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The 2013 Genworth Cost of Care Survey pegs the average monthly cost for a semi-private room in Los Angeles County at $6,500 or $78,000 a year.
A private room in Los Angeles County averages $8,000 a month or $96,000 per year in the same survey by Genworth. Faced with daunting nursing home costs and making sure that your father gets the proper care, what are the options available to pay the monthly bills? If income and assets are used to pay for your father’s care, how is your mother going to maintain her standard of living? Much of the confusion about LTC Medi-Cal is because California regulations are different from the rest of the country. In addition, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California has created even more of a difference in qualification criteria between general Medi-Cal and LTC Medi-Cal. In the case of a married couple, the Share of Cost (SOC) calculation is a little more complicated because the at-home spouse is allowed a minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance (MMMNA) of $2,898.
Your mother is entitled to keep $2,898 (MMMNA) minus $500 or $2,398 of your father’s income. Your father’s SOC calculation is $3,000 (total monthly income) minus $2,398 (allowance to mother) minus $35 (personal needs allowance).  His monthly payment to the nursing home is only $567. Your mother saves $5,933 a month in nursing home costs ($6,500 – $567) or over $71,000 a year! Contrary to public belief, you do not have to be broke in order to qualify for LTC Medi-Cal. Examples of Countable assets include checking, savings, money markets, CD’s, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance cash value, vacant land, second vehicles, time shares, retirement accounts and real property other than the home; in other words, any asset that can be converted to cash. Unavailable assets (non-countable) include retirement accounts such as IRA’s from which a periodic income is being taken. Exempt assets include the family home and an irrevocable pre-need mortuary account (not a trust).
If a single person is on Medi-Cal and in a nursing home, why would they need assets if everything was being paid for?
In the case of a married couple, the at-home spouse needs assets in order to maintain their standard of living. If you are Japanese American and received redress payment of $20,000 for internment during World War II, you are entitled to exempt an additional $20,000 of Countable assets if you can prove receipt. If faced with a nursing home stay for your spouse or family member this winter season, do not rule out LTC Medi-Cal. Thank you so much Karl, for your assistance with my Mother’s eldercare planning and Medi-Cal application.
On behalf of my mother, father, and brother, I want to sincerely thank you for your assistance in the re-organization of my parent’s finances to allow us to qualify for and receive Medi-Cal benefits. Thank you for your efforts to obtain such quick approval for my sister to qualify for Medi-Cal.
Words cannot express our family’s appreciation for your effort in my husband being accepted by Medi-Cal.
Your mother’s been approved for Medi-Cal!” that was music to my ears when I listened to your phone message. January 17, 2014 by Nick Sica Leave a Comment Crisis Management has been, historically, a function of the IT or Risk Management department for many companies and as social media continues to gain traction, savvy risk managers have incorporated social media into their crisis communication plans. During an emergency, communication is always critical and being able to quickly reach your desired audience becomes vital to any team designed to respond. Social media can be an effective communication tool during times of emergency and advices on how to effectively navigate the ever-recording internet are numerous.
A colleague of mine recently wrote about “Black Swan” events and, while properly identifying and effectively mitigating risk is an ideal achievement for every company, doing so can sometimes be challenging.  Apt forecasting and planning for a so called “Black Swan” event should now consider including social media networks during crisis communications. This entry was posted in Communication, Media Training, Public Relations and tagged crisis management, crisis planning, media relations by DoubleDimond PR. Bad things happen; however, many organizations have not prepared a crisis communications plan. How hard is it to prepare a custom crisis communications plan?
What is a “crisis”?Critical event or point of decision which, if not handledin an appropriate and timely manner (or if not handledat all), may turn into a disaster or catastrophe.
The “Fight or Flight” Response“When our fight or flight system is activated, we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival…We may overreact to the slightest comment.

The nightly news often relates the latest natural disaster with its legacy of destruction – loss of property and loss of life.
If you live in Hurricane or Tornado country and are a small business owner, you probably have a plan for natural disasters. Smart business owners will plan for this crisis – when you are not able to be there yourself.
While we never plan to be sick or injured or have someone close to us fall into that category, things happen that are not in our control. My main job now is making sure that my systems are in place, including notifications of when I am not around. When I help people organize, I try to implement emergency procedures such as posting emergency numbers close to the phone and making certain important documents are stored safely. I love how you bring to our attention that the same preparation needs to go into our business planning. Unfortunately, only 14% of people have long-term care insurance according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute June 2012 brief. This often leads to misinformation from credible sources such as CPA’s, attorneys, social workers, the media and financial advisors who are not knowledgeable of the differences. After keeping $35 as a personal needs allowance, their monthly payment to the nursing home is $965 (Share of Cost). He receives $2,000 from Social Security and $1,000 from his IRA rollover for a total monthly income of $3,000. Your father is getting the care he needs, your mother is able to maintain her standard of living and their life savings have been saved from financial devastation.
Some assets count, these are called Countable assets, and some assets don’t, these are called Unavailable or Exempt assets. Proof is the letter from the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division not the letter that came with the check.  Even if you have spent the $20,000 it doesn’t matter.
If both husband and wife received redress, they are allowed up to $157,920 in Countable assets. For many people their home and retirement accounts are their largest assets but are not included in Countable assets.
In a time of stress and confusion to our family, you provided patience, guidance, and selfless concern. She has been in nursing homes, due to an auto accident for the past nine years and on private-pay all this time. By attending your seminar at Keiro recently, I was made aware of the many hours of labor and mounds of paper work involved in each application. Social media is a part of our society and, for many, the main source of news and information. Whether you choose to use Twitter, Facebook, Google or any other social media network to engage your target audience, being a trustworthy source of information with a consistent position on the available facts is a paramount aspect of any ‘crisis plan’. You know how you’ll operate your business after a natural disaster hits your place of business – how you’ll deal with lack of electricity, flooded data centers and other foreseeable events.
You need someone who can call your clients, reschedule meetings, respond to emails and phone calls. You need a procedures manual that an experienced administrator could step in and use to operate your business for a period of time. When you’re in a crisis, the last thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to pay your bills. There is no point in your having made all of the preparations if they are unaware of who to contact to put the plan into motion.
So, I was late with email, responding to customer questions and the routine chores of serving clients. Storing documents and being able to find things never matters – until it’s the ONLY thing that matters! Timely emails, blog posts, videos, webinars and more - all to help you build your business online. The consequences of not planning for a worst case scenario can result in loss of trust from the public and negative media coverage. According to a June 2012 study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, for those that had been in a nursing home for six months or more, median household wealth was only $5,518.

It not only helps to pay for the monthly nursing home bill, but also allows for the preservation of assets if you know the rules. Your home could be a boat in the marina, a mobile home, a tract home or a mansion; as long as that is where you lived, it is your home. RPA made the Medi-Cal application process as seamless as possible, taking on all the tough work coordinating with the state agency. Your services were most appreciated and be assured that you’ll be highly recommended to others. A company can capitalize on these social and business trends when considering how they plan for notifying their network of critical events that occur within the organization. Using the company website to alert your network during a time of crisis is a good way to communicate. Before doing interviews, spokespersons should be rehearsed on the message, key talking points and  questions that could be asked.  There will always be information that cannot be rehearsed, but it is important to be as prepared as possible. This person needs to be trained in your business affairs and have access to all of that information before the crisis occurs. If you are your own webmaster, for example, you need the access information for each of your sites.
When you have established Online Oil Wells (sales sites that sell digital products and deliver them automatically) that continue to crank out income even when unattended, you can be assured you’ll have a steady income. But when we understand that such things can and do occur, we can take steps to ensure we have a business left after the crisis has passed. Health departments should be thinking about possible crisis scenarios or types of disasters that could happen, and start planning for them before the crisis occurs. After a three day stay, he is released to a Medicare certified nursing home for rehabilitative care. Having a dedicated emergency page which remains private or ”dark” until a situation occurs is a great way to prepare to react when an emergency occurs; having a template style page which can be easily amended appropriately will provide your company the ability to react quickly during ominous times.
What do you need to be ready for? Answering these questions is easier now than during a crisis. So you need to have an assistant, a customer service department, or someone like your CPA or attorney who can step in and take over your client relations. You need the procedures for shipping products, refunding purchases, and other common tasks in a detailed printed or digital form.
Plus you’ll need someone who has access to your checking account, online and offline, who can pay those bills for you, on time. Have to admit I had a couple of really terse and worried questions when I was finally able to get my head above the covers.
Crises include events such as influenza pandemics and other emerging disease outbreaks, bioterrorist attacks or natural disasters.
Regardless of how you choose to deliver your message, using social media to engage your audience in addition to more traditional methods of communications is a great tool for any crisis response team. This presentation outlines key things you should do to prepare for all types of potential crises and provides a simple action plan towards completing a preliminary crisis communications plan. Keep it in a place where others can find it – either in your office or online in a secure site. Karl has submitted over 1,000 Medi-Cal applications over the past 20 years with a 99.9% success rate.
By providing a live stream of the situation, you can be proactive and tell the story that will likely be told regardless if you choose to address it or not. Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis and there’s usually no advance warning about what the crisis will be or when it will happen.
Proper crisis planning can help your organization handle the issue calmly and efficiently, minimizing the impact to your members, your employees and your key stakeholders.

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