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Tim Cox, CTO at ControlCircle, urges companies to consider DR-as-a-service as opposed to drifting, out-of-date strategies. For an organisation its data is often its most valued asset, which is why most organisations (90%*) have a disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place, yet, having a strategy alone is not enough. Out of the CIOs, COOs and IT heads asked about their DR strategy just 46 per cent had tested their business continuity procedures in the last 12 months with over 50 per cent of strategies more than two years old.
Disaster recovery solutions are often considered to be an expensive insurance policy demanding significant capital expenditure for a capability that an organisation may never need. Taking advantage of a cloud-based approach is an easy and affordable option for protecting mission-critical infrastructure, applications and data. There is more information on the importance of a robust DR strategy in these presentations from NetApp, Robert Walters and our CEO, Carmen Carey, alternatively leave a comment below. This entry was posted in Business Applications Continuity, CIO Commentary, IT Managed Services and tagged CIO, COO, Disaster Recovery, DR, DR as a Service, DR Strategy. Our mission at Studer Education is to provide students with a great place to learn, teachers with a great place to teach, and parents with confidence that their children are getting a great education. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some people say DR is not possible or difficult to implement in a Cloud Platform such as the PaaS model.
In the above diagram we have some roles running in a Windows Azure data centre in both Europe and North Central US and a consumer that is consuming from 1 data centre, Europe. When you deploy an application in an Azure data centre, you can't spread it across multiple data centres for resiliance or to implement DR. So we really want to use a single URL that has the ability to reference both data centres when we need to without the users actually knowing.
This is where DNS (Domain Name Service) play a very important role in hardware infrastructure and helps us solve this problem relatively easilly. I don't really want my IT admins having to deal with this as it's expensive and adds complexity. Although what I have talked about above will work, it's fairly simple and I have done this for some time.
Unlike the way the beta programmes work in Azure, you can start using the Traffic Manager right away. As we are talking about failover, the feature we need from Traffic Manager is number 3: Failover.
So Traffic Manager will solve our problem of having to manually update the DNS registrar with the new Azure data centre DNS cloudapp domain name. To start using Traffic Manager you need to use the Windows Azure Management Portal to create a policy.
I have filled in the policy above as per the original high-level architecture diagram in figure 1 above. What we now need to do is test that the Traffic Manager failover feature is working correctly. So now you can see how the actual Traffic Manager DNS that you pick can be anything you want, it doesn't really matter what it is. So I think the Windows Azure Traffic Manager is a good solution at solving your Windows Azure failover needs. In this article, I have also used a public DNS registrar, but if your users are within a corporate LAN but you want to make use of a public cloud platform like Windows Azure, the same concepts apply to an internal DNS server farm. In this blog post, I wanted to show how DR can be done in a PaaS model like Windows Azure - hopefully you can see how easy it is with Windows Azure Traffic Manager. Together with Yetta Goodman (regents professor emerita at the University of Arizona) and Prisca Martens (professor of elementary education at Towson University), Dr. As we round out the year here at Creating Blue Oceans, we leave you with some of the week’s best stories on Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation via our colleagues at the Business Innovation Insider and World Changing.
During this festive holiday season, we’re pleased to share the joy of the latest Blue Ocean Success Story, Landslide Technologies, which was recently honoured with an award for Pioneering Sales Workstyle Management. This award was presented at the first annual Selling Power Sales Excellence Awards, held in collaboration with the Stevie Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.
As Selling Power Magazine’s Publisher, Gerhard Gschwandtner, described:Landslide is bringing the focus back to the salesperson with its ‘workstyle’ approach. Today at Creating Blue Oceans we're continuing to pass along the holiday spirit by opening up the Creating Blue Oceans vaults and pulling out one of our favorite Blue Ocean Strategy gems.
With all that holiday shopping we figure you might not have had time to catch all the week’s best Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation stories.
However, with the dawn of the digital era, Kodak was left trapped in its own darkroom, a victim of its own core business.
A recent BusinessWeek article discusses Kodak’s current pursuit of Blue Oceans, as well as some of the hick-ups along the way.
Ditching the old business model, as well as the competition…Now that seems to ring a few bells.
Each week we bring you the week’s most savory stories on Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation straight from our insightful colleagues at the Business Innovation Insider and World Changing.

Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Oceans, Business Innovation Insider, Ernst & Young, Red Oceans, World Changing, Yahoo! Now translated in over 34 languages as well as becoming a global business buzz-word, Blue Ocean Strategy has spread its positive influence to China where it has succeeded in selling an astounding 500,000+ local copies. Wow, the fastest growing and most populous economy adopting Blue Ocean Strategy on a national level!
Each week we bring you the best in Blue Ocean Strategy and Innovation courtesy of our colleagues over at the Business Innovation Insider. We’ve been keeping track of the thought-provoking content at the WorldChanging website, and for those members of our Blue Ocean Community who are not already familiar, we thought to provide a quick intro. The World Changing credo is “that plenty of people are working on tools for change, but the fields in which they work remain unconnected. During the week of November 6-10, Gabor George Burt made another high-profile, whirlwind tour of the Baltic Republics.
The problem for so many of us in the ministry today is that as we prepared for ministry, we were given a boat load of hope and very little help in strategy. The pace of businesses is changing every day, with new threats coming from BYOD and Shadow IT organisations should realise the need to review DR strategy regularly in line with the change of its business. Which is why having a disaster recovery service is essential for customers who are building a comprehensive cloud environment. Ultimately, businesses need to deliver the highest quality, lowest cost solution to meet business continuity requirements, best achieved by leveraging the right combination of cloud services to enable an effective disaster recovery strategy.
Allen also described and provided examples of each strategy and time for the attendees to reflect and connect with one another on questions she posed before asking volunteers to share to the entire group. To be honest I had too much content to get through and part of my talk was to talk about drastic recovery otherwise known as disaster recovery (DR).
If the above were a private data centre whether this is private cloud or a traditional data centre, it would look almost identical. Well you can but you'll get a different URL for each data centre you deploy your application into. They are now completely unaware of where their application is being served up - which is how it should be.
In fact, I have made the above configuration on a application I have deployed in Azure right now. I could automate it but then I'd have to put a load of process in place and write some custom code not to mention I'll need some infrastructure running on-premise (most probably).
With Traffic Manager you can start using it straight away and right now there is no cost to using it. This is the maximum time users will have to wait until the DNS server gets updated with the new URL should a failure occur. There is 1 thing left to do though, and that is to configure our DNS registrar to point our custom DNS to our specified traffic manager policy URL we chose. So in the above case, Azure will handle changing the DNS CNAME configuration should a failure occur. Checkout the Traffic Manager training lab for a hands-on exercise on how to use it in more detail.
Alan Flurkey, professor of literacy studies in Hofstra University’s School of Education, has coauthored a major article titled “Revaluing Readers: Learning from Zachary,” which was published in the January 2016 issue of the National Council of Teachers of English Language Arts journal.
Flurkey investigates retrospective miscue analysis (RMA), which is one of the most powerful instructional strategies for helping readers. Flurkey’s teaching interests include teacher education and doctoral courses that focus on reading and writing assessment, and working with learners with special needs. The Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the efforts, accomplishments, and positive contributions of companies and business people worldwide, beginning with The American Business Awards in 2002. Its unique combination of selling software and live assistant services empower salespeople to stay focused on the next step in the selling process, which in turn benefits the entire organization.Blue Ocean Strategy is all about thinking as a company that delivers lifestyle or workstyle enrichment rather than just a product or service. After all, they’re the ones who pioneered the art of ‘point-and-shoot.’ They’re the ones who made it possible to capture the image of that family vacation to Disney World, or that first White Christmas.
And with digital cameras being introduced by ambitious new players, the market quickly reaching critical mass, and Kodak needed to find a new way forward.
Realizing that competing head-to-head in the digital camera market led to shrinking profits and bloody Red Oceans, Kodak, led by Chief Executive Antonio M.
He's developing a slew of new digital photo services for consumers that he expects to yield higher returns. What other companies do you see making similar decisions to start their business anew, and to pursue Blue Oceans?
When management or leaders mention 'strategy', it often means 'competition strategy.’ It only focuses on how to beat one's competitors. This is a serious wake-up call to organizations around the world who are not yet BOS practitioners. We thought that it’s time to expand that a bit, to include positive stories and innovations which are changing our world from our friends at WorldChanging. This marks his second stop to the region in less than a year (revisit the first tour here).

Burt also conducted mini-workshops in each city for the management teams of HansaBank, the largest and most dynamic bank of the region.
In our whitepaper we outline 10 reasons why organisations should consider ‘Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service’. Janet Allen’s keynote on Instructional Strategies that Support Content Learning at the Florida Association for Staff Development conference. Instead, she said, as teachers we need to talk to students about how to analyze and how to use the content they are finding. Studer Education is a division of Studer Group, ranked for the sixth straight year on the Best Small and Medium Workplaces by Great Place to Work® and a recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
But hopefully after you have read this article, you'll soon realise it is very easy now in Windows Azure. When you design for a drastic recovery solution, you wouldn't normally use the same data centre as it kind of defeats the purpose of having a DR strategy. Microsoft has made available in Community Technical Preview (CTP) a feature called Windows Azure Traffic Manager. This one is our passive configuration, the application is there, deployed and waiting to be used should a failure occur. In the article, the authors share a case study of their work with Zachary, a 4th grader, to demonstrate the potential of RMA in bringing positive changes for struggling readers. For his doctoral dissertation, he used miscue analysis to investigate oral reading rate, a study that was awarded as a finalist in the International Reading Association’s Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award in 1998. His research interests focus on reading fluency (flow), miscue analysis and retrospective miscue analysis, slow and inefficient reading, eye-movement miscue analysis, and early literacy development. As Razi Imam, president and CEO of Landslide Technologies elaborates:Landslide is designed to help increase the effectiveness of salespeople by understanding their unique workstyle and aiding them in performing the key tasks needed to close more deals.
Perez, came to the harsh realization that it’s core camera business was actually what was strangling the company. What has changed history, however, was 'innovative strategy.' Look at former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew or India's Mahatma Gandhi and other respected leaders.
The tour included well-received presentations in all three capital cities (Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn), and the Estonian Annual Innovation Conference in Tallinn was opened by the Estonian President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, underscoring the country’s interest in fostering Innovation.
The tour, organized by the Innovation Center InnoEurope, received considerable media attention, as evidenced by this article (for our readers around the world fluent in Latvian).
Keep blogging Pastor Chris, it really is a blessing and it’s making an impact on my spiritual and leadership growth. Prior to joining the Hofstra faculty, he taught elementary grades and special education classes and applied knowledge of the reading process in his work with students.
We are thrilled to be recognized by Selling Power for spearheading this exciting new category.More information about Landslide Technologies and its pioneering approach is available here.
They all adopted innovative strategies.As a continuing example of just how powerful of a tool Blue Ocean Strategy is, the Chinese government has signaled that it is particularly interested in Blue Ocean Strategy to promote its national development.
We only need to put the pieces together.” The site’s curator, Alex Steffen and his environmentally-friendly colleagues routinely showcase new possibilities, ideas and innovations which have the potential to change the world. Latvian and Lithuanian are 2 of the 34 languages in which the Blue Ocean Strategy book has been translated, while Estonia, as the birthplace of Skype, has a strong reputation for Innovation.
Find out more about the 'Bravely Second: End Layer' announcements from today's Nintendo Direct after the jump. Allen focused on instructional strategies that work across all grade levels and all content levels.
If the European data centre where my application is deployed goes down, I need to know about it so I can tell my DNS registrar to change the CNAME record to point to the application that is deployed in the DR data centre - North Central US. A full copy of the press release detailing Landslide’s Honorary Stevie Award for Pioneering Sales Workstyle Management Award may be viewed here (opens in Acrobat).
Here’s just one such example (via FastCompany).The brainchild of Danish, Dutch, and Israeli designers, Lifestraw is a fat, blue 12-inch drinking straw lined with a system of four separate filters to zap particulates, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. At a cost of about $3.50, it purifies enough drinking water for one person for six months to a year, without electricity, moving parts, or the material waste or transport costs of plastic bottles. Since premiering last year, the Lifestraw has won design awards around the globe and now awaits its full-blown debut in developing countries, where one in six people lack access to clean drinking water. Microsoft intends to align Xbox One and Windows 10 to create an upgradeable platform with backwards compatibility.
They both defy conventional wisdom and advocate a frame of mind which continuously questions and searches for a different angle and fresh perspective. Based on elements from both 'Persona' and 'Fire Emblem,' the game infuses music and style into a deep turn-based JRPG. And, WorldChanging as well as Blue Ocean Strategy point to considerable opportunities in the budding space of social entrepreneurism.

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