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An issue can creep up on you, and if left unaddressed, can develop into a business crisis which can affect your company where it hurts, the bottom line.  Why should you take a commercial gamble and be unprepared?
When a crisis unfolds, panic generally sets in and companies risk their reputation, credibility and, if they are not prudent, could find themselves legally liable for unguarded comments. Respond to the crisis to limit the damage — crisis management and communications management. Public health crisis communication largely originates from concerned government health agencies since they are the authorities on the matter. Media companies through their media facilities such as newspapers, radio, and television have the capability to announce the details of product recall and the processes for the public to follow. It was from media facilities that the outbreaks were known as much as the product recalls were announced.
As early as July 23, 2008, USA Today updated the public by reporting that salmonella warnings have shifted from tomato produce to pepper produce (Weise, 2008). According to a report from the Associated Press (Bad peanuts found before outbreak, 2009), chopped peanut exports from Peanut Corporation of America were already returned to the US weeks before the salmonella poisoning outbreak because the exports were found to be contaminated.

In the cases of the most recent salmonella poisoning outbreaks in the US, it was media that largely stemmed the crises.
She is a founder of EliteChoice, a known luxury blog started in 2006 and have also worked with Mint, Hindustan Times Business daily for 4 yrs.
Over the years we have been involved in some of the most highly visible crisis communications and management projects in Southern California. In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, what gives company A an advantage over company B?
A number of years ago Donald Trump started a school to teach would-be real estate investors how to be successful, like him. Public relations can be defined in many ways, but what it always comes down to is getting attention. However, the wider and quicker dissemination of crisis communication can only be done with the help of media machinery. Media is also an expedient source of the latest updates on these public health risks and crisis outbreaks.

We often work closely with law firms when their clients are involved in highly-charged litigation that attracts media attention.
This mix of her personality developed her interest in world of trend spotting and she continues to awe us with her beautiful writings. We have provided crisis communications counsel for large corporations, nonprofit institutions, public entities, grassroots community groups and celebrities.
Our experience has taught us to think and look ahead to what situations may occur and develop a plan of action should the scenario come about.

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