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On Monday night, dedicated volunteers from the LCSW and Chaveirim organizations graduated from a CERT course. The group was comprised of a number of individuals who, aside from their devoted volunteer work, are professionals in their own right.
The CERT team, under the auspices of the Office  of Emergency Management, comes to the aid of the Police Department in the case of major catastrophes, storms, fires, MCI’s (Mass Casualty Incidents) and any other scenario in which standard emergency response proves insufficient. The extensive course the volunteers underwent in recent weeks gives them the training necessary to respond to these situations efficiently and effectively, working together with multiple agencies on scene.
The graduates were addressed by Police Chief Rob Lawson, Coordinator of the OEM, who praised the work that they do as members of some of Lakewood’s most vital volunteer organizations and reiterated the importance of a qualified CERT team in a town such as Lakewood. The course was arranged and coordinated by Deputy Coordinator Kenny Dix, whose upcoming retirement will signal the end of years of dedicated service to the Lakewood community. General Purpose Committee which advocates on behalf of issues affecting the quality of life in Pinole.
The Concerned Citizens of Pinole played a significant role in the formation of Pinole’s first CERT class last fall.
Chief Parrot told CCOP of a three-hour introductory disaster preparedness class the department offers to Pinole citizens.
CCOP members enrolled in this program, then participated in the cityOs first CERT training. Austin HSEM and the citizens of Austin need your help to prepare the community for a disaster. Training covers basic emergency preparedness, response capabilities, first aid, fire suppression and search and rescue procedures.
If you’d like to join Austin CERT and have questions about this training - the first step to becoming a CERT volunteer - please contact Sonia Goodman at 512-974-0471. The 24 hours of required core training educates people about disaster preparedness for specific types of hazards, and trains them in basic disaster response skills and the role of a CERT volunteer.
Volunteers who wish to directly assist HSEM and first reponders during an activation of the Emergency Operations Center must be badged, and a criminal background check will be required in order to be issued a CERT badge. Lamorinda Community Emergency Response TeamServing Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and surrounding unincorporated communities. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program helps train people to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities. We have just finished our Winter 2016 class in the Jennifer Russell Building at the Lafayette Community Center.
A meeting of the Lamorinda CERT Foundation Board of Directors will be held on November 30, 2016 to discuss and vote on changes to the Bylaws. Lamorinda CERT and the Lafayette Emergency Preparedness Commission will present a free Lafayette Safety Fair and CERT Exhibition at Stanley Middle School from 8 a.m. Wednesday, April 1st, 8am-Noon – Need volunteers to play victims for a county wide evacuation drill in Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Sandi and Todd Gritzer helped staff the Lamorinda CERT table at the 2015 Lamorinda Home Expo today at the Lafayette Veteran’s Memorial Center.

We’ve added a chat function to our website so people with questions can ask online as long as one of our staff is available to answer. On Thursday, October 16th the Lamorinda Cities of Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda along with MOFD participated in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Exercise. Lamorinda CERT provided parking direction at the 2014 Lafayette Art & Wine Festival on September 19, 20 and 21st. CERT volunteers are urgently needed  to handle parking direction at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival. Berkeley CERT volunteers help prepare the city for the "river in the sky" storm in December 2014. Berkeley CERT has added a training video on Fire Safety and CERT response.  View the Fire Suppression Safety video here.
Berkeley CERT's academy trains new CERT members in organized response and equipped these community leaders with basic skills to help themselves, their families and their community in disaster.  Berkeley CERT Academy webpage. Berkeley CERT conducted flood control and response training in February 2012 to hlep CERT members be ready to respond to winter storms in their community.  Watch Berkeley CERT's Expedient Flood Training Video to learn some of these important skills and to see how CERT continues to help with preparing our community for emergencies. The Salem County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be providing an eight week training program on emergency and disaster preparedness, focusing specifically on the Salem City area. Salem County CERT team volunteers conduct a training exercise with New Jersey State Police. After the last two years saw a pair of hurricanes, a derecho, flash flooding, and power outages, local officials said it would benefit city residents to have a core group of trained volunteers on hand to help out in times of emergency. While in the past CERT training classes have been held at different locations throughout the county, Ayars said holding the class at the Campbell Center will help the CERT team reach a segment of the county that has largely been unable to participate in the past. The city has a larger segment of residents with limited access to transportation than most communities in Salem County, which makes it difficult for those residents to attend all of the classes, she explained. The CERT class will be held once each week over an eight to ten week period, consisting of about 25 hours of instruction.
Those who attend will receive a little bit of training on in a variety of different areas of emergency preparedness, including: Disaster preparedness, fire suppression, medical operations, terrorism, search and rescue, and sheltering from storms. The classes are free for anyone in the county wishing to participate, and people of all ages and physical ability are encouraged to attend — Ayars said CERT currently has members ranging in age from 17- to 80-years-old.
Ayars stressed that those who take the class are not required to become a member of CERT, they can simply come to class to learn how to take care of themselves and their families during times of emergency.
According to CERT Volunteer Team Leader Ross Caldwell, the best part about CERT is that it focuses on individual preparedness, while allowing people an option to volunteer in their communities if they choose. Chief of Police John Pelura III, who serves as the emergency management coordinator for the city, said he experienced the benefit of having CERT volunteers when the city was hit with long term power outages following the derecho in June.
Pelura said CERT helped man the community centers opened during the outages, which freed firefighters, EMS crews and police to respond to other emergencies. In Salem County, more than 250 citizens have been trained through the CERT program, and the CERT team currently has core group of 50 to 60 volunteers.

From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need! Photo courtesy of the city of Dearborn City officials recognize Dearborn CERT team members Thursday in the City Council Chambers. DEARBORN — The head of a local emergency response team and hundreds of others received state and city recognition for doing something they are passionate about — volunteering.
At the start of the City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting Thursday, the city acknowledged Dearborn Community Emergency Response Team Coordinator Capt. Michigan State Police State Preparedness Coordinator Wendy Galbreath presented the awards -including CERT Volunteers of the Year- to CERT Team members Dec. The free FEMA-sponsored program that began in California focuses on personal and community preparedness, Smith said.
Several CERT Team members are active in teams from neighboring communities, assisting in the city’s Memorial Day Parade and other events.
CERT Team member first responder Laurie Bigelow said she has been involved in the group for four years. Their professional background in varying fields make them uniquely qualified for specific emergency situations, and their combined expertise make them a phenomenal team. CERT provides an excellent opportunity for Austinites to play an important role in helping to safeguard, prepare for and respond to major emergencies in our community. When emergencies happen, CERT members can give critical support to first responders, provide immediate assistance to victims, and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. The new products are inexpensive parts that will keep your drums clean and your future water stores sealed.
A lot of visitors expressed interest in CERT and we expect some of them to sign up for classes. Mary’s College Public Safety, ConFire, Moraga-Orinda Fire, Contra Costa County Sherrif and AMR EMS services in an Active Shooter drill yesterday. Campbell Family and Fitness Center, through a partnership between the Salem County Office of Emergency Management, the Campbell Center, and the Salem City police and fire departments.
The CERT program is supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).Like us on Facebook for CERT program news and updates! CERT members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community.
They are opaque FDA Blue to keep out light so bacteria will not grow (clear containers must be kept in darkness). As a component of Citizen Corps, the program falls under the same umbrella as town watch and medical reserve programs.

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