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Summary: Disaster Alert by PDC, Active Hazards on an interactive map and in a list as they are occurring around the globe. The term "Active Hazards" refers to a collection of current and real-time incidents compiled from authoritative sources which have been designated "potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets" by the PDC DisasterAWARE? application. A year ago April, America suffered its worst mining disaster in 40 years with the explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia on April 5, 2010 that resulted in the death of 29 coal miners. This past Tuesday, December 6, 2011, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued its final report on the causes of this tragedy. Image: Kevin Stricklin, Administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health, for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), announcing the final report on the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster. The report found that the accident was entirely preventable, but that deliberate actions by the company and inexplicable oversights and decisions by the Federal inspectors led to the tragic consequences.
The December 6 date for the announcement of the Upper Big Branch report is significant since it marks the 104th anniversary of Monongah, the worst mining disaster in U.S. Sadly, reports about the causes of the Monongah Mine explosion eerily echo the Upper Big Branch report’s findings, says Boise State history professor Dr. Thirteen days after the [Monongah Mine] accident, an official Federal government report on mining accidents and deaths was released.
The publishing of the final Upper Big Branch report this past Tuesday coincided with the announcement by U.S. However, a number of industry watchdog groups say that the current relatively weak mining safety laws may make it difficult for the Government to prosecute the people who ran Massey.
Families of this and other mining disasters as well as concerned citizens are asking what can and is being done to prevent this sort of tragedy from occurring again and killing more miners. In addition to needing more—and more up-to-date – equipment, MSHA’s enforcement tools should also be modernized. In order to allow inspectors to observe actual mining practices, Congress mandated that MSHA’s periodic inspections be conducted on an unannounced, surprise basis. One of the more interesting and important roles the Government Printing Office has is to transcribe and formally publish the details of Congressional hearings such as these.
Other Related Federal Publications about Mine Safety:  Additional official publications about mine safety laws and enforcement actions can be found on our online bookstore.

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Decisions is a bimonthly periodical to which you can subscribe on our online bookstore that publishes final decisions and enforcement actions on legal mine safety and health disputes brought to the FMSHRC (Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission).
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Alert is a qualified contractor of your restoration needs through the state of California's CSLB.
Membership in the DriZone Network is free and open to all alumni of the IICRC-approved Applied Structural Drying class sponsored by Dri-Eaz Products.
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the Guardian of the restoration industry. An independent certifying body accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards.
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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of life and property around the world. Red Alert Global had an immediate response to the tsunami in Japan and was on scene with the U.S. Red Alert Global would like to thank the staff at Yokota Airbase in Japan for their awesome support, transportation and logistical assistance during the post Tsunami crisis.
Attorney Booth Goodwin, that the Federal Government had reached one of the largest mine disaster settlements ever—a $209 million civil and criminal settlement—with the company that bought Massey Energy earlier this year, Alpha Natural Resources.
Chairman and CEO, Don Blankenship, second from right, attends a press conference with board directors, from left, Robert Foglesong, Bobby Inman, and Stanley Suboleski, Monday, April 26, 2010, in Charleston, W.Va. Because under the current federal mine act, safety violations are only categorized as misdemeanors, with the exception of falsification of records.
For example, MSHA’s criminal penalties have been so insignificant that they have not served to deter unlawful conduct.
Therefore, it has been against the law for anyone to give advance notice of MSHA inspections.

Reading the testimony from mine safety experts and others in the mining industry gives some fascinating details about and insight into a world few of us get to see: from boardrooms high in office towers to deep underground, where mining operations are either decided or executed.
Several generations back, some of her relatives came from the hard-working, coal-mining country around Huntington and Bartram, West Virginia. EPA requires that firms performing renovation, repair, and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes, child care facilities and schools be certified by EPA and that they use certified renovators who are trained by EPA-approved training providers to follow lead-safe work practices.
The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) protects consumers by licensing and regulating California's construction industry. For more than 30 years, this non-profit has trained restoration professionals and has established standards for the industry. More than 12 hours after the 8.9-magnitude quake, powerful aftershocks continue in north-east Japan, while huge waves triggered by the tremor have been felt thousands of miles across the Pacific. Red Alert Global is comprised or three major components, Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Education and Training, and Emergency Response Teams. Red Alert Global relies on charitable donations to keep it's teams well equiped and in the center of the action as disasters arise. We were able to immidiately conduct search and rescue operations and provide medical assistance to over 300 Haitians in the first four days of the earthquake disaster.
The settlement protects Alpha executives from prosecution, but not Massey management, 18 of which to date have refused to be interviewed by federal investigators, invoking their Fifth Amendment rights. Our witnesses have more than 100 years of combined mine safety experience, and their professional expertise and personal knowledge will help inform Congress about the current state of mine safety enforcement, whether MSHA – in their opinion – is on the right track, and what other tools are needed to safeguard the health and well-being of miners. Yet, as we have learned from the Upper Big Branch investigation and the indictment the Assistant US Attorney issued against Hughie Elbert Stover, the head of security for Performance Coal Company, Mr.
To be an IICRC firm the business must show proof of insurance, receive initial and ongoing training and abide by the IICRC Code of Ethics.

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