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Corporate Capital Resources, LLC is a national consulting firm that specializes in assisting private business owners and their companies in planning and implementing internal succession strategies. Having business continuity management systems (BCMS) in place helps you understand critical business processes and the impact of disruption. We can help you improve your risk profile in the minds of insurers, so you will benefit from reduced insurance premiums and comply with the expectations of regulators, business partners and other key stakeholders.
Our experts will help you to understand the requirements of the most robust BCMS standards available and improve the performance of your management systems. This training has been designed to help you keep business activities moving forwards in the event of any disruption. Establishing an effective and comprehensive BCSM, based on the principles of ISO 22301, is essential for producing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) that aids identification of critical activities, co-dependence areas and resources needed to support key products and services.
How prepared are you to respond rapidly and correctly to a major business disruption like a pandemic, natural or man-made disaster?
How will you quickly recover and resume support of your clients and partners if half of your staff is taken out because of a massively disruptive event?
If you are like most organizations, your current Business Continuity Plan is a paper document sitting on a shelf, stating what your preferred emergency response (policies, goals and actions) is.

Now you can configure and automate YOUR preferred emergency response policies, goals and actions with Instaknowa€™s real-time adaptive intelligence.
Leveraging Instaknowa€™s built-in a€?Federated Server Architecturea€?, Business Continuity plans are executed in parallel from multiple geographical locations to ensure continued execution of the plan regardless of physical damage to infrastructure in one location. The needs and goals of the owners and the company must be balanced to create an optimum environment for a successful transition. By using our logistics support and other BCMS services, you will improve your organization’s resilience, have strong recovery capability processes, and ensure your continued survival. Having a valid ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management certificate is proof of the resilience of your business, and we offer certification services as well as ISO 22301 training. A Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) shows you how to manage training activities, exercises and reviews so that key business processes are defined and protected against threat in the case of serious incident.
The BCMS offers you insight into the impact of failure in any of these areas and allows you to plan strategic and tactical steps to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Instaknow detects change in data from any number of systems (Human Resources, Trouble Tickets, Identity Management, Video Monitoring, GPS, First Responders, Web portals, News, E-mails) in real-time and triggers YOUR preferred response plans and track them through their entirety.
We assist clients as they focus on post-transition governance and control; as well as financial efficiency.

Even if there is a disaster, our business continuity management systems can help to increase the survival chances of your organization and its employees. Real-time executive tracking, oversight and guidance of the response is threaded-in as desired. The system tracks each employeea€™s movement, location and status to ensure Business Continuity. Various emergency scenarios can be modeled and drills can be run to practice the response for each scenario to measure preparedness.
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