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Optimize your network's performance from start to finish with our design, implementation and documentation services. Our recommendations and advice will lead to greater efficiencies for a more productive IT environment.
Know everything about your system including, vulnerablities, possible failures and patch updates before problems arise. In today's tech environment, potentially devastating threats underscore the importance of preventative security measures.
WRK will anlayze if the cloud is right for your system and if there's an advantagious silver lining for your company. Access the full power of the latest communication technology, whether you're in the office, at home or traveling.

Document imaging from WRK provides everything you need for managing and facilitating imaging in today's business environment.
Whether you are seeking advice, purchasing new hardware, or servicing existing hardware, let our certified engineers relieve your IT team of the time and work. Do you need directions for creating high availability (HA) strategies and disaster recovery (DR) scenarios for your IBM PureApplication System? There is an entire chapter that describes the infrastructure setup to support the scenarios described and documented in the book. If you are responsible for the management of a PureApplication System, then grab a coffee and a copy of “Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery in IBM PureApplication Systems V2 – SG24-8246” and start strategizing! In a commissioned study, Forrester Consulting describes how the adoption of integrated systems, prompts IT leaders to converge technical roles and adopt new processes for faster solution delivery.

We collect your name and email address solely for the purpose of accepting and posting your comment. WRK's Certified Disaster Recovery Specialist will customize a plan that fits your business.
His main specialty is the design, development, and delivery of courses in the WebSphere product family. An entire section dives into setting up the multisystem environment (management domains and deployment subdomains).

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