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NEMA began in 1974 when state directors of emergency services first united in order to exchange information on common emergency management issues that threatened their constituencies. BOLDplanning will be attending the upcoming NEMA Conference in Portland, Oregon September 8-11th. The City of Vienna is in the planning stages of developing a citywide disaster recovery plan, that will include such things as but not limited to: information exchanges, cooling stations and emergency relief contact information. Several sessions will be offered on lessons learned from real incidents that have stretched hospitals’ ability to function due to large-scale water incursions, sewage leaks, power outages and other events. The conference, now in its seventh year, is expected to draw more than 800 hospital emergency preparedness coordinators, hospital administrators, CNOs, EMS personnel and public health officials.

To request a trial password, view an online demo, or receive additional product information, simply fill in the form below. NEMA is a non-partisan, non-profit association dedicated to enhancing public safety by improving the Nations ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from all emergencies, disasters, and threats to our Nation's security.
Since that time, NEMA has grown and captured the attention of the President, Congress, Governors, federal agencies, major corporations, US military and other government representative organizations. 15–17 in Sacramento, will focus on an integrated approach to emergency management and business continuity. In addition, a pre-conference workshop, Continuity Planning for Hospitals —  A Holistic Approach, is set for Monday, Oct.

The conference will look at every aspect of the overall organization and what it takes to carry out essential services during all levels of potential emergencies.

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