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It is vital that the organization takes the development and maintenance of the BCP seriously. A team representing all functional areas of the organization should develop the BCP, and a formal project should be established. The product itself helps you to properly control the PROCESS of the development of the plan, and the related procedures for the business recovery phase. This document is intended to help you to audit & review your business continuity and disaster recovery plan. DomeFest competition winners will showcase "fulldome" work at Bay Area's Chabot Space and Science center.
In the past five years the annual RSA Conference has grown from a techie meeting to a major business event. Q&A Linda Sanford explains why the handoff to an offshore partner should be embraced, not feared.

Carmaker announces companies it has chosen for one of the largest tech outsourcing efforts by a single corporation. New products include entry-level and high-end storage arrays, plus software that speeds movement of large files.
Q&A William McDonough brings his eco-intelligent perspective to clean technology investing. It's Comdex all over again as the tech world moves to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Scary stories and Windows' developments are what ZDNet News readers clicked on most in 2005.
Over 3,000 enterprises from around the world have chosen at least one of Janco's products.  The Security Audit program is a must have tool that not only assists in meeting compliance requirements but also is a great way to validate that your enterprise is ready for your next external audit.
Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.

Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan. A serious incident can affect the organization at any time and this includes the next 24 hours! Activities normally commence once the Board of Directors or the Executive has approved the project. It covers the status of the plan itself, and explores in some depth the content of the plan, embracing everything from business function definition to post disaster recovery actions.

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