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Copyright © 2012 Templates Collection, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Some events like power station issues, hardware failure, network failure, or network intrusion may be within your control and can be prevented by having a plan in place. Determine the maximum outage that a specific function can sustain before it impacts the business.
Identify the financial (revenue), productivity (expenses), and personal impact (goodwill) of a business function disruption. Identify the most critical or vital data and the resources required to resume a business function. It is very important to back up your company’s data offsite every day through an automated system that delivers reports and confirmation that your data has been backed up. A power outage can literally “fry” your computer equipment, causing downtime and possible data loss if you don’t have the previous step in place. Most battery backup units last for about three years, so as time goes by, the unit that could once power your server for one hour may eventually only power it for 20 minutes. When you experience downtime, how long does it take you to bring the Internet connection back up?
In some cases, even the most reliable provider and Internet connection will have an outage.
Also, when bringing in a second provider, find out how it delivers its Internet service and make sure it is through a different pipeline than your primary provider. Having a provider or system to monitor your network (including your servers and workstations) will enable alerts to be sent when systems are about to fail or when there has been a network intrusion.
Install and configure a firewall that has intrusion prevention software to keep unwanted users away. Viruses usually infect one computer and can spread through all computers in your network, destroy data, and compromise your business information. We highly recommend an enterprise-managed solution that includes antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam and that these protections are updated daily in all computers, wireless devices, and servers in your network. Today’s technology can offer some flexibility to a standard work environment; being prepared to use that flexibility is a big step in the right direction to stay in operation during a major outage. Once you have determined the acceptable downtime your company can handle, and gone through the checklist of best practices to see what is already in place, consider partnering with an IT provider that can meet your requirements and work as an extension of your team.

Make time to sit down with your IT provider to discuss key investment selection metrics5 and most importantly your expectations. Stimulus Technologies is a High Speed Internet, VoIP Service, IT support and consulting company located in Las Vegas, NV.
A Business Impact Analysis Template is not just available for recording the identified and mitigated risks. It is important to note that once you have a clear analysis on the potential risks and vulnerabilities of the same, it should be quite simple for the business to identify the best recovery solutions to use to handle the risks in question. A business impact analysis determines and documents the impact of a business disruption event to each critical business process. The entitya€™s critical business processes and the requirements necessary to undertake each critical business process (as identified using a templates such as the template on page 106 of this workbook) are required for the business impact analysis. For mature, large, complex or geographically dispersed entities the business impact analysis should be completed following consideration of the whole-of-entity view. An objective and consistent basis on which to assess the impact of a business disruption event needs to be established. The level of impact can be assessed using a scale, such as the one presented in the table below. The maximum tolerable period of disruption should be determined for the critical activities and resources. The maximum tolerable period of disruption is set at or above the point where there would be a significant impact on business drivers (Score 4).
The maximum tolerable period of disruption may be expressed in terms of hours, days or weeks depending on the process being assessed. 2 The maximum period of time that an entity can tolerate the disruption of a critical business process, before the achievement of objectives is adversely affected. 3 The recovery time objective is the target time set for recovery of an activity, product, service, or critical business process after a business disruption event, or recovery of an IT system or application after a business disruption event. 4 The recovery point objective is the point in time (before the business disruption) to which electronic data must be recovered after a business disruption event.
Other events like natural disasters or a backhoe operator who accidently severs power or network lines would be out of your control.
If you are only backing up your server, then make sure to train your employees to save all important files directly to the server (not their workstations).

Make sure to have your server and networking equipment connected to a battery backup unit that is powerful enough to sustain your server if the power goes out to allow enough time to close running programs and turn off the server. When choosing a provider, make sure its services are reliable and that it offers a service level guarantee and scalable speeds so you can easily upgrade if needed. If your company cannot afford more than a few minutes of downtime, it is highly recommended to set up a backup Internet connection with a failover solution. Patch management keeps your computers healthy and up-to-date with the latest operating system updates as released by the manufacturers. Some Internet routers come with a built-in firewall and software to handle this for you, as well as a failover solution for redundant Internet connections. Your company should have contingency plans to continue working without computers in case nothing is available for the short term. With cloud services, much of your data could be accessible from a basic Internet connection, and your employees could use cellular phones or other communication devices to stay in touch during the outage. Hundreds of sample Business Impact Analysis Templates have made it possible for businesses  and companies to spend the least time possible to identify, measure and mitigate the impact of a potential risk. It considers disruptions to the activities and resources that support critical business processes. This moderating process will prioritise the critical business processes at the entity level, and identify commonalities and interdependencies across business units and service areas.
In effect, the entity can do without the business process for any time under that point, as it will not prevent the entity from achieving its objectives. According to research, 40% of downtime is related to power station issues, while 25% is the result of hardware failure, 19% is due to network failure, and 15% is the result of human error. In this solution, another provider installs Internet in your building and sets up an Internet router that can immediately identify the dropped connection and automatically fail over to the secondary connection. Designed to collect information without appropriate notice or consent, spyware is usually downloaded from an e-mail attachment or installed on your computer when you follow an unknown link from an unknown sender or download software from the Internet.
In other words, the focus of the analyst will be on what risks are likely to occur should there be a problem at hand, and to what extend will the risks in question cause damage should they occur to a Sample Business Templates.

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