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Brave the cold temperatures to cheer on the performers in your town’s annual holiday parade. Those of us living in North America have been experiencing some unprecedented weather this winter. All of this warm weather seems to support the concept of global warming, but one always has to be careful to avoid making the mistake of equating weather with climate. Since warmer air masses can hold onto more moisture, they can precipitate more snow as they travel into cooler latitudes.
As lakes freeze later during the warmer winter months arising from global warming, air masses are able to pick up more moisture as they move the still-open water and subsequently dump that moisture as snow somewhere else.
But this colder weather has since been moving west and isn’t just confined to Eastern Europe anymore; it’s affecting most of the continent now. We see the same problem of extremes with water on the planet as well: while some regions experience severe floods, others experience severe droughts.
It has always been known that parts of Europe might achieve colder temperatures, particularly the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, while much of the world would become warmer. Heat from the Gulf Stream is why palm trees can be found in Cornwall at the southwestern tip of Great Britain. What this all boils down to is that extreme changes in weather are a part of the climate crisis, and we can expect even more as the years progress. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged climate crisis, global warming by bradleydibble.
Do you have a favorite line? The entire conversation between Doug and Carlos about Sherlock Holmes made me smile so big my face hurt. What does Netflix say I’d like if I like this? The Burial Society (added to the queue), True Adolescents (I really like Mark Duplass, so it’s added), Certified Copy (halfway through watching this), The Puffy Chair (saw this at the Bend Film Festival and really enjoyed it) and Heartlands (sounds lovely.
Any spoilerish thoughts about last week’s film, Stuck? I wonder how much of the ending of that film was supposed to feel like wish fulfillment. Just because you’ve been infected with the cold sore virus, it doesn’t mean that you will have an outbreak of cold sores. Everyone has different triggers and there are many different causes for outbreaks of cold cores, but most of them have in common the fact that your body is stressed out in some way. Recognizing your cold sore triggers will also mean that you’re able to stop cold sore breakouts and heal cold sores fast.
There’s a reason why cold cold sores got their name – outbreaks of cold sores usually occur when your are sick and suffering from another infection, like a cold or flu.
If you’ve got a fever and have raised body temperature, try to reduce your fever by taking paracetamol or ibuprofen and reduce your chance of a cold sore outbreak.
Prevention is the best defense here – make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and high SPF factor lip balm whenever you’re outside and will be exposed to the sun. Using a lip balm regularly will keep your lips moistened and will help prevent damage to your lips.
With cold sores ready to attack in both sunny and cold weather, it makes sense to be prepared.
There is also a huge amount of medical evidence that reducing stress is beneficial to your health and happiness, so reducing stress in your life is a win-win. Knowing when your period is due and taking measures to reduce your stress levels at this time is one way to help prevent cold sores. The huge hormonal changes and stressed to women’s bodies during pregnancy can often trigger an outbreak of cold sores. It doesn’t matter if you’re glowing or feeling drained during your pregnancy, it seems that this is a favorite time for an unwelcome cold core outbreak. Just as cracked and chapped lips are an invitation for cold sores to appear, so are any facial injuries.
The skin tissue around the lips and mouth are especially delicate and any damage to this area and cold sores are always waiting for an opportunity to show their ugly face. Maintaining a strong and healthy immune system by eating lots of immune-boosting foods can reduce the recurrence of cold sores. A healthy balance and nutritious diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is key to this. For as long as I can remember, being in the presence of cold weather always gave me a positive attitude. The best reason why I like cooler weather is the fact that  when I open my window, not only does it welcome it'self in, but it brings the sound and smell of nature with it.
While I've never experienced extreme cold or the problems those who have would suffer, since I live in a desert, I enjoy the cold here. It's so hot there's like no wind so the air is stagnant, people are wayy to excited and everything seems louder, stupid dismal bugs are rampant, people change and pretend there all new and your weird for not trying hard to be outside like a fool.
The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha says the use of furnaces, fireplaces, car engines and generators in areas with poornventilation can lead to carbon monoxide exposure, so caution should be used.
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that can affect the flow of oxygen in the blood stream. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

Check out festive decorations adorning the buildings and don’t forget to partake in a little bit of people watching.
Or if you and your beau are a bit more adventurous, head to the slopes for an afternoon of snowboarding. Even if your style is more about being nice-and-slow than it is about pulling off fancy tricks, you and your fellow are sure to have a fun time while gliding along together.
If winter is considered the off-season where you live, grab your guy by the hand and take some time to really enjoy what your city has to offer.
Then plop yourselves in front of the television and pop your favorite movie into the player to watch while cuddling. Or if you’d like to stay indoors, research local community theater groups to see if any are putting on seasonal productions.
This is one of the reasons it’s been so hard to predict what changes are going to occur as a result of global warming in the decades to come. A slower Gulf Stream is bad for northwestern Europe because the heat from the Caribbean that is carried by this ocean current has helped define the climate for that part of the world for centuries. All of the extremes—severe hurricanes, floods, droughts, harsh snowstorms, and unseasonably high temperatures in some regions with unseasonably cold temperatures in others—are becoming the new normal. I tend to watch one thing for every five that I add, but now my library is close to being full and I have to make room.
Unrated for a couple of bad words, a couple of good ones and the face meting awesomeness of Portland, Oregon.
Doug (Lankenau) quits school in Chicago and moves to Portland to live with his sister, Gail (Dunn). In an interview, Aaron Katz explained that the film was originally just going to be about the brother\sister relationship and that they were going to get rid of the mystery aspect all together. The ending of this is really going to piss people off that find themselves more invested in the mystery portion of the film than in the brother and sister relationship.
Bellflower (which felt like a stone in my chest) and The Devil Inside (which was shit covered piss). With Stephen Rea killing both of his captors and getting away, when in actuality the guy just laid there on the windshield and bled to death, it made me wonder if the story was changed for any reasons other than making it more cinematic. The herpes simplex virus will lie dormant within your body, waiting for a trigger before an outbreak occurs. But the good news is that with some care, you can avoid cold sore outbreaks and shorten any cold sore outbreaks that may occur.
By trying to identify the causes of your cold sores and avoid these triggers, you’ll be better able to try reduce the number of your cold sore outbreaks. Many people suffer from cold sores on the lips and around the mouth, and cracked and sunburnt lips are the ideal spot for cold sores to surfaces. Once your lip cracks, it’s easy for the HSV-1 virus to attack, and make a painful situation worse.
The combination of stress and fatigue weakens the body’s immune system, making it a target for cold sores to flare up. Lack of sleep affects your immune system, and the less sleep you get the greater the chance for the cold sore virus to attack.
The hormonal changes and the emotional stress during this time can trigger cold sore outbreaks in women. Ensure you have sufficient levels of vitamins A, C and E, and the minerals zinc and iron in your diet. When it comes around to the fall and towards the end of the year, that's when I feel very calm and relaxed. Sure, I shiver like crazy and it hurts when my muscles tense up and can't relax, but I feel little bursts of joy anyway. A few years ago when I was on a trip my co-workers and I had this discussion on some great cold weather date ideas. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fire place, light that baby up and enjoy the romantic glow.
There’s no doubt that we’ve been having some unseasonably warm temperatures the last few months, and the forecast suggests this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.
You’ve probably heard about what’s been happening in Europe this past week and it’s much different weather than what we have going on back home.
All told, more than 300 deaths have been attributed to the cold weather across the continent.
Heathrow airport officials anticipated canceling 30 percent of their flights due to the winter weather this past weekend. The truth is that both of these extremes are consistent with the climate crisis related to increased greenhouse gas emissions associated with human activities such as the combustion of fossil fuels, burning down forests, and the cultivation of agriculture and livestock. For example, the drought observed in Texas and southwestern Arizona is in stark contrast to the floods experienced along the Mississippi River. The computer models thus far have never been able to incorporate all of the many variables that play a part in the overall equation. As the Arctic ice cap has been gradually melting over the last few decades, this water has been added to the world’s oceans, particularly the Atlantic.

If we continue with business-as-usual with respect to our emissions, this is only going to get worse. So, every Monday I’m going to pick a random movie out of my queue and review the shit out of it. He gets a job at an ice factory and makes friends with Carlos (Castillo), who encourages his love of Sherlock Holmes and his dreams of being a detective. Baghead and Hannah Takes the Stairs are Mumblecore to me because they truly do mumble 90 % of the dialogue in those movies and the films cultivate a mellowness that sometimes feels artificial. Also, my wife used to live in the same building Doug and Gail live in, which we found strange and slightly magical. If they had done that, I think it still would have been lovely because that dynamic is the backbone of the entire film and one of the most realistic sibling connections I’ve ever seen in a film. I’ll go into it more next week, but I found the ending to be beautiful and a subtle summation of everything the film was trying to say up to that point. Gabe T blew my mind when he told me that Stuart Gordon couldn’t get the funding for the movie if the main actress was black (which was true in real life) so he had to change it to Mena Suvari in cornrows.
With your immune system under pressure it’s the perfect time for the cold sore virus to attack. In the hot, the only thing you can possibly do is get naked and lie on the first level of your house and thats if you dont plan on spending hundreds of extra dollars on air conditioning! I did not agree with the most of their ideas like window shopping, but Glamour Magazine composed a list of 7 cold-weather date ideas.
A friend of mine from high school is currently living in Florence, Italy and she’s certainly noticed the recent bitter cold that isn’t usually experienced in Tuscany. And just as there doesn’t seem to be any end to the warmer weather North America is getting, Europe’s cold spell doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon either. Some parts of the planet can expect warmer weather—Canada has always been anticipated to move toward milder temperatures—but others can expect the mercury to move in the other direction. Likewise in Australia, a harsh decade-long drought has been occurring in the Loveday swamps in the southern part of the country, but Queensland to the west has been suffering terrible flooding.
One thing has been clear, however: all of the predictions made in decades past have underestimated the severity of the problem we’re experiencing today.
But what many people don’t realize is that most of the ice cap is made up of fresh water because as salt water freezes, most of the salt is expelled through a process known as brine rejection. Hopefully our species will come to its senses and make changes that will help to minimize the damage so future generations can a reasonably hospitable planet. But (like Jesus), I’m also thinking of you and your unwieldy queue and all the movies in it you want to watch but no longer have the time to now that you’ve become so awesome and popular. Doug’s ex-girlfriend from Chicago, Rachel (Rikoon), shows up in Portland for a job and starts spending time with Doug, Gail and Carlos, only to disappear one night without a trace. I kind of need this to be the first movie in a series of films about Doug, Gail and Carlos having low key adventures where they solve mysteries and investigate crimes.
The mellowness of Cold Weather never feels artificial and always seems grounded in the characters and who they are. The one thing I was hoping for was for the semi-sleuths to take a trip to Powell’s to research being a detective after they got some Voodoo Doughnut.
The mystery is a way to bring them closer together and really just a MacGuffin to draw you into their story. It would make for an interesting double feature, with Cold Weather being the softer view of male identity confusion. The cold makes me feel alert, refreshed, and thats why I am a super enjoyable person within the first months of school and become cranky, tired and upset starting in the mid-spring.
I like snow, I just don't like driving in it and that also means ice on the roads which is very bad. According to Environment Canada, the previous record was in 2005 and was about 1.5 degrees Celsius cooler. Let me know what has been gathering digital dust in your Netflix Instant library and I’ll watch that, too.
I would also accept this being a pilot and there being six more seasons of their wacky, do-gooder shenanigans. As you watch the movie, you’ll come up with all these different scenarios for the characters to come into conflict with and it seems like the story is building towards that explosion, only to release it with a knowing smile between brother and sister or a kind word between new friends and it fucking works. The science predicts that this extra supply of fresh water runs the risk of slowing down the Gulf Stream, possibly even stopping it altogether.
I fucking loves this movie and, because of how it ends, it stayed alive in my mind, allowing me to give it any kind of ending I want. The movie made me fall in love with Portland again, which I thought I was fairly insusceptible to by now.

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