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Unsere Manufaktur verbindet das nostalgische Flair altosterreichischer Tradition mit qualitativ hochwertiger Arbeit und Liebe zum Detail. Posting has been irregular here lately (sorry ‘bout that — blame life), so here are some quick Plas-centric items to wrap your mind around! So regretfully we didn’t meet our goal of 2 games in 72 hours but the amount of work and effort was remarkable, really, really awesome stuff and we’re not done yet! That’s right, Game 02 is officially Disaster Master: A Tornado Tail of Trailer Park Terror! We went through a pile of different names to arrive at that one which, incidentally has brand extensibility to it :-).
As you collect stuff your inherent weight increases allowing you to pickup bigger more impressive stuff.
History: (Batman and the Outsiders #9)-Little is known about the history of the group of super-villains calling themselves the Masters of Disaster. Shakedown and New-Wave recently had a falling out during a kidnapping attempt that resulted in Shakedown’s death.

Disaster Master is a Mobile Godgame, where you have to scroll over the world looking for natural disasters and prevent them by tapping, rotating or swiping over these disasters. To promote Disaster Master and grow its popularity (top games), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire. Dabei stehen unsere kunstlerisch handgemalten Schilder im Vordergrund, die wir Ihnen auf diesen Seiten vorstellen. Despite being in the hands of a very capable programmer with experience in these types of competitions the amount of work turned out to be too much to get done in the allotted time.
I’ll post some more news today once we know more about the future of Disaster Master and when the approximate release date is for Snow Ballistic! The plan was to have them separated but on second thought it made a lot more sense to combine them in an effort to reduce the complexities of adding more menu items and the like.
It’s a tornado game where you use your finger to draw circles on the environment to create the wind necessary to collect debris and other things, you know, like cats and cars! They are a group of mercenaries, and each member of the group controls one super-power related in some way to a natural disaster. A heroic effort by all but there was simply too much to do and too few hands to get beyond iterations of core gameplay.

And we might even just show it during the intro to the game in an effort to eliminate any need for menus.
New-Wave and Windfall are sisters, and Coldsnap and Heatsroke are lovers; their only motivation for joining the Masters of Disaster is to amass enough money to cure their conditions.
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The Masters of Disaster have fought numerous times with the hero group the Outsiders, and they have spent a good amount of time in the Slab, a prison for super-powered villains.
What that means is we’re in a very good position to turn this idea into a real game with not too much more work.

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