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Post Community Guidelines: Community Guidelines are a critical element to any good crisis communication plan.
Document your FAQs: Every brand or company has pain points or frequently asked questions that they get on their social. KATHMANDU: The situation after the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks was unrelentingly traumatic marked with death and devastation. In the wake of the earthquakes, people became so fragile and feeble that a small piece of information – whether true or false – shook their base and made them psychologically wrecked. Burglary, rape, emotional black-mailing, uneven distribution and politicking of relief materials, black-marketing and cartelling, substandard food supply and other anarchic activities, aggravated the life-threatening crisis. All these were the human-induced factors contributing to fuel the pains and plights of people who were already in abyss of shock due to the natural crisis.
Streamlining and disseminating authentic and reliable information to prevent aggravation of natural crisis is the thrust of crisis communication. In the absence of proper dissemination of disaster related information the image of Nepal was negatively portrayed.
Dr Dahal suggests that a tracking communication system enabled with a team of human resource having experience in crisis should be mechanized in the state central system in Nepal to strategically respond disaster.
Likewise, echoing the need of standby crisis communication structure, SSP at Nepal Police Rajib Subba shared that the security body set up crisis centre instantly after the disaster and start working to assess vulnerability and lessen potential damages.

As an exemplary deed, Nepal Police had brought into operation SMS service to help people in emergency.
Bearing in mind the future need, the government is also mooting to give premium to leverage telecommunication for emergency communication in crisis and expand mobile towers for airport communication.
The Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA) being prepared by National Planning Commission has proposed a future proof communications infrastructure and service sectors that will serve the needs of emergency response. The communication effect can assuage the potential hazards caused both by nature and human factors in crisis. You want to make sure that your audience clearly knows and understands the rules for your social media platform.
If you’re a food brand it is likely questions about your ingredients, if you are a medical facility maybe it is about insurance. Make sure you have the right steps in place to handle any and all issues that might come your way. With the vagaries of nature, the resource-stripped country and its citizens had to cope with multiple challenges and crisis.
Wide spreading rumours and baseless remarks from different quarters unleashed more terror than the disaster did in fact. Though natural disaster as such cannot be averted the human factors contributing to increase its intensity and magnitude can be checked.

Referring to the effort of the Tamil Nadu State of India which was rocked by the Tsunami in 2004, Dr Dahal said the state government then had responded to the crisis effectively by setting up Crisis Communication Centres. Against this backdrop, properly processed information could have worked to mitigate citizens’ mistrust on the State mechanism provided reliable information was disseminated from a one-door system. Thus, the time is ripe for developing effective crisis communication centres to respond emergency situation as crisis never comes with an alarm bell. Whether it’s an unruly customer or an internet troll, this kind of community management just isn’t fun.
That way, if you ever have someone violating them, you can go back and reference those guidelines and make a plan of action moving forward. The truant play on human sensitivities was abominably visible at the grief-stricken hour deepening survivors’ pains.
And given the vulnerability of Nepal to natural disasters, we will need it any time soon, with the monsoon just around the corner. However, the human-induced factors including a dearth of emergency response made the natural crisis worse and cost dearer to the survivors and denizens of the quake-hit sites.

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