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The Gulf County Emergency Management Department undertook an initiative to assess the ability of the county to recover from a powerful hurricane making landfall along the county's shoreline. From assessing and managing local resources to establishing and maintaining long-term sheltering, city and county along with community and faith based organizations had their hands full bringing Gulf County back to life.
It is early July and local citizens have been following the approach of Hurricane Resurgence as it moves through the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico. The turn to the west never comes and in the early morning hours the storm slams into the county's coastline with strong category two winds and a storm surge on top of a high tide.
After the first several days of life safety response activities, the pace of the various government along with community and faith based organizations begins to transition from 24 hour a day operations to dawn to dusk recovery activities. The Hurricane Resurgence Tabletop Exercise was held on the morning of July 8, 2009, at the Gulf County Emergency Operations Center in Port St Joe Florida. The Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative is designed to provide meaningful exercise opportunities to America's health systems. These exercises provide a comprehensive approach for assessing various disaster preparedness, response and recovery capabilities. The initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for health providers and agencies across America to participate in a meaningful exercise with measurable outcomes. Choice of exercise component that best aligns with your organization's health care responsibilities.

Alternative to the traditional time consuming and costly approach to conducting tabletop and functional exercises. Provides a cost-effective platform for assessing disaster related capabilities and capacity. Exercises are conducted via the ONX System, an internet based application, which allows individuals and teams to participate in an exercise from their normal base of operation. Shelter Operations Support - A Functional Needs Support Services Tabletop Exercise This exercise will serve as an opportunity for Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) members to assess current knowledge and capabilities associated with the various challenges of working in a Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) Shelter. This series of exercises will serve as an opportunity for public health agencies along with their local community partners to collaborate in meeting the health care needs of victims while re-establishing community health systems in the aftermath of a disaster. Accommodating Accommodations - A Staff Sheltering Exercise Recent hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and other disasters have caused hospitals to examine their staff sheltering plans. Gastro Gambit - An Environmental Health Functional Exercise At any point during production or distribution, food can be contaminated either accidentally or on purpose from sabotage, fraud or terrorist activities. This LinkedIn Group is a discussion and information forum for all who are interested in the Caduceus Shield Exercise Initiative. Entitled "Hurricane Resurgence" the exercise had various members of the County Emergency Response Team working through the challenges of recovering from such a disaster. Projections from the National Hurricane Center indicate that the storm will make a left turn and head towards Texas.

The potential of an armed assault occurring at anyone of the country's 5,754 hospitals is a real one. The Operation POD Squad and the Dispensing Dilemma Exercises will provide an opportunity for public health agencies throughout the United States to assess their current capabilities to open and manage and PODs during a public health emergency. In light of this threat it is essential that community, rural and tribal health care centers fully understand the proper actions that need to be taken in the event of a commercial fire. In light of food defense concerns, it is essential that local public health agencies and industry partners understand the roles and responsibilities of all participating entities. The Sickbay Security - An Active Shooter Response Exercise and the Medical Mayhem - An Active Shooter Consequence Management Exercise are designed to provide an opportunity for hospital management and staff along with a hospital's emergency response partners to work through the myriad of challenges associated with responding to and recovering from such an event. Many hospitals report that plans do not exist or staff relies on ad hoc plans turning unused patient rooms, classrooms or on-call rooms into staff sleep areas, or bringing back decommissioned beds.
Hurricane Doc - A Hospital Sustainability Exercise - This exercise will serve as an opportunity for the management and staff that make up your Hospital Incident Command Team to work through scenario information and injects dealing with both preparedness activities associated with an approaching hurricane well as the actions that will need to be taken to remain operational for 96 hours following the storm.

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