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Would your business be able to carry on your  normal day-to-day activities in the event of a fire, damage to your stock, key personnel being taken ill, your IT systems failing etc? Having a tried and tested business continuity plan in place whether you are a sole trader or a large multi-national company which details the steps to be taken in the event of an incident will go a long way to help your business continue to operate and recovery more quickly. Business Link in particular their interactive tool will help you to assess and minimise potential risks to your business. Have your Business Continuity Plan ready to go in hours without spending thousands even tens of thousands of dollars. TADWAs board, senior management team and I are now confident that should the need arise we have an effective disaster recovery plan in place, that would enable our organisation to resume operations and services within a short period of time. Express BCP is a Business Continuity template of the highest quality and will assist you meet your organizations administrative, operational and compliance requirements.
Save time with the pre-formatted template; fill-in the blanks and you’re ready to print! Is your business one of the many that know they need a business continuity plan, but have never had the resources or expertise to create one?
Our template is your answer – step by careful step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page, our template empowers you to plan for any crisis that your business suffers. You will enjoy that our plan is designed in a logical and flowing manner, with the plan containing Six parts that provide easy navigation, making it simple to update and maintain as your business and business continuity requirements change over time.
Part One: Make Sure You Get A Good Captain: Can you imagine a ship surviving a severe thunderstorm without a captain?
That’s why this section is focused on defining roles so you know exactly who has the authority to invoke the plan. This gets rid of all the little decisions and ensures all the key people are clear on their roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster. This section ensures the critical functions of the business continuity process are prioritized. Part Four: Immunize your business against chaos by clearly outlining what the essential and specific items are that everyone needs to do.
Part Five: Automatically keep everyone focused and calm with precise process maps which walk you through the end to end process and the decision steps that need to be taken into consideration.
Contact List: So you have the contact details and phone numbers of everyone you need in the event of a disaster. If you need a risk free high quality disaster recovery and business continuity plan template that provides the processes, procedures and guidance to handle a crisis, and pass the most rigorous auditing requirements, this template is your solution! This assessment will guide you through the normally complicated task of clearly understanding, and documenting the risks to your business and also assist you determine appropriate control and mitigation measures. This step by step template will guide you through the normally complicated task of extracting the right information when determining your businesses critical functions and appropriate recovery objectives. This template will save you the time and effort normally associated with developing a thorough task driven project plan. In view of the continued threat posed by the Influenza Pandemic the WHO recommends urgent action be taken. This documents sets out the activities that should be undertaken to help prepare your business for the current pandemic and mitigate its impact. Exercising and testing your plan is the best way to make sure it will perform as expected in in an actual disaster. This template provides you the information and framework to easily and simply conduct desktop walkthroughs of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan.
This document is intended to help you to audit & review your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.
Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. This Business Acquisition Checklist can be helpful to those entrepreneurs who consider buying (or selling) a business as a way to start or extend their own one.
Business Analysis Checklist is a tool helping you to review competitiveness and strengths of your company. Business audit is a thorough analysis of a firm’s past and current state in terms of management, finance and operations in order to detect potential problems.
Business Compliance Checklist is created for people who wish to make sure that their businesses are fully compliant with local regulations and legislative requirements, so they can keep working freely and adequately in all spheres including business registration, employment and safety. This Business Consulting Checklist is designed for consultants and advisors who need to understand what steps can be taken to investigate an organization and get insight into business problems and opportunities. A business continuity plan describes how to keep an organization operating and deal with business recovery in order to ensure further existence and development of the organization.

This Business Contract Checklist is created to assist people in documenting their deals to be clear and understandable for all parties involved. This Business Development Checklist describes six key steps that you can take to grow and develop your business. This Business Disaster Preparedness Checklist will be helpful to all business owners who wish to get ready for possible hardships caused by emergency: ceasing their business operations temporarily and possible business relocation, planning safety and survival of their employees and infrastructure, and then, once a disaster quiets down, recovering their business. To put it simply, a business ethics policy is a collection of rules and requirements that say employees what is wrong to do and what is right. Successful planning of business events is always a challenge that requires planners to do their best to consider event details and make necessary preparations. As a business owner and a good professional you need to precisely understand what a business expansion plan sample means and how to generate new business expansion ideas and measure business expansion risks in order to optimize use of business expansion costs and resources.
This Business Expense Checklist presents the key categories of costs that you need to consider when estimating expenses and planning for budget. If you want your business to be growing and flourishing, you need to develop and implement a business growth plan. This Business Integration Checklist is created to support company managers who are in charge of integration an acquired company into their enterprise (accomplishing a business merger).
In order to be competitive, commercial organizations are ready to make sizeable investments in developing and implementing effective intelligence solutions.
Creating a business inventory is one of the most important activities of effective business continuity planning. This Business Loan Checklist is designed to support those who are going to approach financiers with a need of borrowing a loan for their businesses. When moving or relocating a business, it’s critical to minimize downtime and keep the moving process as effective as possible.
This Business Operations Checklist is created for people who would like to start up a business. If you decide to launch a new business, first you need to develop a plan addressing key aspects of business planning and management, such as Market Analysis, Competition, Customers, and others.
Any commercial organization runs various business processes that aim to manage and achieve business goals and objectives. Facilitating a business process means entering into the process environment and doing appropriate things to understand what the process is, what problems it encounters and what solutions are available. Harmonizing or aligning business processes means adjusting any differences and inconsistencies among the processes to make them uniform or mutually compatible. Initial definition, Planning, Metrics, Pilot test, Execution and Evaluation are different stages in the lifecycle of a typical business. A business process refers to a step-by-step, logical series of activities or fixed course of action (with definite start and end points) that are followed in the same order to produce some desired result (product or service). Many US companies (such as Ford, Procter & Gamble, American Airlines) have used Business Process Reengineering (BPR) as a great management technique to measure their business efficiency and find ways for improvement. Copyright © 2012 Best Template Collection, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. All fields requiring your specific company information are easy to locate and we’ve included plenty of helpful tips and information making the template simple to use. Perhaps it’s out of date and you’re not sure it contains the right information? Created with the well-known project management tool MS Project, all 100+ tasks will ensure you effectively manage all tests and exercises. This document gives examples of all the key activities required to manage a comprehensive business continuity program.
The current business continuity plan template discount and bonus templates is for a strictly limited time.
It covers the status of the plan itself, and explores in some depth the content of the plan, embracing everything from business function definition to post disaster recovery actions. Department of Homeland Security, he was substantively involved in the development and execution of the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. With an enterprise acquired you may get not only its existing assets and reputation, but also a bunch of problems to resolve. With a help of this checklist you can review what robust resources are available to your organization, especially among the critical success areas: your business team, current products and services, marketing and financial performance. The following Business Audit Checklist highlights key steps and tasks you can complete to conduct such an analysis.

It includes guidelines for conducting a business analysis and developing an improvement plan. In this Business Continuity Plan Checklist you will read on how to plan for continuity of your business. With a help of this checklist you can make sure that a contract contains enough of information to make your deal clear and effective in terms of goods and services to be provided, terms of payment and other essential issues. This Business Ethics Checklist uses simple descriptions and suggestions to explain how to develop a business ethics policy for a typical organization. If you need to plan a business occasion, you can use this Business Event Checklist that helps handle the challenge.
This plan may include business growth formulas and business growth stages that help you clearly set objectives and ways to put business growth theory into practice. Companies invest a lot of money into advertisement to promote and sell their products and services. With a help of this checklist you can obtain a clear idea of aspects that need to be involved into integration process. It lets a commercial organization count its business assets and organize all inventories into a structured list. With a help of this checklist you will know what you need to get prepared for in order to get your loan.
If you decide to move your company to a new location, this Business Moving Checklist will help you make the process shorter and more efficient.
A company should have people who are able to hold effective negotiations weather on making a contract with new supplier or hiring a new employee. It comprises a wide scope of business operations and functions which need to be maintained to keep your enterprise running, developing and secure.
Read the following Business Preparedness Checklist to learn all the activities you need to undertake for preparing your business for launch. Having a clear and concise description of those processes contributes to effective goal planning.
A business manager involved in process creation needs to have a good understanding of the generic steps for planning and designing processes.
In this Business Process Facilitation Checklist we explain how to facilitate processes in a business environment. It is a critical activity that considerably defines success of process management in commercial organizations. This Business Process Procedure Checklist explains 4 basic procedures which are common to most business processes. Details of conducting impact assessments all the way through to completing and regularly testing your Business Continuity Plan. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. With a help of this checklist you can learn the process of acquiring, aspects to analyze on the pre-purchase due dilligence, and sections to be included into business acquisition agreement. You can use it as an additional source of valuable information for planning your marketing plans, sales activities and development initiatives. The following Business Intelligence Checklist will help your company explore possible ways for implementing business intelligence solutions. Read this Business Process Description Checklist to learn how to create process descriptions.
The following Business Process Creation Checklist explains how to create and design a typical business process. In this Business Process Decomposition Checklist you can read about how to decompose business processes.
Read this Business Process Harmonization Checklist to find out how to harmonize and adjust business processes. In this Business Process Scenario Checklist you can read about how to plan your process scenarios by the key factors.
The checklist helps understand how to perform business processes under an activity-based approach.

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