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Dairy and gluten intolerance issues are quite common, with many people having issues with either one or both. LSH is not typically gluten or dairy intolerant in that he doesn’t have digestive issues when he consumes either. Small Boy reacts the same way, as LSH to dairy products, but also has some minor digestive issues when he consumes them, and we have noticed such a visble improvement when he is on a non dairy based diet, and avoids cows milk products, that we have decided to stick with it. Big Girl suffers from moderate to severe eczema, which after some trial periods of removing dairy from her diet, seemed to improve and pretty much disappear, so she also is mainly dairy free, although she does eat the occasional ice cream, and has a serving of milk at school every day, but I do find if she eats a lot of dairy products, her skin flares up, and when we treat it, and ease off the dairy, it clears up.
Scientific no, but based on what I see, when my family consumes dairy products and when LSH eats more than a small amount of dairy, and from the reading and research I have done, and consultation with qualified dieticians, and seeing an ENT for both LSH and Small Boy, we have come to the conclusion that they feel happier and healthier without dairy and gluten in their diets, and I mostly eat what they eat, because it is far easier to cook for all of us, then make separate meals for everyone.
We have had allergy tests done, on both LSH and Small Boy and neither is allergic to dairy. We have tried the Lacto Free brands, and various other brands which remove the Lactose from milk products, but it would seem that it isn’t the lactose that is the problem, but something in the mill protein that triggers their reactions. For us, after some experimentation, we’ve found that goats milk products seem to work, for when we need to substitute cows milk. So, there you have it, the reasons behind why, we are mostly (I am not rigid about the dairy I consume, except at home, when it is easier to avoid it) dairy free and gluten free. Legal informationThis site contains a personal blog written and edited by Karen Reekie, The Owner. The Allermates product line knows no limits when it comes to wearing, sharing, or carrying food allergy necessities for kids. The latest additions to their expansive collection include EpiPen®, Auvi-Q (those fancy new epinephrine auto-injectors) and Asthma Inhaler carrying cases. Each colorful case comes with an Emergency Contact and Medication Information card.
The EpiPen® carrying case is insulated, and comes with an epinephrine auto-injector User Guide. In addition to the items above, Allermates offers a few colorful reusable lunch bag options (with similar cuteness to the snack bags shown above), booklets for coloring, adorable charms and dog tags that mimic the wrist bands, and a multi-allergy bracelet with the ability to add or remove (how nice!) allergies as needed for a custom fit.
My son’s school requires us to bring his inhaler, spacer, and EpiPens in a fanny pack and that is what they store them in. Monica, the Allermates have a clip for bags and belt loops, but I haven’t seen anything in a fanny pack format specifically. Please note that ingredients, processes and products are subject to change by a manufacturer at any time. I am both a graduate student and a chef in training who just happens to be living both gluten and dairy free.

It has become somewhat of a fad, I will admit, with many books, websites and resources aimed at those wishing to maintain a gluten or dairy free lifestyle. What they have is classified as an intolerant or adverse reaction, but not a life threatening or even serious allergy. Their official diagnosis, after seeing various health professionals, over the years, with LSH and recently with Small Boy,  is a milk protein intolerance, not lactose intolerance, although Small Boy does exhibit some signs of typical lactose intolerance as well as milk protein intolerance.
So we use goat or sheep’s cheeses, (and we have found some FANTASTIC cheeses, which has been a big thing for LSH because he simply avoided cheese, until I introduced him to goats cheese and we began to explore what products he could tolerate) goats milk, (so for a sauce that would require cows milk, I use goats) goats yogurt and also cream. Please see the ways that we may be able to help you review a product or share news about a service that fits into the content and ethos of our site. All photographs are my own, or are used with the owner's permission and are not to be copied.
Please see the Disclosure related to the forms of compensation we receive in relation to sponsored posts and advertising. Kids will love the look, and mom's can feel safe with the functionality.More DetailsStumbling upon the Allermates booth at Expo West was like opening a treasure chest filled with fun food allergy trinkets. And as an added bonus, all AllerMates products, are nickel, lead, latex, BPA and phthalate free. Alisa is also a professional recipe creator and product ambassador for the natural food industry. We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy. All foods and products should be considered at risk for cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. There is plenty out there, if you look, and I have done a fair bit of reading and research, myself. Because he doesn’t have a typical allergic or intolerant reaction, he had never really seen anyone medically or professionally for his health issues, although he had been though periods of avoiding gluten and diary, whilst travelling in Australia, after I had known him for about 18 months, he made the decision to cut dairy out his diet completely, and since then, has largely maintained this, and will not intentionally consume products with cows milk in them.
If he consumes anything with cows milk in it, within minutes he can feel discomfort in his sinuses and nose, and if he has been exposed to enough, (i.e.
He may grow out of the latter, it seems unlikely that he will grow out of the issues he shares with LSH.
Because one Epipen sits in front of your belly and the other one on your back it is quite easy to hide under clothing. I have had a hard time finding one that fits his waist, holds all the equipment, and is not embarrassing for him.

I am simply writing to explain why, we as a family feel healthier on a dairy free diet, and why we chose to take this step.
When we got married I learned how to work around his dietary needs, and cook for a person who doesn’t eat cows milk products or drink cows milk, and largely avoids gluten. We buy gluten free bread, from various brands, and use rice cakes and gluten free products for snacks.
We also offer ample resources for gluten-free, soy-free, food allergy, vegan and paleo diets. When Small Boy began to show similar symptoms, when we began weaning him to solids, we felt that trying to minimise the dairy products we consume as a family (Big Girl and I were still drinking cows milk and yoghurt and cheese) would be the easiest step. We use gluten free, whole grain or rice pasta and we do eat rice, and I also use potatoes, and sweet potatoes as starch bases.
We tend to avoid oats, as they do contain some gluten, LSH rarely eats oat products although the children and I do eat oatcakes, porridge and things like granola and flapjacks etc. Gluten produces a similar, but not as strong reaction, so he can manage some bread, or wheat products, but he finds the effects accumulative, so prefers to avoid gluten products as well, if he can. When the store shelves are empty, it may be a while before they are restocked with things that you can eat.If possible, make an emergency card with your allergies and food restrictions. Eat the things in your refrigerator and freezer first.Try not to pack foods that are too salty like chips.
If you are in an emergency, salty things will make you thirsty, and you need to try to conserve your water.Try to pack healthier foods. You do not want to eat only junk during an emergency unless you run out of options.Look for items with a longer shelf life. Even if it has a top that peels back, sometimes those break, so have a can opener on hand.If you know about the storm in advance try to use up things like eggs by boiling them or baking muffins etc.
This is especially important for children.I suggest you pack a few days worth of smaller non - perishable meals in ziplocks and store them in backpacks for each person in your household. I know that many of you may be preparing right now like I am and I wanted to share how I am getting ready.

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