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Members of the community should choose the closest and safest evacuation routes and avoid the danger zones as best they can.
The new building of U_POLIS with a total area of 7200 m2 is already operational since the beginning of January. 1.Busses of QTU commercial centre serving for free to both directions from Tirana Centre (departing in front of Vatican Embassy) to QTU and vice-versa. 2.Busses from Tirana centre (departing in front of Vatican Embassy) to Vora town, via Durres highway, stopping in front of the New POLIS at overpass. 3.Busses from Tirana centre (departing at the entrance of “Rruga e Kavajes” and following this road) via Kashar Commune, with end-stopping at Yershek neighbourhood.

5.Other alternative combinations of public transport lines and walk between Tirana, Durres and Kamza.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Emergency evacuation plans are a must for any home – especially with little ones and pets.
The new campus meets high standards for qualitative education process, including outdoor and green spaces, parking and sport facilities, etc. The project of the New POLIS was designed and implemented by a team of students and staff of University, in combination with several local contractor companies.

Lectures and other activities of POLIS University now take place at the New Campus. For a better orientation in the new building of U_POLIS click here to see a tour guide inside New POLIS space, and  click here to see  alternative parking spaces. EvacuationAs soon as the shaking stops, immediately evacuate the school building and proceed to identified evacuation areas using the pre-determined routes guided by the class marshall or teacher.Phase 4. AssemblyAt the designated evacuation area, students must be grouped together according to the class where they belong.Phase 5.

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