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This article was originally published 7 months ago, which may make its actuality or accuracy possibly no longer valid. Drones making international headlines again, this time, the department of Homeland Security issuing a warning that terrorists could use them to bring down planes. In the past few days, three drones were spotted close to flights trying to land at New York’s JFK Airport. Officials didn’t say there was a specific threat, but warned drones can pose dangers to planes.
KFXV-LD channel 67 is a Fox-affiliated station in McAllen, Texas, owned by Entravision Communications. Enter your email address to subscribe to FOX 2 to get the latest news straight to your inbox. An intrusion at online dating service Cupid Media earlier this year exposed more than 42 million consumer records, including names, email addresses, unencrypted passwords and birthdays, according to information obtained by KrebsOnSecurity.
The data stolen from Southport, Australia-based niche dating service Cupid Media was found on the same server where hackers had amassed tens of millions of records stolen from Adobe, PR Newswire and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), among others. The purloined database contains more than 42 million entries in the format shown in the redacted image below.
The company’s Web site and Twitter feed state that Cupid Media has more than 30 million customers around the globe. Alex Holden, chief information security officer at Hold Security LLC, said Bolton’s statement is reminiscent of the stance that software giant Adobe Systems Inc. The danger with such a large breach is that far too many people reuse the same passwords at multiple sites, meaning a compromise like this can give thieves instant access to tens of thousands of email inboxes and other sensitive sites tied to a user’s email address.
Holden added that this database would be a gold mine for spammers, noting that Cupid’s customers are probably more primed than most to be responsive to the types of products typically advertised in spam (think male enhancement pills, dating services and diet pills). Bolton adopted a softer tone in the second half of his email, indicating that the company may not have understood the full scope of the intrusion. Subsequently to the events of January we hired external consultants and implemented a range of security improvements which include hashing and salting of our passwords. We would like to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and I can confirm that we are committed to investigate this matter further and make any additional improvements still required. It is entirely likely that the records I have seen are from the January breach, and that the company no longer stores its users’ information and passwords in plain text.

In any case, since I didn’t have to crack any of the passwords, I thought it might be useful to have a look at the top passwords used by Cupid Media customers. This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 12:03 amand is filed under A Little Sunshine, The Coming Storm. As a privately held, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Centuria is able to quickly and easily adapt to changing program requirements.
In addition, AOC holds two GSA Schedules: Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services —MOBIS, and Logistics Worldwide Services?
Imagine: Your People, Processes And Technology Working Together To Maximize Organizational Results. NASA’s Independent Program Assessment Office (IPAO)Independent Program Assessment Office Ensured Lifecycle Milestones Success for NASA. Our people make the critical difference to customers by providing unique approaches to problem solving. I see these armored personnel carriers being used for DHS gun collection raids.And by FEMA agents raiding doomday prepper's food stockpiles.
The eventual round up of all haters in this country starting with the groups like the KKK and Aryan Nation as well as the other hate groups which will include many like the Westboro Baptist's and Focus on the Family and others that preach against the equality of all citizens. Experts say a drone can fly into a plane’s engine destroying it, or hit the cockpit window injuring or killing a pilot. Unfortunately, many companies have a habit of storing data on customers who are no longer active.
Indeed, Facebook has been mining the leaked Adobe data for information about any of its own users who might have reused their Adobe password and inadvertently exposed their Facebook accounts to hijacking as a result of the breach.
We have also implemented the need for consumers to use stronger passwords and made various other improvements. Protecting our customer’s privacy and data is important to us and we will continue to make additional investments in improved security for our members. At least Cupid Media doesn’t send your password in plain text when you request a password reset, like far too many other companies do. It seems that many Cupid users did not place much value in their accounts when picking passwords, because a huge percentage of them chose downright awful passwords. Complain About It.Cynical security experts often dismiss anti-spam activists as grumpy idealists with a singular, Sisyphean obsession.

Drawing on almost a decade of experience in the federal market and experience as a prime contractor, Centuria applies proven management methodology to all engagements. The March 2013 claim that the Department of Homeland Security had "purchased 2,700 tanks" for the use in the U.S. Currently, the FAA prohibits recreational drones from being flown within five miles of an airport. In that case, a database containing the email and password information on more than 150 million people was stolen and leaked online, but Adobe says it has so far only found it necessary to alert the 38 million active users in the leaked database.
It’s also remarkable that a company with this many users would not have seen this coming. Core capabilities include engineering and scientific services, software development lifecycle, program management, and complex administrative support. AOC also brings extensive experience in A-76 contract conversions from a federal workforce to the private sector, having participated fully in the A-76 process since the inception of A-76 in the 1980s. It is usually equipped with a cannon mounted in a revolving turret as well as lighter automatic weapons.
The British developed tanks during World War I to fill the need for an armoured assault vehicle that could cross the muddy, uneven terrain of the trench battle zone. Bolton said the information appears to be related to a breach that occurred in January 2013.
Our in-house staff provides full life cycle systems engineering services from stakeholder requirements definition to contract closeout. In World War II, Germany's tank force was initially the most effective in Europe because it was organized into fast-moving massed formations with great striking power. Most modern main battle tanks weigh more than 50 tons yet are capable of road speeds of 30–40 mph (50–70 kph).

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