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It is the mission of the Litchfield Emergency Management Agency to provide the highest level of emergency services to its residents and visitors by identifying hazards and vulnerabilities within the Town of Litchfield and by mitigating the effects of, preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters whether natural or manmade. The NEMHS director is also responsible for recruiting, training, and maintaining the Community Emergency Response Team. To register for relief from damage caused by the March floods, refer to documents "FEMA1" and "FEMA2" available under "Downloadable Documents". We are in the process of coordinating a number of training opportunities for citizens to become qualified in support of emergency management functions. Newsletters from the State Emergency and Homeland Security Department are downloadable from our web site. Anyone interested in helping in these efforts can contact the Selectmen's office at 546-9693 or Luther Thurlow at 546-9242.
The goal of the group is to provide support in the event of an evacuation or natural disaster. The Durham Animal response team is a locally controlled program under the auspices of the Durham Emergency Management Department.

This is done by providing 24-hour emergency assistance by mobilizing and deploying personnel and resources, updating emergency operations plans and strategies, training emergency personnel, managing the emergency operations system, and warning and informing the public of emergencies and disasters.
The emergency plan also provides for direction, and control and the continuity of government in disaster situations. He coordinates, along with the First Selectman, Public Works Department and Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Corps, our Town's preparation for response to potential disasters. Helen Baldwin Middle School), First Response Center (Fire Department) and Command and Operations Center (Community Building). Canterbury residents Betty and Roy Piper recently graduated from CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training and will be helping to coordinate training in Canterbury. The Emergency Management Department is responsible for providing emergency preparedness services to the residents and businesses within our town. They will open and maintain a shelter in conjunction with a Red Cross shelter for their owners. Now we need people, people who love animals and who would enjoy helping them and their owners.

Networking of animal and agricultural stakeholders for emergency planning and preparedness efforts. Deputy Director Ken Hanks is also the chairman of the Naugatuck Emergency Management Advisory Council. Resident Carol Kent will be planning training sessions in NIMS (National Incident Management Systems), which provides a framework for coordinating all of the various agencies involved in responding to emergencies.
We are currently rolling out multiple programs that will provide important emergency preparedness information to you so that they may properly prepare an effective response to natural, technological, and human-caused disasters. They will also be available to assist Durham's other emergency personnel with any animal related accidents or emergencies. DARTs’ plans also include providing education to animal owners to help keep their pets safe.

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