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This spring, DisasterAssistance.gov, the official government website dedicated to helping disaster survivors find government assistance and information, was redesigned to improve the site?s navigation and provide access to results more quickly. If you or someone you know has been affected by a declared disaster, visit DisasterAssistance.gov to find and apply for the government programs that may help your recovery. Representatives from FEMA stopped by school yesterday to let families know that assistance may be available if you suffered losses or damage to property during the storm. Since the redesign, citizens can now see the number of benefits, or forms of assistance, they may be eligible for calculated in real time as they answer the questions in the questionnaire.

You can also browse disaster assistance programs on Benefits.gov by visiting the Browse by Category page and clicking on ?Disaster Relief.? Disaster survivors will be able to provide their zip code to receive a list of applicable community resources based on their geographic location. While visiting Benefits.gov, be sure to check your eligibility for over 1,000 government programs by using our prescreening tool, the Benefit Finder. Also, FEMA reps may be available in the afternoons at the Tompkins Square Library (on 10th St.) to answer questions in person.

Another new feature allows the citizen to view the number of forms of assistance by category and to filter their results by category.

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