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Latest live event and breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment updates as they happen. The application process in Orleans and Jefferson parishes has been extended through Thursday. Residents who are seeking to apply for disaster food stamps in the wake of Hurricane Isaac were being turned away from UNO's Lakefront Arena on Monday afternoon, after huge crowds showed up on the first day applicants could show up en masse, regardless of their last name. The state Department of Children and Family Services asked the Department of Agriculture, which administers the food stamp program, to extend the application process in four parishes. The agency opened sites last Wednesday in parishes hit hardest by the storm to administer the food aid. In most parishes, Monday and Tuesday were set aside to process those who missed their designated day -- and was a whopper for state workers and applicants at UNO. Trey Williams, a spokesman for the state agency, said the state closed both the Alario Center and Lakefront Arena around noon, after they determined that it would take the rest of the day to process the people already waiting for food aid.
Williams said the agency's goal is to provide an opportunity to everybody who wants to apply to do so.
Several people turned away outside the Lakefront Arena said they'd taken off work to apply for the benefits. Last week, people seeking disaster assistance were able to go to any of the sites to apply.
Eligibility for disaster food stamps is based on a family's monthly income and the amount of money they have in savings and checking accounts.
The maximum monthly income, when adjusted for savings and disaster expenses, for a family of four is $2,449.
Officials urged those who can begin the application process online to do so, saying that would cut down on waits at the relief centers. Applicants will still need to go to the one of the state's food-stamp sites to complete the application process. If you ever wondered why we recommend prepping, and stockpiling food and emergency supplies, one look at what happened this weekend Springhill and Mansfield, LA should tell you everything you need to know – and will give you a glimpse at what this country will look like during a nationwide crisis.
Over the weekend, the debit system that allows people on government assistance to buy food, temporarily went down. A couple of Walmarts in Louisiana decided to allow people to shop, even though the system was down and they had no real way of knowing how much credit people had on their cards. When the system went back online, the grocery store found people who had as little as .49 on their Food Stamp cards attempting to steal over $700 in food.
A number of people, thinking the government shutdown had affected their food stamps, took to Twitter with threats of violence and rioting. As we’ve talked about in the past, we now live in a country where almost 50% of the public relies on some sort of government assistance just to maintain their lifestyle.

When you consider the fact that most grocery stores only have enough food to last for at most 2 – 3 days, and then consider how people act during an outage that only lasted a couple of hours, what do you think will happen during a crisis that stops the delivery of food for a prolonged period of time? Washington - Louisiana tied North Carolina for the biggest increase in food stamp use between May and June, according to data released this week by the Department of Agriculture. Washington -- Louisiana tied North Carolina for the biggest increase in food stamp use between May and June, according to data released this week by the Department of Agriculture. Food Stamps Eliminated for Violent OffendersOn Wednesday, the 2013 Senate Farm Bill was amended by to make those convicted of certain violent crimes ineligible for SNAP (Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, popularly known as food stamps. The amendment was passed by unanimous consent, meaning that neither Republicans nor Democrats objected to the bill. The new eligibility requirements were proposed by Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, who at the same time introduced another amendment designed to end the so-called “Obama phone” program which helps low-income Americans obtain cell phones. Basically Vitter has told ex-offenders who committed sex crimes to either die on the streets homeless of starvation or go back to prison. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats. House Agriculture Committee on Thursday unveiled its approach for a long-term farm and food bill that would reduce spending by $3.5 billion a year, almost half of that coming from cuts in the federal food stamp program. 5, hundreds of residents lined up outside the Alario Center in Westwego to take advantage of disaster food stamp benefits being offered by the state for residents affected by Hurricane Isaac. The request was approved in Orleans and Jefferson parishes where applications will be accepted through Thursday.
All of the sites have been allowing applicants to show up in groups, taking several letters of the alphabet at a time. State Police were also turning people away at the front gate, telling them to return on Tuesday, the last day the site is scheduled to be open. But he said agency officials wouldn't know until the end of the day whether that would mean staying open for extra days. That representative would need a photocopy of the applicant's picture identification, as well as a letter saying they are authorized to represent the person through the application process. But on Sunday, the agency changed the policy, restricting applicants to their home parishes, Williams said. The program also factors in how much a family spent on disaster-related expenses, such as lost food and hotel stays. The resulting chaos is a small glimpse at what I believe will happen, should the government plunge this country into some sort of economic collapse. The resulting chaos had the store’s shelves in Springhill and Mansfield, LA stripped bare, as food stamp recipients attempted to defraud the grocery stores. Local police were called in as the crowd started to turn ugly, and overflowing grocery carts were left abandoned in the aisles.

People have forgotten how to fend for themselves, and should this country face a prolonged disaster or crisis, what we seen here is only the tip of the iceberg. And that was before thousands of Louisiana residents began signing up for emergency food stamps in the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to offset the cost of spoiled food from the power outages and evacuations related to Hurricane Isaac.
Then came the New Orleans arena and the Lakefront Arena lost some of its allure.I have been to an enormous amount of events here. The Senate’s Farm Bill—a large piece of legislation passed once every few years to regulate, fund and subsidize various programs related to agriculture and food production—already included language that would cut food stamps by about $4.1 billion. For example, “the amendment would mean lower SNAP benefits for their children and other family members,” writes Bob Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Last week, the House Agriculture Committee approved legislation which would cut $20 billion in SNAP funding over the next decade.
On Monday, people were being turned away from the UNO Lakefront Arena because of the large amounts of people waiting to be helped. In Louisiana, 901,586 people received food stamps in June, up 1.3 percent from the month before.
Everything from high school and college graduations, motorcycle rallies and concerts.This can be a good place to watch a concert if you get good tickets.
We’re just going to punish them forever.” He argued that making it more difficult for convicted felons to meet their basic nutritional needs would encourage recidivism. How do you think taking food away from anyone, let alone former convicted people, will bring about anything good?
The venue is small enough that you can see the stage from most seats, but like anywhere, you get what you pay for. Like Rammstein, which is known for huge pyrotechnic displays?The seats are typical stadium seating. He's added 15 million people."Some House Republicans, including Romney's running mate, Rep. The best thing to do if only half of the arena is open to seating is walk to the closed area and use those restrooms. On my most recent trip the attendant was on her cell phone the entire time I was trying to pay her. I realize most venues have the same policy, but it is 2012, I am sure some system can be developed to allow re-entry.Seating - The seats have very little leg room if you are over six feet tall.

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