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Ready to use, information security policies with explanatory notes providing comprehensive coverage of disaster recovery.
Questionnaires, checklists and analysis documents to take you through an existing plan, and all the composite contingency arrangements with a critical eye. Just as important as having an evacuation plan in place in advance of an emergency is pre-arranging a two-way communication system — one that includes contingency measures! Make sure all those working in your studio are familiar with the emergency communication system.

Make a mutual-assistance pact with a fellow artist or friend living in another region(this is key). With your Disaster Buddy, exchange lists of contacts and people to notify in case of an emergency. You may be away from your studio when disaster strikes — and your co-workers or employees may (or may not) be on the scene. Include the phone numbers and email addresses of your Disaster Buddy, and the password for the protected page on your website (see the sidebar).

You and your Disaster Buddy each commit to serving the other as a “central dispatch,” to receive and send out information before, during and after a disaster if one should strike.

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