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Our mission is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of people and pets in Maricopa County. The Planet team has collaborated with Planet partner, RSPCA, to also bring to you a range of interactive resources to teach pet education and responsible pet ownership.
RSPCA Resources for the ActivClassroomRSPCA Week is a national event in the UK to raise money for branches and promote the work of the RSPCA. That said, the past few months have definitely taught me a lot about kids, pets and responsibility.
It may seem easier to just bring home a pet you’ve picked out yourself, but I believe that a child feels more responsible for an animal when they’re included early on in the process.
Much like new mothers rely on baby care books, it’s helpful to have kids read all about their new type of pet. Once you bring your new friend home, it’s understandable that the kids will want to smother him with love. Or another neutral territory in your house so the kids don’t fight over who gets her in their room.
When possible, I had the boys accompany me to the vet’s office if it was for something routine. Once kids are school-aged like mine, it’s reasonable to expect them to shoulder some pet care responsibility. But most important, of course, is to enjoy all of the love and affection a little pet brings into your home. Wendi Aarons is an award-winning humor writer and blogger who lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons. Moral of the story, while your children may help, the bulk of the work of owning a pet falls with the parent. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare.
Mary Fetzer is a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a marketing degree from Penn State University and 15 years of international business experience. Your pet is a member of your family, and you want to do whatever you can to keep it healthy and happy. August 14, 2013 by Chelsea Lee Smith 4 Comments My new children's book Mason's Greatest Gems is out! So far we have mostly been reading books and watching documentaries to prompt our discussions (I never knew how interested I would become in snakes!), but there are so many other ways to promote the well-being of wildlife right from your own home plus some great field trip possibilities! If you have a pet at home, this post may help you consider ways to include your child in caring for them. This is a lovely collection of pet books which might bring up various topics from pet care to relationships with pets and more.
If you don’t have a pet, check out this cute idea showing how to make your own pretend pet and what you can do with it to practice caring for *real* pets. Beyond pets, there are also many ways to introduce wildlife to children.  Here are seven sweet ideas especially for babies and toddlers. For slightly older children here are 8 fun and easy activities (some awesome crafts included!) to do for Save the Koala Month which is September.  The ideas can easily be adapted to other animals, as well! How about using every day experiences to help children appreciate animals as well?  This post shares about how when children witness a dead animal (or one who is sick) they can learn not only to be compassionate but to act on behalf of the animals.  Find out how to use this type of experience as a teachable moment here. Kids can also take action to help protect animals by writing to the appropriate government representatives.  Find out how to help kids make a difference in this post.
Taking a trip to an animal shelter, and even donating some needed items, is a great way to help children understand the importance of caring for animals.  Find out what sorts of things shelters may need in this post.
You may also be able to find a wildlife organization in your area that cares for animals other than domestic pets.  Find out more about what kids can learn from this type of experience here.
And, to end this list, here is the activity that inspired this post, about creating a simple habitat for a favorite animal toy and considering how you can show respect to animals by taking care of their environment. I am looking forward to trying these activities in the coming weeks and helping my son explore his growing interest in wildlife! Insert the drain plug and fill the sink with about 1.5 cups of lukewarm water (make sure the sink itself is clean first). Look for any spots on the quills, and apply extra shampoo to those spots, using the nail brush to gently rub them out, going in the direction of the quills.

Also after I towel my hedgie off I use my hair dryer on low heat and it seems to work perfect. To answer some earlier questions, hamster cages can be good homes for hedgehogs, as long as they have more floor space.
How many times you bathe your hedgehog is really determined by how messy he is and how dry his skin is.
And, after going through a somewhat arduous adoption process, I’m pleased to say that our family now includes the wonder cats Lola and Virgil. And how it actually is possible to make all of those elements work together so your family doesn’t go completely crazy.
The boys and I scoured adoption websites, went to shelters and even drove to the homes of people who foster pets until we found the kittens we knew were right for us. There are quite a few good books available, but I liked this one about cats and my friend Maria loves this one about dogs. However, keep in mind that the animal has just gone through a big change and probably needs a little quiet time to adjust.
But even if your children share a room, I recommend not letting the pet stay with them because it’s a huge distraction. However, keep in mind that, although they may want to handle something like the litter box or dog walking, they might not be ready just yet. You can usually find her at Wendi Aarons, The Mouthy Housewives or starting fistfights near the 70% off rack at Target.
I work in the veterinary field and before that I worked in the pet industry and I would add only one comment.
They look at us with those eyes, and we can't help but give them extra little treats or second helpings of food.
Do some online research and, more importantly, talk to your vet about natural options for keeping your pet healthy and happy. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. After draining, rinse him off with lukewarm water coming out of the faucet, moving in the direction of the quills to get all the shampoo off.
You wouldn’t want to be dirty with no way of getting extra clean, and neither does your pet. Oh and due to some horrible events im forced to sleep in someone elses home (my grandmothers)Even though i still live at my house.
I’ve had a hamster before, and I still have his old cage, and I was wondering if that would be sufficient to keep a hedgehog in? Maxie gets an oatmeal bath once a month to keep his skin moisturized and a foot bath nearly every day.
The winner will receive a Preventative health care package (valued at $500) PLUS Your pet will become the ‘Face of Cairns Vet Clinic’  and star in our 2014 Yellow Pages advertisement and other promotional materials!
MCACC strives to take care of animals and to be proactive and offer programs to prevent problems before they occur. Toby's best friend is Lupita and together they will show others how to be great pet owners. Or at least that’s how it was at our house after our elderly cat Dickens passed away at the age of 20 last winter.
It’s been wonderful to watch the boys fall in love with these furfaces and make them part of our family. The boys then saw how I had to fill out pages of paperwork and listen to advice from adoption counselors, which showed them that this wasn’t something to be taken lightly. My younger son Jack actually checked a few more animal care books out of his school library and now proudly tells us all the random facts he knows about cats. Most pets are somewhat active at night and may disrupt the kids’ sleep with whimpering or running around. Then they’d watch as the doctor performed the exam and administered any vaccines that were needed. Feeding your pet too much creates extra weight, which in turn can lead to expensive health problems and even early death. Not only will your pet be itchy and uncomfortable, but your home will be filled with allergy-inducing pet dander.

This is a place to share ideas about raising kids with character and kindness at the heart of family life. Even if they’re good self-groomers, the realities of their day to day existence will sooner or later result in dirt and grime beyond their ability to remove themselves.
After drying, give him another warm towel to snuggle up in, where he can lay down and rest and continue drying off away from drafts. Just remember low heat so you dont burn her and always move the hair dryer never leave it on one spot. Community Commitment Pledge and help make our community safer, healthier and more humane to the animals that look to all of us for kindness. My husband and I weren’t yet ready to adopt a new kitten, but our two boys definitely were and they repeatedly told us that if we got one, they’d take care of her themselves. Nine times out of ten, she’d crawl into their laps for a nap and they were beyond elated. Again, this was something that I think really helped them feel like they were responsible for our pets and involved in their care and health.
I saw countless guinea pigs or hamsters and others surrendered to shelters because “child would not take care of” (seriously? It’s best to keep the hedgehog in the towel on your lap while you watch TV for a few hours afterward. Their poop (like all poop) is a little stinky but if you keep the home clean, you’re fine. I really want a pet that would stay most of the day in a cage like a bunny or hamster but they smell and I don’t like that!
Their diet is very demanding and unless you are willing to clean a poopy wheel every two days do not force this animal to be abused. You’ve finally decided to get that gorgeous puppy or kitten you’ve been dreaming of! Yep, the old “I’ll feed him every day, Mom!” promise that we’ve all heard at least a million times.
When I had my hamster I cleaned his cage fairly regularly but my room still took months to get rid of the hamster-smell after he passed away.
Having a new pet is fun but make sure you plan for their new life, with special attention to their environment, other pets and children in the household, essential health care, feeding and excercise. So definitely assign duties, but just be sure they’re age appropriate enough to ensure success. They mainly eat cat food which equals to cat smelling poo but you can’t use deodorizers because of how strong their sense of smell is.
There are many people who would’ve been too nervous or timid to ask a question for fear of looking stupid. The right home, care and environment can enrich your pet’s life and your experience as a pet owner. During summer there are a lot of activities with introduction of different animals such as bats (children could touch them), birds(children could relies birds after banding). My children had also chance to observe deer, fox, coyote, moose, mountain goat, buffalo, beaver, squirrels and rabbits. If you live in the city visit to the park with binocular can give your child the opportunity to observe birds. It’s very important you know the facts because I ended up with one after deciding they were too much because he was being neglected. He is so sweet and super cute but I just beg you don’t get something because its a fad.
Animal Welfare is a local Cairns charity which raises funds to help improve the welfare of animals in the Far North Queensland Area.
One of these charities, Animal Welfare Cairns offers financial assistance with urgent veterinary care, desexing and also has an animal ambulance which can assist getting your pet to the vet if you are invalid or cannot drive.

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