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As the Internet technology advances day by day, cyber crime has also established it’s presence in the Internet. We, at Southern Comfort Security Services , understand the importance of your valuable data, your identity, and your computer systems. Call us anytime to discuss the type of Internet Security Service that applies the most to your particular needs. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A succession of multiple cyber-attacks could "become a full-scale global shock" on a par with a pandemic and the collapse of the world financial system, the report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said. The FBI has warned US companies of a destructive cyber-attack in an alert that industry experts say appears to refer to the hack of Sony Pictures last week. According to Reuters, which independently obtained a copy of the report, the warning was sent to security officers of some US companies, with a request that the details remain private.
Industry observers have said the attack on Sony marks the first time a major, destructive cyber-attack has been carried out against a company in the US.
Reuters said two unnamed security experts said the data in the FBI warning matched information about the Sony hack. Some of the software used in the attack was compiled in Korean, according to the technical section of the FBI’s report, which may back up speculation of North Korean involvement in the incident. The FBI said the source of the attack remains unknown and the bureau is coordinating its investigation with the US’ Department of Homeland Security.
However the most notable incident was a 2011 attack on the PSN that took it offline for a week, and led to the compromise of 77 million users’ credit card details. The incident had a significant financial impact on Sony’s results at the time, and Sony was also fined ?250,000 by the ICO in the UK.
Symantec Corporation and Ponemon Institute are pleased to present the 2013 Cost of Data Breach: United States, our eighth annual benchmark study concerning the cost of data breach incidents for companies located in the United States. A cyber-attack is performed in a couple of basic steps, each step that you personally add, will increase or decrease the chance of success.
The next step is to (2) categorize the found information, and take a look at the CVE database if there are any  (3) known vulnerabilities available. There are various methods and techniques to (4) deliver malicious packages to the selected target.
Infected pdf-file – Take a look at the PDF Exploit Generator which has been developed by the Security Expert Claes Spett.

Once the malicious package has been delivered at the designated target, you will be able to (5) exploit the environment.
If it is needed, you will be able to exploit the environment to gain further access to the environment. Today, the National Audit Office released a report, warning that Britain may be vulnerable from cyber attacks for at least 20 years due to a lack of computer experts.
The report recommends that schools should step up technology and cyber security lessons, in the hope of creating a new generation of IT specialists. While the report paints a pretty bleak future for the nation, it should in fact be welcomed as evidence that the government is finally catching up to the true risk of online attacks. Reactive IT defences are undeniably outdated, and as Amyas Morse rightly stated today, organisations both public and private must be constantly aware of the cyber threat if the nation is to have any hope at protecting itself against attacks. However, being ‘too proactive’ – such as in the form of pre-emptive strikes, as have been previously recommended by other government bodies – could incite disturbing consequences such as the execution of even more sophisticated state-sponsored attacks on the UK’s critical infrastructure. Rather than launching pre-emptive cyber attacks, or relying solely on perimeter IT defences, we must start to introduce mechanisms that give context to data and facilitate a deeper understanding of all network activity, as it happens. In doing so, we must turn our mindset towards proactive, continuous monitoring of IT networks to ensure that even the smallest intrusion or anomaly can be detected before it becomes a bigger problem for all – after all, you can only defend against that which you can see. Ross Brewer brings to over 22 years of sales and management experience in high tech and information security.
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Protecting, guarding and sometimes hiding your valuable data, has become an every-second task that most companies and computer users face now a day. We are ready to protect you from hackers and cyber attacks, and to maintain a high level of security in your company servers and workstations.
The attack disabled the Sony subsidiary’s corporate email for a week, affected other systems and resulted in several Sony films being leaked online. Other reports have suggested a group called Guardians Of Peace (GOP) carried out the attack as part of a blackmail operation. For its part, Sony hired FireEye’s Mandiant incident response team to help deal with the attack.
Today, some 2.4 billion people, or 34 percent of the world’s population, spend growing amounts of time online1.

The Stuxnet worm is believed to have significantly affected Iranian nuclear processing, and was widely considered to be the first operational cyber weapon. The chain is used by cyber security experts, cybercriminals and governments to perform successful cyber-attacks on their targets. These scans will provide the attack vital information about the security settings of the selected target. Hackers and security experts, (6) install backdoor applications as these will allow them to reconnect to the infected device. It’s also encouraging to see that the government is continuing in its line of investing in the next generation of IT specialists, following last year’s announcement that it would be plugging ?8 million into the development of security skills at universities to help battle against cybercrime.
As our world becomes increasingly connected and as data volumes grow at unprecedented rates, the potential for intellectual property or other critical information to get compromised in the chaos, or exposed to attacks, grows exponentially.
Hopefully this report will help enterprises and public entities acknowledge the level of constant awareness that is required to protect the data that they are entrusted with. Prior to joining LogRhythm, he was a senior executive at LogLogic where he served as vice president and managing director EMEA. It provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help business technology leaders be more effective in communicating analysis and insight on information technology trends, to help the understanding of IT's role in achieving business goals. Shamoon was able to compromise and incapacitate 30,000 work stations within an oil producing organization. There are various ways to perform a cyber-attack, but you will need a guide if you want to successfully perform a cyber-attack on a designated target. In the reconnaissance step you will be able to investigate the target for weak spots (vulnerabilities). This factor is needed as it will provide the attacker insight on the weak spots of the environment.

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