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This September is National Preparedness Month, a FEMA initiative encouraging community leaders, business owners and citizens throughout the United States to boost their collective disaster recovery IQ. FEMA has created a wide range of materials to saturate the nation’s communities and businesses with information to build awareness during National Preparedness Month.
There are countless compelling reasons for business leaders to take this opportunity and strengthen their disaster recovery profiles.
The executive board can likely tackle the projects of risk assessment and hazard identification fairly easily, but not all companies can rely completely on their own resources and expertise to deliver the goods when it comes to an actionable recovery strategy. Of course, an alliance with a third-party provider must be approached with as much focus and effort as any internal initiatives, especially in the first stages of the consultation. As a member of the university community you also have a responsibility to familiarize yourself with FIU’s emergency communication plan and be an active participant in your own safety by staying alert to messages from university and local emergency managers. Although the focus is on hurricanes at this time of year, it is important for you to know that FIU plans for all types of emergencies that may affect the university community. Faculty and staff should also take a moment to become familiar with your department’s Continuity of Operations Plan now.

This year we have created an informational poster you can download, post and reference as you make your preparations for the season. LatestPopularGeopolitical Summit to focus on cybersecurity threats FIU top producer of Fulbright U.S.
While planning may take different forms in these each of these contingents, the message remains intact across the board: No one is exempt from the devastating effects of a natural disaster, and everyone must take measures to ensure a safe, smart and speedy plan is in place, if and when such an event does occur. For instance, the organization developed hazard profiles running the gamut from earthquakes, floods and hurricanes to tornados, wildfires and winter storms. Recognizing the dangers of each individual phenomenon and the regions in which they are most likely to occur can help participants better prepare themselves for a crisis situation. Aside from the immediate structural and material damages that must be addressed soon after an event occurs, executives must factor in the long-term costs of missed business opportunities that accumulate every second they take to bring their operations back online. In the spirit of National Preparedness Month, business leaders should consult with seasoned business continuity and disaster recovery solutions providers to help them bring their blueprints to life. Executives must sufficiently convey their planning requirements, describe the most common threats that face their operations and continually evaluate their strategies as their organization changes over time. All content cannot be reproduced without the written consent of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation.

As soon as possible after an emergency, you should establish contact with your colleagues and supervisor.
Agility Recovery pointed to research in a recent infographic explaining 40 percent of businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster. By bridging the gap between planning and execution, C-level members and stakeholders can finally achieve the peace of mind they want.
Viewing recovery as an ever-evolving strategic component rather than a quick, Band-Aid fix is often the key that separates effective plans from those that fall short when the going gets tough. The University has taken steps to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff and I urge you to take this opportunity to do the same.

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