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Designed for 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder gas-powered cars, light trucks, minivans or SUVs that operate on a 12-volt electrical system.
Will not recharge a battery that has exceeded the manufacturer's stated life, has not been recently in service or is mechanically defective. Unplug Mighty Jump from your car's accessory port once it finishes recharging or when you turn the car off. According to California Highway Patrol officials, the emergency personnel was looking into another 1-vehicle car accident on the highway when another vehicle crashed into the ambulance, ramming the vehicle into the fire truck, which in turn collided with the officer and another civilian of the original accident. The most important thing whilst driving is to plan and keep aware at all times of potential situations developing.
Don?t check our centre mirror – if we have been checking our mirrors every few seconds we should already know who is following us and if we have to stop in an emergency situation checking the centre mirror would delay our response to brake. The time we put the clutch pedal down and the amount of pressure we apply to the brake can also affect how the car stops. If we apply too much pressure to the brake then we could cause the car to lose control and potentially skid.
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Always ask yourself the question, ?what if?? What if that person stepped out into the road?
If we put the clutch down too early the car will coast, giving us less control of the car at the time we need it most, taking us longer to stop.
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However, if we put the clutch down too late then the engine could potentially stall leaving us without power altogether.
Pressing the brake pedal applies the braking system to the wheels causing the car to slow down and stop. Use the Mighty Jump to recharge your car battery without leaving the safety and comfort of your driver's seat. This could be a problem as sometimes it is as important to move back off again and clear the area e.g. If we press the brake too firmly, particularly if the car is travelling at speed, then the braking system will be applied too quickly and too firmly, causing the wheels to lock and the car to skid. The public telephone network has a single emergency telephone number (sometimes known as the universal emergency telephone number or occasionally the emergency services number) that allows a caller to contact local emergency services for assistance. Just plug it in, let it charge for 10 to 15 minutes, start the engine and you're on your way — the easy way.

By planning ahead and being aware of potential situations arising we are able to deal with them before they develop into a serious problem.Sometimes however, no matter how well we plan, a situation develops where our only response available to us is to perform a controlled stop.
In older cars the way to tackle this problem is to brake in stages, which is known as cadence braking. Such situations would include a child, for example, running out into the road, or a car pulling out in front of us.
So you would press the brake firmly and just before the wheels lock you would take your foot off the brake. A controlled stop is performed therefore to save human life and we shouldn?t really stop for anything smaller than the size of a dog. Then you would press the brake again and release and continue the steps until the car comes to a stop. In modern cars we have a system called ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), which uses electronics to apply maximum braking force without locking the wheels. This allows you to keep your foot on the brake throughout the whole of the braking procedure. Don?t be fooled, however, into thinking that you cannot skid with ABS though as there are many other causes for skidding such as ice.

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