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I am a former Marine Scout Sniper and find it F’ing ridiculous when I am shopping on a site that only offers a discount to active duty personnel only. The Emergency Ration Pack was designed for military, disaster relief, marine, aviation, outdoor adventure and extreme conditions applications. The Emergency Ration Pack is a perfect way to prepare for hurricane survival, tornado survival, earthquake survival and unforeseen non-natural disasters seen every day around the world. The Emergency Ration Pack comes sealed in an airtight bag which is constructed of a high barrier foil laminate designed for the preservation of food items. It is impervious to sun, moisture and air. To view the GET HOME Emergency Bag's content click each category below or click here to view all. We carry a full line of Tactical Gear, Survival Equipment and Camping Supplies from 511, Blackhawk, Wise Company, Datrex, Columbia River and many more. During the time of an emergency, Platinum Contents Restoration is available to arrive onsite within 45 minutes of the call. Emergency Ration Pack, which contains US and UK Government Approved Survival Gear, was designed by Best Glide ASE. Each Disaster Survival Kit contains approximately 1500 calories of life preserving nutrition, as well as numerous items to stay comfortable, remain warm, keep oriented and to be rescued.

Eric has drawn upon his wilderness experience as well as his USMC background and more recently his  work overseas. Any electronic device can crash, get wet, lose signal, lose power or get banged up in the rigors of the great outdoors. Includes large 1" x 3" and 2" x 3" adhesive bandages, and a large waterproof knee & elbow bandage. This pressurized NASA pen will write at any angle, upside down, over grease and even underwater. If you are living in the US outside this area, please contact us directly before placing your order. It includes numerous enhancements to the original design which was first introduced by BCB in the U.K. 3" x3" wound dressings, butterfly wound closures, antibiotic ointment, BZK towelette, alcohol prep swabs.
We also supply you with a list of additional item which you may want to consider packing in your bug out or get home bag.

If we choose to incorporate your suggestion or comment into our bags we’ll send you the Deluxe Solar Charger for Cell Phones for FREE! Weather changes, natural disasters happen, human errors occur and mechanical failures happen every day. The lis contains items such as clothing, toiletries, walkie talkies, a firearm and much more.
Our highly skilled and certified supervisors would accommodate your specific needs and guide you through the entire restoration process of your contents.
Please Please Please do not Bull S**T us just to receive one of our must have hygiene kits. There is nothing more disrespectful than someone that lies about serving their country. We are a small operation so we can not offer the best discount at this time and for that we apologize.

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