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If you are outdoors, find a clear spot that's away from buildings, trees and power lines. How to find out if your association has a costly “Insurance Antique” that needs replacing! Decision by the CA Court of Appeals means your HOA could be held liable for workers compensation benefits to an injured worker employed by an uninsured and unlicensed contractor.
Unit interior coverage errors are a very serious and common problem I frequently uncover when conducting insurance risk reviews for condo associations. Help for condo property managers in California to save money for cash strapped Hoas who need to buy association insurance at the lowest price possible. Buying tips from an association insurance expert tells you how to avoid overcharges, gaps and missing coverages that could leave your California HOA vulnerable to unnecessary liability risks and financial losses. An Earthquake is one of the deadliest forms of natural disasters and has resulted in Millions and Millions of deaths.
There are two theories to survive an earthquake: the triangle of life theory and the drop and cover theory.
Alaska is the most earthquake-prone state in the US and receives a magnitude 7 earthquake each year.
To save yourself from an earthquake, you must cover your head to protect yourself from falling debris when outside and drop to the ground and take your position under a strong piece of furniture when inside.
Tsunamis are mostly caused by undersea earthquakes but can also occur due to undersea volcanoes, coastal landslides and even meteors.

An earthquake of magnitude 8.9 off the coastline of Japan’s island of Honshu managed to create a vast disturbance in the Pacific Ocean that could be felt all around its rim.
New Zealand sits at a place where two plates namely Australian plate and the Pacific plate, meet and this is one of the major reasons why it experiences so many earthquakes. The Hokkaido and Okushiri earthquake that occurred on July 12, 1993 is the top quake on the list of earthquakes in Japan but the earthquake that took most deaths in Japan is the Great Kanto Quake that occurred on September 1, 1923. If a leak cannot be stopped by turning off an appliance valve, turn off gas at the main valve at the meter. There are many facts and details about this form of natural disaster, some of which have been mentioned below. The triangle of life theory says that if you are in a multistory building during an earthquake then you should lie down in a fetal position next to a bed, sofa or any other bulky object whereas the drop and cover theory says that you must drop and cover yourself indoors.
An earthquake that measures 8.3 on the Richter magnitude releases 2549 times the energy released by Hiroshima nuclear bombs.
On the other hand, Florida and North Dakota have the least number of earthquakes in the USA. Some of the worst earthquakes to have occurred since 1900 include the Chile earthquake (1960), the Alaska earthquake (1964) and the Alaska earthquake (1957).
This goes onto show how an earthquake can affect areas surrounding the main area of the occurrence of the earthquake.
Along these plates, there are many faults in the earth’s crust which can break when stress builds up.

This movement releases a lot of energy which is experienced as an earthquake on the surface.
The shaking and tremors triggers a question in my mind: are we prepared for an earthquake before it strikes? Find the safest and easily accessible place near you such as a sturdy table and hide under it.
Move as little as possible.Don’t try to seek shelter under the doorway unless you are in an old, un-reinforced house.
Keep the following things in mind before the calamity strikes:Think about what you would do if an earthquake hit right now.
This will prepare you to react and you won’t lose your nerves when it happens.Practice earthquake drills and discuss a disaster plan with your family, especially kids.
Talk about where to go in case of evacuation.Find a safe place in your home, workplace or school (or a sturdy piece of furniture) where you can rush for cover.
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