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Disaster Management involves planning what to do before, during and after a disaster or emergency occurs. A risk-informed, performance-based approach exists offering opportunities to better understand objectives, identify credible hazards and develop alternatives that allow stakeholders (owners, government, etc.) to make risk-informed decisions as to how best protect heritage and meet disaster mitigation objectives. Planning for disasters in advance significantly reduces damage to tangible and intangible heritage, including historic sites, structures and their collections. Disaster mitigationA is an ongoing effort to reduce the physical and social impact of future disasters.
2.A  IT engineers represent areas where there appears to be significant potential for further advancement of the current state of the art.
I had written this article onA engineering preparedness for disaster mitigation on the occasion of Engineers Day 2011. Tags: conjunctions consequences disaster mitigation disasters discipline engineering preparedness for disaster mitigation Engineers Day 2011 theme topic hazard mitigation hazardous conditions human harm human populations infrastructures interventions losses panacea physical structures policy implications Role of IT Engineers in Disaster Mitigation routine events social definitions social disruption social endeavors social impact What is Disaster Mitigation? In addition to natural and technological disasters, many homeland security issues are also coordinated through this office. The original mandate of the HPC was confined to the preparation of management plans for natural disasters only.

However, it was expanded to include man-made disasters as well in order to develop an effective plan of action that would encompass disasters of all origins and shades. The Terms of Reference of the HPC were subsequently enlarged to include man- made disasters also with the approval of Prime Minister of India. The HPC thus constituted five sub-groups to go into details of five major classifications as decided by the HPC. Through further understanding these hazards, and assessing a structure’s behaviour to them, we can better prepare for disasters. First of all we have to know about the disaster, types of disaster, itsA definition and its effects. They have the potential to address major problem areas in current disaster management practice.
These capabilities span areas that could improve disaster mitigation, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster recovery.
The Sibley County Department of Emergency Management works continually to engage emergency planning and preparedness for our entire community, and to promote technical skills development of all emergency first responders and support service personnel. These efforts are aimed to conserve developmental gains as also minimize losses to lives, livelihood and property.

Representation from concerned Ministries dealing with industrial, nuclear, biological, chemical disasters were ensured by way of inclusion of experts from these Ministries. To reduce the effects and consequences occurred by disasters, we have to plan disaster mitigation process according to our requirements.
DisastersA are non-routine events in societies, regions, or communities that involve conjunctions of physical conditions with social definitions of human harm and social disruption.
They also aim to address requirements of practitioners at all levelsa€”first responders, local or regional emergency managers, and national emergency managers. It was the first attempt in India towards evolving a systematic, comprehensive and holistic approach towards all disasters.
The term a€?disastera€? has significant policy implications; for example, a declaration of an event as a disaster is needed before certain resources are made available. Improving these capabilities is applicable to addressing natural, accidental, and terrorist-induced disasters, though some capabilities may be more specific to one type.

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