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If you are looking for information on how to get through a Chicago winter, you are not alone. Arctic winds are not uncommon in Chicago, which commonly blow off Lake Michigan during wintertime.
Many people choose to remain indoors on super frigid days in Chicago to avoid the biting cold.
Many people who are new to Chicago winters focus on layering the upper parts of their body and forget to layer the lower extremities. While it may seem like it at times, it is important to remember that winter will not last forever. Like your suits, some coats are only appropriate for specific occasions.  A car coat is a great option for your most casual day-to-day events. Perfect for everyday use, a casual topcoat can be worn over any suit and is great for almost any non-formal occasion.  Whether your wearing it as you walk to work, or toss it on over your sport coat and jeans, the casual topcoat is the most essential element in your winter wardrobe. Traditionally, topcoats are knee length and come in a variety of different styles.  Regardless if it’s a double-breasted military style or a classic 3-button with a notch lapel, this coat is warmer than a car coat and more functional than a formal overcoat. Perfect for any formal occasion, the overcoat is most commonly worn over a tuxedo or an elegant suit.
Having these three coats in your wardrobe is the best way to guarantee your survival of a Chicago winter and look good no matter what coat you’re wearing.
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You can also stay connected with Chicago Bites on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Man that looks awesome…too bad I’m cutting back on carbs through the end of the year! It is below 0 degrees so you layer on every article of clothing in your closet and you walk out the door looking so bulky.

Thousands of city residents each year brace for the onset of icy cold winds and subzero temperatures. While this may feel like the right thing to do, it can actually make you experience cabin fever and worsen a case of SAD.
While a tall glass of scotch might help, there are three coats that are essential for fighting off the bitterly cold climate: the car coat, the casual topcoat, and the formal overcoat. So be sure to pick the right coat for the right occasion and always remember that the last thing you put on is the first thing people see. That’s because when the arctic chill and snow assault sets in, you need a meal that sticks to your bones.
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When you factor in lake effect snow and short, dark days – wintertime in Chicago can be fairly depressing.
Remember that Chicago’s relatively high northern latitude lends itself to residents developing winter depression – otherwise known as SAD. This means wearing a sweater under your jacket and on brutally cold days, a pair of sweat pants under you jeans. One of the best products you can buy to help keep your face and body from flaking and cracking is offered by CerVe.
Make sure you are aware of the weather during the entire winter season and tune into stations like WBBM News Radio for regular weather updates. To prevent depression from sinking in – plus belly fat from accumulating due to inactivity – it is important to try and get some exercise. Typically falling below the knees and over the shins, the overcoat is the warmest and most formal of all the aforementioned coats.  Most commonly made in darker colors, overcoats are occasionally made with velvet on the back collar to give the coat a more formal feel. The crust is perfect… crispy and slightly burned at the edges, which makes for a unique complement to the bubbly, cheesy center. While many native Chicagoans consider their ability to endure winter a badge of honor, the truth of the matter is most residents can’t wait for spring! The absence of sunlight over the course of time can negatively impact your mood, contributing to the phenomenon known as seasonal affective disorder.

Keep an eye on travel delays, which are common along Lake Shore Drive, the Kennedy Expressway and the Eisenhower during winter.
Consider joining one of the city’s many gyms to partake in basic resistance training and cardio.
Even a short trip to a warm, sunny destination can help to lessen the long drudge of icy agony.
All of the pizza ingredients appear to be quality too — fresh mushrooms and excellent sausage. Surviving wintertime in Chicago requires a special strength, even for the hardiest of individuals. Other moisturizers on the market may be helpful but CerVe is one of the only products to contain ceramides; a substance that provides all day moisture and restores the protective layer of the skin. Knowing this information can help you to plan your daily travel and limit your exposure to the dangerous cold. Don’t forget to put on two pairs of socks – particularly if you will be waiting outdoors for a CTA bus or train! Getting out of your house and around other people is also a good way to push back against emotional isolation. FYI: There are some months during winter, such as January and February, where temperatures barely see 25F. The sun’s healing light can help to increase serotonin levels, a brain chemical that helps to regulate mood. I suggest you go check it out on game night or have a pie delivered on a snowy night and root the Hawks on to victory from the comfort of your living room. If you are not able to get natural sunlight, consider purchasing a sun-lamp specifically designed to combat SAD. Either way, your taste buds will do a happy dance, and the subzero temps may not seem so bad.

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