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In un mercato complesso, le organizzazioni competono su scala nazionale e internazionale basando il proprio successo sulla capacita di soddisfare le richieste dei clienti in modo rapido e puntuale.
La gestione del processo varia in funzione degli eventuali accreditamenti ACCREDIA gia posseduti dall’Organismo di Certificazione che presenta la domanda di accreditamento o estensione. Corporate Capital Resources, LLC is a national consulting firm that specializes in assisting private business owners and their companies in planning and implementing internal succession strategies.
March the 17th marked the start of Business Continuity awareness week 2014 and what better time than just after one of the biggest bank holidays in the year to talk about how your business would cope with an out of the ordinary day?
People might be out of the office on leave, or perhaps they have called in sick due to a few too many last night celebrating St Patrick's day.
There are a myriad of potential pitfalls for organisations and the only way to protect yourself is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
True business continuity is more than just disaster recovery, it is about ensuring that a business can continue to exist after the disaster has occurred.
The maximum tolerable period of disruption, also known as  the maximum acceptable outage, is something that every business should be aware of. When assessing  the costs to business of implementing a continuity system the costs should be assessed in their totality. A well managed business continuity management system can help to identify a company's shortcomings, create business cases for investment and even help staff towards their developmental goals.
Above all else, a certified ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System offers businesses a unique selling point. Your success will of course depend on how much you’ve prepared your company for business continuity.
We can assist you in formulating a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP), which would serve as the basis for all ensuing activities and laying down necessary infrastructure.

We’ll carry out a realistic risk assessment so that no risk is over assessed and, subsequently, no unnecessary expenditures are incurred. We’ll provide you with the best cost-effective options for all disaster recovery IT requirements like data replication and other backup solutions that will ensure full protection of your data. So at the end of the day, you’ll know that even if a disaster strikes at night, you’ll be ready to continue doing business come day break.
To request Business Continuity Services or to schedule a meeting to discuss what we could do for you, please contact us.
In questo contesto, fornire con regolarita prodotti e servizi che rispondano sempre agli standard richiesti rappresenta un fattore critico.
The needs and goals of the owners and the company must be balanced to create an optimum environment for a successful transition. Either way your business should be able to handle a couple of people out of the office, but what if your office was without water, heating or power? Most modern businesses try to mitigate their risks by having some kind of insurance, either for their premises or possibly for specific deals.
Disaster recovery can be said to be more focused on technical matters, ensuring that infrastructure and systems are reinstated as soon as possible. That is, what is the total amount of time that a business cannot offer its normal services before key stakeholders (can be clients or suppliers) perceive unacceptable consequences. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it.
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The shorter your downtime, the smaller the chance your customers will start thinking of alternatives to your products and services.

We at Denizon can help you through all the intricacies of fully integrating business continuity into your organization.
We’ll also provide guidance in selecting traditional as well as the latest technological solutions, such as virtualization, for quick and reliable data recovery. We assist clients as they focus on post-transition governance and control; as well as financial efficiency. The hope is that they never have to use them but that if the worst happens they are protected. This is exactly the kind of attitude that businesses need to adopt when it comes to Business Continuity. Business continuity involves management leadership and helping to focus on the business on what is important. It is estimated that less than 70% of all businesses who are forced to close for a week or longer would survive. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Where do you start?All of these questions are part of developing a business continuity strategy. Test.A Commitment to ServiceWhen you choose Volico, you not only get access to great services and facilities, but a wealth of technical expertise, with Volico operating as an extension of your IT Department.

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