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The battery pack will be divided into many individual cells like a Tesla’s, but will be designed so that individual cells or groups of cells can be replaced. All of this sounds pretty good, but considering that all FF has to show so far is a shadowy rendering, it may be too early to write a deposit check. FF will likely face a few hurdles in its quest to put its electric car on sale, and not just because its name is easily confused with a certain Ferrari. Tesla has shown that it is possible for a startup to make a great new car, but it’s the exception, not the rule. Very little is known about Faraday Future's first car, which will be electric and go on sale in 2017Faraday FutureA secretive Silicon Valley startup has quietly hired some of the world's most influential car designers and engineers in a bid to take on Tesla.Called Faraday Future, the company was set up by two former Lotus employees with the dream of creating a next-generation electric vehicle.
Whether the company and car succeeds or not, it'll be subjected to the same anti-Tesla, anti-American car company comments as usual by many.
So, i guess that with all the talk about aromatherapy and film watching and commuting they're not even thinking about making this any thing more than an appliance. Walking wrote: If I want to have some driving fun I can go to a trackThat amounts to treating cars like shotguns.
Heavily hyped start-up Faraday Future unveils its FFZero1 Concept supercar at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The most promising electric carmaker since Tesla Motors shows the world its first volley in the highly competitive EV wars: a 200+-mph showstopper. Startup automaker Faraday Future has been in the news quite a bit lately, most recently with the announcement of a $1-billion, 2.5-million square foot factory to be built in North Las Vegas. Based in California and heavily funded by Chinese partners, Faraday Future has the sort of backing necessary to survive in the brutal automotive landscape, notoriously one of the most difficult industries for new competitors. The FFZero1 features Faraday Future’s proprietary Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) powertrain. When dialed up to 11, as it is with the FFZero1 Concept, the VPA is downright scary — at least in theory. Beyond its performance boasts, the FFZero1 features some truly unique design elements born of its EV DNA.
Disrupt Your Feed: With oil prices at historic lows, and experts not predicting any significant surge in the near future, EVs and high-efficiency cars face greater hurdles than ever before. Drop This Fact: While most enthusiasts see autonomous driving technologies as the bane of their existence, Faraday will use its tech to actually augment performance driving. Trending News: Should Your Self-Driving Car Be Programmed To Kill You If It Saves A Group Of Strangers? Since then, the highly secretive company has invited the motoring press inside its headquarters for a chat and general look around. But Faraday is not done smashing the box the auto business has built around itself over the last 100 years. In the world according to Faraday, any car you drive will know your likes and preferences, the routes you travel most frequently and where your favorite Starbucks is located. Sampson says Faraday Future will start to reveal more about its new car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The company hasn’t even secured a factory yet, and history is littered with examples of upstart carmakers that bit off more than they could chew in the highly complex car business. It will have 15 percent greater specific energy than a Tesla Model S with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which works out to a battery pack size of 98 kWh.

On current electric cars, failure of a group of cells typically means the entire pack has to be replaced, which is an expensive proposition. Building a new car from scratch is difficult and money-intensive; even established players try to rely on existing components as much as possible. Les festivites ont a peine demarre que, deja, les premiers modeles, o combien futuristes, se devoilent. FF, as it prefers to be called, has over 200 employees according to LinkedIn and among them are some of the most influential automotive designers and engineers from recent years.It is not clear who the ex-Lotus colleagues are, or who actually runs FF, but its employee roster includes Richard Kim, the former head of design for the BMW i3 and i8 prototypes. The company is employing 10 new members of staff every week and claims it will have 300 by 2016. All of Faraday Future’s future vehicles will use the VPA platform, which the company claims can be rapidly reconfigured to suit different vehicle types.As well as being engineered to adopt both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations, the platform is also capable of housing up to three electric motors. On the companies web site regarding staff - "We expect to number approximately 500 by the end of 2015." not the 750 they've currently got in the story. Founder and CEO Jia Yueting considers himself the Steve Jobs of China, and is willing to put his money behind his vision. While it is designed to allow engineers to experiment with 1, 2 and 3-electric motor setups for its upcoming production vehicles, the FFZero1 features a quad-core setup, with one motor attached to each wheel. And since the FFZero1 boasts an ultra-lightweight frame and body constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber, it’s not unbelievable. After all, only a racecar that lacks oil and grease would have the balls to feature a gleaming white interior. Via its telemetric data, the FFZero1 Concept will coach you to improve your racing lines, braking points and acceleration. We learned that Nick Sampson, who previously worked at Tesla designing the chassis for the Model S, was in charge of Research & Development.
Then think of  Panasonic selling all those TVs and the content they display, forever and ever. He has been known to drive to Nova Scotia just to see the lupins in bloom or to Watkins Glen for a weekend of historic racing. The Model S can go up to 270 miles on a charge, so the FF car may be able to do even better. Nick Sampson, a former chassis engineer at Tesla, is another FF employee, as is Silva Hiti (former lead of powertrain development for the electric Chevrolet Volt), Pontus Fontaeus (interior designer formerly of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Land Rover), and Page Beermann (former creative director at BMW).
Batteries are added to the platform in ‘strings’, again helping adaptability.The FFZERO1 features four ‘quad core’ motors as part of its electric powertrain, producing a combined 1000bhp and allowing it to reach 60mph in less than three seconds. And even with 500 staff they'd be burning around 22.5 million pounds a year (if the average salary was ?45k) so will have to get a move on.
This architecture allows Faraday Future to add or remove strings to achieve new wheelbases and explore new vehicle segments. To improve aerodynamics, the FFZero1 not only moves air around the car but through it via two air tunnels that flow around the driver.
We also learned that Richard Kim, who led the design team for the BMW i3 and i8, is the head of design at Faraday. Top speed is said to be over 200mph.The car’s single-seat cockpit design features a driver’s seat angled at 45deg to improve comfort and a new head restraining system built into the seat. Where exactly does anyone suggest that they will be created specifically for traffic jams and that scenario only??

Any how wish them luck and it'll be interesting what they come up with especially with so many ex Telsa employees. As the VPA streamlines the manufacturing process, it cuts down on production time and costs. These unique tunnels simultaneously add downforce, minimize drag, and cool the electric motors. Translate that to the world of automobiles and you have the grand vision behind Faraday Future. Oxygen and water tubes can also be connected to the driver’s helmet from ports in the seat.Augmented reality displays can be projected onto the concept’s windscreen, while a mobile phone mounting on the steering wheel is used to control some driving functions. I think you'll find the general consensus is that with even quite modest performance orientated cars (and a lot of mundane everyday metal) the safest place to exploit them is on the many well organised and very well advertised and supported track days which are used right across the country.
Tesla started it with that enormous 17″ touchscreen that dominates the center of its dashboard. Bref, une vision extremement futuriste de la voiture… Et vous, qu’en pensez-vous ? Faraday Future’s cars will also come pre-equipped with the sensors needed to carry out autonomous driving functions.The car's exterior bodywork is made from a mixture of carbonfibre and composites. He also praised Tesla – viewed as the firm’s chief rival - for bringing ‘start-up thinking’ to the automotive industry.Design chief Richard Kim said the FFZERO1 concept was “an extreme test bed for the fundamental ideas we are working on for upcoming vehicles”.
It’s not so unlike Airbnb and other services where you can have it when you want it, but not when you don’t.”Speaking to Bloomberg late last year, Sampson said Faraday Future “will launch a single model and follow with a range of vehicles in a faster way than others have achieved. We’re looking at seven different vehicles.”Part of Faraday Future’s revenue stream will also come from infotainment services, Sampson said. We’re looking at subscriptions and apps and other opportunities.”It’s no surprise to see Faraday Future choose CES for its official launch.
The new site, which will create 4500 jobs and is part of a $1 billion investment plan, will house design studios and workshops as well as the tooling needed for building cars.Faraday Future is currently based in Los Angeles, where it employs a team of over 750 people.
We took a lot of our design DNA and used this as a test bed for what our legacy will be in the future.
This is an extreme version of that, and the result is something as emotional and dynamic as this.Why does the FFZERO1 take the form of a race car?Everything in racing is tested there and implemented in production, so that’s a nice fact for us. We were working on our production car and one of our designers made a doodle of a race car, and then Nick Sampson said our platform could support such a vehicle.What ownership model will Faraday Future be looking at?I think some people will want to just buy our first car and own it, but I think the notion of ownership is changing and the rise of music streaming is a great example of that.
From a design standpoint that’s interesting and a challenge, to design a car that someone may not own. You may design that product in a very different way.Will your first production model be an SUV?I don’t want to call it an SUV, I don’t want to put that car into a category right now. Maybe the public will define their own category for it, but it’s going to be a unique statement. We could launch cars very quickly after the first model, but for now we’re concentrating on finishing the first model.

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