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The above logo signifies that your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  training certificate is nationally recognised.
What to do if your training certificate is non compliantIf after reading this article you realize that your certificate is non compliant, contact the RTO who conducted your course and ask them to issue you with a new certificate, you can also ask for a transcript. The  5 day intensive course for Industry experienced workers or a combination of face to face and RPL.
For organisations, we offer a flexible in-house course, delivered at your workplace, that can run over a period of 2 days per week for 3 weeks or 3 days per week for 2 weeks or can be customised to suit your requirements. The Certificate IV in WHS BSB41415 is applicable to people who work in a broad range of WHS roles across all industries. RPL recognises the skills, knowledge and experience acquired training, work or life experience.
Numeracy and literacy skills to read and comprehend instruction for referencing legislation, preparing reports and completing assessments.
Students are required to have access to a laptop, the internet, an email address and Microsoft Office (or equivalent). Get the latest Australian Certificate IV in Business Administration course from one of Australia’s leading training resource developer! These Certificate IV in Business Administration Learning Resources have been designed to deliver essential business administration skills to all learners, whether they are currently employed or not.
Unit by Unit Delivery plus Cluster Equals Easy Course Management for Trainers and Learners! We identified a core set of competencies common to many of the units in this qualification. We understand that many learners are between employment opportunities and seek training to enhance their skills and get back into the workforce. Our revolutionary online simulated workplace provides learners with the ability to undertake study and gain the skills necessary to complete this qualification without needing to be in current employment. Our course is designed to help your learners develop bookkeeping and data entry skills with one of Australia’s most popular accounting software packages, MYOB.

All of our Certificate IV in Business Administration assessment tools have undergone stringent mapping and validation and come with a Compliance Guarantee!
Compliant Learning Resources commit to ensuring that our Assessment tools meet the required skills and knowledge required for each unit of competence. If the assessment tools have been altered or changed in any way affecting the overall integrity of the assessment tools, this guarantee will become null and void. If for some reason an ASQA audit does reveal any knowledge or skills gaps in Compliant Learning Resources’ assessment tools, the RTO must submit the ASQA audit report as proof of the assessment tool non-compliance.
Learners must meet the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills standards for Certificate IV SAEC level study. Learners will also be expected to attend face-to-face tutorial sessions every six weeks to support them through their studies. The qualification covers workers who conduct vacation programs, as well as before and after school hours care activities for children of school age. Learners must be at least 15 years of age and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
RTOs are legally obligated to issue you with a compliant Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification; therefore the new qualification must be issued free of charge. There are many options open to you to complete the course and BEST will give full support and assistance in order for you to successfully complete in a timeframe that suits you. They will typically provide leadership and guidance to others and have limited responsibility for the output of others. This qualification is also extremely useful to Front Line Managers and Supervisors in industry.
These learners should not be excluded from training simply because they’re not currently employed, so we have created resources which will allow you to facilitate their needs and empower them to improve their life through training!
The course materials have been designed around MYOB accounting software and your learners will be able to access the student edition of MYOB to help them complete their training.
If for any reason an ASQA audit reveals a knowledge or skill gap, Compliant Learning Resources guarantees to rectify any gaps within 21 days.

Compliant Learning Resources only guarantees assessment tools presented to audit in their original unmodified form. Any rectification requests forwarded to Compliant Learning Resources without the official ASQA audit report will not qualify for Compliant Learning Resources’ compliance guarantee. Click here for terms and conditions.
Approval will be subject to the person being able to undertake all tasks and requirements of the course. If the RTO refuses to issues you with a new compliant qualification contact ASQA for assistance. We have chosen a set of units that will benefit any safety advisor or coordinator The course is ideal for those wishing to enter the WHS profession and for HR staff and other personnel within an organisation who wish to gain more specialised WHS knowledge.
Under the new TAE10 Guidelines all RTOs are given strict guidelines about what must appear on the qualifications they issue. Before enrolling in the program ask the RTO for their national registration code.Always check this code for currency in the Australian Government Register.
However, the scope of an RTO can change after an audit, and some units of competency may be removed from their scope.This does not alter the state of registration of the RTO, so they will still appear in the National Register.
However, they may no longer be authorised to conduct the courses that have been removed from their scope.You can easily access the National Register and check an RTO credentials by yourself. You can do this anonymously because the site does not require log-in or registration.Authorities governing the VET in Australia are doing an excellent job at monitoring and ensuring that RTOs comply and adhere to the strict standards of the new TAE package.
Recently a lot of attention has been focused on ensuring that RTOs comply with the requirements governing course duration and RPL activities.
This means a consistent standard for the certificate IV qualification and a more confident, competent and safer workforce.

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