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This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to students of Michigan State University’s Executive MBA program as part of their leadership series training. Where adversity management is concerned, over the course of my more than 20 years in the field, I have counseled clients in all manner of crisis situation, including those involving loss of earnings, loss of jobs and, unfortunately, loss of life. Top of mind for most in the room was the current New England Patriots ball inflation craziness.
Over the years we have been working with our clients to help deliver sustainable crisis communications, not something you pluck of the shelf when things go wrong, but rather something that is part of the company’s own ongoing corporate governance. If you think about how much your company’s reputation is worth and the impact it can have on the bottom line.
To achieve a sustainable system, the roots of communication need to be derived from the building blocks and immersed in the DNA of the company. In this section, three Ketchum colleagues discuss the core effects of online crisis communications that all professionals should understand, as well as the seven deadly sins of online reputation management.
Post Community Guidelines: Community Guidelines are a critical element to any good crisis communication plan. Document your FAQs: Every brand or company has pain points or frequently asked questions that they get on their social. Bad things happen; however, many organizations have not prepared a crisis communications plan. How hard is it to prepare a custom crisis communications plan? What is a “crisis”?Critical event or point of decision which, if not handledin an appropriate and timely manner (or if not handledat all), may turn into a disaster or catastrophe. The “Fight or Flight” Response“When our fight or flight system is activated, we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival…We may overreact to the slightest comment. We bring together journalists and former Communication Directors to challenge, develop and test your crisis communication plans, processes and people so you are fully prepared to defend your reputation during a crisis.
Corporate reputation on the line, there are few second chances for a Communications Director advising the Board at critical moments. Journalists dredge up stories you thought were history; they constantly find new angles to the story and seek to unearth more information than their competitors.
We provide you with an assessment of your existing crisis communication plan’s effectiveness, reviewing its scope, completeness and state of readiness.
Intensive media training centred on an escalating mock crisis scenario to give your spokespeople the skills and confidence to communicate successfully in a crisis.

Engages your team with the organisation’s reputational risks and identifies some of the key areas of vulnerability. Creating realistic, interactive simulations for handling issues and crises that emerge online and offline to test your plans, processes and people.
The Agnes + Day crisis intelligence team has designed an infographic that showcases the very important 10 new rules of crisis communications.
Feel free to copy and paste the embed code below to share this infographic on your blog or website. Dear colleagues, obviously I have a problem with the graphic or I do not understand the meaning of crisis communication.
Well then Thomas, you should definitely look into effective issues and crisis management more thoroughly because I fear that you're behind in the game. Subscribe and arm yourself with Crisis Intelligence!Get the tips and strategies you need to prevent, manage and overcome any type of organizational crisis, by subscribing to The Crisis Intelligence Blog and Podcast.
Subscribe for VIP Crisis Management Insight!Every so often, I share exclusive crisis management thoughts, strategies and challenges that I never publish to my blog. As I walked the soon to be MBAs through a range of case studies and scenarios, I continually stressed the core tenets of effectively dealing with crisis: Inform, Take Responsibility, Reassure and Take Corrective Action. One of the most successful teams in the NFL, the Patriots are arguably the league’s worst at cheating.
Lessons learned, we believe, are best learned ahead of the event and, likewise, best practice is best established before the event.
You want to make sure that your audience clearly knows and understands the rules for your social media platform.
If you’re a food brand it is likely questions about your ingredients, if you are a medical facility maybe it is about insurance. Make sure you have the right steps in place to handle any and all issues that might come your way. Crisis preparation is not a single-time inoculation but an ongoing process of review and testing, forged in the practical not the theoretical.
You may also modify the width up to 1000px wide, and please do not add a height attribute as to keep the infographic proportional. President of the crisis management firm Agnes + Day, Melissa has developed a worldwide reputation for crisis management, planning and training by helping global brands and government agencies prevent and manage a wide range of issues and crises.

My impression ist that you talk more about rules of communication in general… I do not see the link towards issue management. Together, they discuss the leading trends, issues and strategies for effective crisis, issues and emergency management. Today we inhabit a landscape of new media, where the coverage is instantaneous, intensive and incessant. Whether it’s an unruly customer or an internet troll, this kind of community management just isn’t fun. That way, if you ever have someone violating them, you can go back and reference those guidelines and make a plan of action moving forward. They want to know what happened, how did it happen, why did it happen, what are you going to do about it and who is to blame?
She is also the editor of The Crisis Intelligence Blog and host of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast. Information is no longer through limited nodes and single points of contact that can be controlled. What do you need to be ready for? Answering these questions is easier now than during a crisis. Feel free to browse through the other articles within this blog, they'll give you a very good starting point. A lot of companies have long approval processes, which can hurt attempts to do damage control. This presentation outlines key things you should do to prepare for all types of potential crises and provides a simple action plan towards completing a preliminary crisis communications plan. Though if you think that these rules are rules of communications in general, they absolutely should be – which means you may pick up on crisis communications rather quickly ?? Best of luck.

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