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The Vermont & the New Hampshire Upper Valley American Red Cross will host a training session for the town of Clarendon, VT at the Reformed Bible Church as part of the Red Cross Local Disaster Shelter Initiative. Our hearts reach out to the people of Haiti who are trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of this week’s horrific earthquake. These shelters, designed by Michael Daniel, are designed to be quickly deployed and (because they are flat packed) many can be shipped to the disaster area at one time. This shelter is made out of a lightweight plastic skin that is put on over an aluminum frame. Beefier than the first two shelters, the Green Horizon Prefab is also environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials, outfitted with solar panels, greywater recycling, wired for utilities and made of prefabricated parts. A simple yet elegant design, the Folding Bamboo House, designed by Ming Tang, is constructed from bamboo and recycled paper and can be cheaply manufactured. This first response emergency shelter is super easy to transport and set up requires only one person. Conceived by Shelter Architecture in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity, this completely off-grid prefab unit, can provide water, sanitation and renewable generated power. While we don’t know yet what kind of emergency shelters are being deployed to aid the people of Haiti, we hope that relief organizations are much better prepared than in previous situations and can offer Haiti the help they need.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Thanks to everyone who helped provide information, connections, advice and donations for the Earthship Biotecture recon visit to Haiti. We have been asked to sell a personnel camp of container buildings for 800 personnel complete.
There may be places where people in emergencies already have access to what they need to build their own gertees. Several of the commentors at my gertee instructable used bamboo for their gertee frames, so I totally agree with bambiat that it is an underutilized, natural and plentiful resource with a variety of sensible applications. Does anyone know if ther is a comprehensive catalog available to relief agencies with all the possible housing options? Yes, I also think that most of these do not appear highly practical for a quick and easy drop off and assembly. Haiti and other area not only need great emergency shelters but long term rebuiding of homes..
What's needed is a bundled, prefabed, strong, flexible, affordable and sustainable tent framed structure that could be rolled out of the back of a low flying C-130 transport plane, bounce a few times, surviving the impact, then be unfolded and rapidly erected.
We seek allies and tax deductible donations to assist in full scale prototype structures at a bamboo factory in Nicaragua.
This vision was supposed to have been in Arch for Humanities book: Design like you Give a Damn, but Cameron Sinclair didn't actually give a damn enough to carve out a 5 min. No one has ever built with bamboo in this way, but essentially we are creating a new "organic steel" building material. Also in favor of integrating the "Bamilam" beam system with the shipping container element. I applaud any action that is taken in regards to thinking of future housing with these kind of disasters.
Shipping containers are the piggyback containers or can-tainers, the kind that are loaded into ships and onto rail or truck beds. An emergency shelter interior LINER-SHELTER, designed to fit into the shipping container, could bridge the gap between the steel outer shell, which is strong and provides durable protection against the elements, and the human safety, comfort and dignity requirements within. The ceiling would require careful design to protect against rainwater that could collect in a mere plastic sheet.
I find it interesting you didn't mention ShelterBox, which is one of the more successful agencies with regards to on the ground deployments. Uber Shelter is an amazing concept for a portable housing unit that would help people in meeting their immediate shelter requirements created by disastrous events. 4) Amenable to infrastructure?can be used as a basic structure, but have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern conveniences.
When there is more time, funding, and personnel, phase two provides camp residents with more pleasant solutions and conveniences. Felipe Campolina Designed A Skyscraper With Portable Housing As the space in our cities disappears little by little, a young architect named Felipe Campolina, came up with a solution, which not only is beautiful it also minimizes the impact on […]Wish Folding Stretcher Only Needs One Person to Carry After a disaster strikes, the most important mission is to rescue victims.

Sandbag is still a popular flood protection device because it’s cheap, easy to use and really effective. I am a 16 year old AS Level student studying at a school in Essex and i must say i am quite astonished by this design. On behalf of my classmates and i, we would like to say that if someone were to go ahead and manufacture such a design, we would all hastily buy one!
In the wake of the Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the recent earthquake in Asia, millions of people have been left homeless.
Hurricane Katrina alone wiped out several neighborhoods leaving thousands of people without comfort and shelter. Built to sustain hurricane strength winds and large enough to house an entire family, the Intersheltera„? Dome can provide warmth and security to those left out battling the elements.
Because of their aerodynamic design, with a little preparation these shelters are capable of withstanding any future hurricane or typhoon and can serve as emergency shelters or command centers during and after a storm or other disaster.
As Ellis Stanley director of emergency response of LA says "we see few opportunities to make giant leaps forward in the way we do things in disaster preparedness. As US Senator Mary Landrieu from Lousianna said so well at a recent hearing; "After more than $15 billion spent on disaster housing, multiple pieces of legislation, and five public hearings, FEMA is still resisting change, rejecting innovation and unprepared to plan for housing during a catastrophic disaster," Sen. Intersheltera„? has literally bridged the gap between tents and trailer or stick built houses. Our portable shelters can also be used for command posts for "first responders", communications centers for emergency services, or MASH style triage or hospital facilities. With drastic changes in weather conditions due to global warming, natural calamities disrupting life worldwide have become a common phenomenon nowadays. The country still has an incredibly long road ahead of them – first, in rescuing survivors and then providing them with safe, healthy and environmentally friendly shelters.
Easily assembled in minutes without any tools or machinery, the Reaction Housing unit can house up to 4 people and is wired for utilities. Clothing, fabrics, grass or other materials can be inserted into the skin to create insulation, and it also includes hookups for water and utilities. The prefab can be easily shipped by attaching wheels to the bottom and carting via truck, or it can be placed in a shipping container.
Made out of polypropylene, the shelter can form many shapes and provide relief for up to 4 people, while rainwater can be collected from the folds. It’s designed to support victims after a disaster as a mid-term shelter, rather than as a first response.
If you want to show your support, please consider donating to a worthy organization like the American Red Cross International Response Fund, Doctors Without Borders, Architecture For Humanity, and more. For manufacturers, flat boards, tarps and ropes ship easily enough, and there are options and alternatives to traditional roof rings too.
There is a guy in Talkeetna who's working on a center roof piece that can be mailed via USPS.
There are so many good ideas and so many as yet undiscovered ways to make ourselves at home.
Althouth out of the ones above bubble house seems like it might have the eaisest short term housing potential at this point. The innovation that springs from times like these can do nothing but increase the breadth of our work as designers and practitoners. This project is a shelter solution that meets the needs of emergency response but also provides victims with a more personal place to live; a base unit that can serve as a very basic shelter but also have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern infrastructure. All components that create the modular living unit are stored inside the shelter in its collapsed position during transport.
In some cases proper design of a camp is not possible because refugees have already settled on a site. For example, phase two would include building an outhouse, rather than having a defecation field or trench.
If, instead, there were two separate, single level, structures next to each other it would take up twice as much floor space to accommodate the same number of people. In the mountains of Pakistan, people left homeless from the recent earthquake are entering a cold and fearful winter with not even a cover over their heads. Because there is no metal used in the buildings all communications and satellite equipment can also be used and protected from the elements with absolutely no interference from the building materials.

Addressing the issue, Singapore-based designer Kelvin Yong has devised a prefabricated, modular system he calls the “Metaplate” to provide sturdy and spacious shelter or housing for disaster victims as well as personnel on the ground helping the victims. Clarendon residents will receive the training necessary to open a disaster shelter in their community when outside help is unavailable or delayed.
Since Hurricane Katrina, a number of individuals and companies have worked to develop new and improved emergency relief structures. Minimalist in design, this prototype has a lot of potential to be easily manufactured and deployed. Manufacturing for the Green Horizon has already begun, but no word if they are far enough along to be utilized.
The structures can be folded into many different shapes, allowing a range of structures to be created. While it doesn’t include a utility hookup, beds or renewable energy generation, it does provide a quick roof over disaster victims heads. Built within a standard shipping container, the unit is self-contained and can be shipped within days. They're comfortable, adaptable to any climate, stand up to strong wnds, stay warm and cool both, and have been proven sustainable on the Mongolian Steppes for over 3000 years.
We're working on a PVC ring design, but presently everyone who builds these has to come up with their own version.
It would be wondeful to offer all the newest ideas to the homeless and see what happens organically.
This shelter can be very quickly transported and reassembled with just few necessary tools and offer victims with individual living space.
Hakan Gursu, an exceptional product designer, instructor in METU and CEO of Designnobis has come up with an excellent project, Power Tower. Since I am from Disaster Management and Securities this thing has contributed to my knowledge.
We have heard from FEMA and many other sources that, after a Hurricane Katrina, "trailers don't work", and "tents are simply not acceptable".
Designed for medium- to long-term needs, the modular disaster shelter system comes with the possibility to accommodate piping, drainage and living facilities.
Those who are interested should contact Hugh Diggins at 802-483-6975 or reach out to Larry Kupferman of the American Red Cross by calling 802-660-9130, ext. I am sure there are many desperate people on the ground and their security has got to be paramount.
The best thing about Uber shelter is that it is made from recyclable and reusable materials. Many alternative housing solutions deal with small scale but can’t cope with large scale displaced populations. When it is no longer needed, it can be dismantled, packed flat again, and moved to the next disaster area. When the initial crisis occurs, Uber is shipped as a base unit to meet the initial need for shelter. When a family has just seen everything they own blown away, the last thing they need is to be taken from their property and what is left of their homes to a tent or trailer city on some military base somewhere. Using materials like cardboard impregnated with resin to give a certain amount of stiffness, and Baypreg F, the Metaplate offers a comfortable shelter in different weather conditions, unlike the shelters made of shipping containers.
The aim has been to design a shelter that is compatible with the current system used in refugee camps and emergencies by organizations such as the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).
When the camp is ready for phase two, a separate upgrade package is shipped and added into the shelters units to provide conveniences (electricity for light, compact stove and refrigerator). To sum up, the Metaplate is sturdy, spacious and can be configured to build a variety of shelters for different purposes.

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