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Reading this, you have likely never experience a strong earthquake that is capable of sudden intense shaking of several feet per second that causes the ground to jerk sideways from under you. However, when you do not find any nearby tables to duck under or the table is too far from you, it is more safer to cover your head and neck with your arms and hands and stay near the interior wall of the building. The best thing to do during an earthquake is to remember to not panic and follow the safety procedures above. The earthquake has affected two groups the most: villagers, mostly those who live far away from cities and district headquarters in villages which take several days to reach on foot, and children. Sambhav Nepal has already spent 8 years working in Gorkha to achieve reforms in education and health and to improve living condition. On May 2, our founder Prem K Khatry travelled to Arupokhari village of Gorkha with 7,000 kg of rice, lentils and salt, and tarps and distributed them to the earthquake victims.
We have partnered with the trekking operator Ace the Himalaya and will conduct voluntourism trips with an aim to help in rebuilding the houses destroyed by the earthquake. We are doing what we can to ease the suffering of the people and to help rebuild our country. Tudor Grange Academies TrustThe Tudor Grange Academies Trust is a family of schools with a shared ethos, common values and collective goals located in the United Kingdom. The Rotary Club of WahroongaThe Rotary Club of Wahroonga is one of the largest Rotary clubs in the north of Sydney, Australia in Rotary International District 9680. The Australian Embassy in NepalThe Bhairabi Toilet project is credited to the Australian Embassy's Direct Aid Program grant.
RAWCSRotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is an international aid organization established by Rotary International in Australia. Patti Lefkos and Barry HodginsPatti and Barry are both retired teachers and educational administrators, from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada where Patti is a freelance journalist and member of the Kalamalka Rotary Club. Pam & Ray SleapPam and Ray read in a local paper about the Nepal School Project set up by Allan Waldon and Richard. Dympna & Warren SlyDympna and Warren visited to our project in January 2011 with Allan Waldon.
Craig Ley is one of the reputed businessman of Australia and was one of the participants of recent Gorkha Charity trek -2013. Based on the Upper North Shore of Sydney, Chadwick network specialises in property sales & leasing. Bank of Bendigo Bendigo Bank, provides banking and wealth management services to individuals and small to medium businesses.

ARC - UNSW Global Village Volunteer TeamUniversity of New South Wales, one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities. Ace the HimalayaAce the Himalaya works closely with the Sambhav Nepal Foundation and is one of the main supporters of this foundation. Ace HolidaysAce Holidays, located at the heart of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a reliable travel company. Registered participants will be given training and guidelines by professional rescuers on what to do in an event of an earthquake during the drill sponsored by the MMDA. Residents from far flung areas need not to proceed to the designated mass evacuation site if the local government can provide general assembly areas in their communities. MMDA is also going to bring the mobile earthquake house to barangays near the fault line to teach residents what to do in the event of an earthquake. Ambidextrous Is a Licensed Teacher and has teaching experience in an International, private and public schools in Manila, and in International schools in Indonesia. Person survival kit deluxe perfect earthquake evacuation emergency - 4 person perfect survival kit deluxe for earthquake, i finally made the purchase for my family. Shaking of this magnitude can cause every object beside you to topple, fall and potentially causing serious injury.
You should maintain a sitting fetal position while one hand should be holding the handrail and the other hand should cover your neck and head. This quote is very true in the situation where you have tall buildings during an earthquake. Because of difficult landscape, many villagers haven’t either received relief supplies at all or have received in a very low quantity. Soon we will visit to the villages with corrugated aluminum sheet for temporary shelters as monsoon is approaching. Merv Presland, a high school teacher and cattle breeder from Sydney, donated a cow to Allan Walden, which was sold for AUD 2,000. Anne Prescott from Australia is a senior lecturer in Mathematics and is one of the important supporters of the Sambhav Nepal’s Project.
Open spaces such as parks, courts, football fields, hospital grounds, school quadrangle, cemeteries, and other religious compounds can be used as assembly areas. However, if you are surrounded by tall buildings and you can not get away from them then get into the classrooms nearest you. They live in fear and great difficulty as the aftershocks haven’t stopped coming and monsoon is approaching.

It is better to overreact than to get hurt.DROP down on your HANDS and KNEES before the earthquake has a chance to knock you down itself.
What you have to do is to open the door halfway, holding the doorknob with one hand while the other hand should be covering your neck and head. The quake and its aftershocks, which are still occurring, have killed over 8,000 Nepali people, injured about 19,000 and have affected more than 8 million. And the children have not only lost their houses but also schools which provide a safe place to study, learn and play.
It also protects most of the vital organs.COVER your entire body, especially your neck and head under something sturdy like a desk or a table. This is only true for old houses but in modern structures, the doorway is just as vulnerable as the rest of the building and the door way wouldn't help protect you from flying or falling objects. They have also destroyed more than 300,000 houses, temples, old palaces, buildings of historical and cultural significance, schools, government and business offices and part of highways.
UNICEF reports nearly 2 million children are in need of assistance and about 1 million can’t return back to schools as they are damaged. If there is no shelter nearby where you can fit your whole body in, ONLY then should you get near low lying furniture that wont fall on you. Try to avoid the kitchen and glass doors and windows as much as possible because they are the most dangerous parts of the canteen. When the shaking of the earth has stopped, try to move out of the canteen quickly moving the table with you so that it can protect you of any falling debris. Cover your head and neck with your arms and hands so that if the glass where to fall on you, the worst it would do is scar your arm and not kill you.
It is extremely dangerous to stay in a big body of water because you cannot control the motions of the waves and if you aren't out by the time the stronger waves hit UNIS then being in the pool will feel like being in a tidal wave. Also it is very easy for you to bump your head against the wall of the pool when there is strong shaking under the ground.

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