake danger zone, the sooner you meet with your family to discuss what to do once your home starts to shake, the better your chances of survival.
In the movies we sometimes see people eaten up by the ground and end up falling into fiery pits.
What happens is that energy is instantly released resulting to seismic waves which then causes the ground to vibrate. Once water and soil combines, the ground softens and acts like quicksand, sinking whatever is on top of the ground.
When a building or any structure is situated on a fault, ground displacement can severely cause damage and even rip that structure apart.
When a dam or any water reservoir is ruptured during an earthquake, it results to heavy flooding, damaging buildings and even drowning people.
During this occurrence, there is a displacement of a large volume of water that results to a series of big waves.
When gas lines and power lines are broken, or when stoves are tipped over during an occurrence of a great earthquake, it can start up a fire that may lead to houses and buildings getting burned up. Make sure your earthquake survival kit is stored somewhere safe and convenient for you to pull anytime.

This can be done by making sure our houses are built using quality materials, and considering insurance plans. And many of us didn’t know How to survive an Earthquake?It makes us realize that no matter how much mankind advances, it will always be one step behind mother nature.
The Richter magnitude scale, is a measurement of the seismic energy released by an earthquake.
Officially it was one of more than 10,000 aftershocks of the less destructive magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck on 4 September 2010.
But after the shakings, and once the water settles back deeper into the ground, the ground firms again. We can identify areas where there are earthquake faults, we can lessen the effect of the catastrophe when we build safer infrastructures, and most importantly, we can respond properly when the inevitable happens by learning the best preventive measures. If there’s any news of earthquake being predicted in or near your area, make sure that you take advantage of that information—prepare for what may happen. Nepal earthquake was one of the biggest tragedies mankind has ever seen.Even though we can’t predict when earthquake is going to strike, but it is always wise to know How to survive an Earthquake? So you should be able to manage by yourself for at least 3 daysHere are few things which will help you survive till help reaches you; a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight, portable radio, some extra batteries, blankets, shoes, medication, a wrench to turn off the supply of gas or water. Also keep the area where you sleep clear of heavy and sharp objects.Learn what to do during earthquake and teach all your family members how to survive an earthquake.

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