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Your success will of course depend on how much you’ve prepared your company for business continuity.
We can assist you in formulating a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP), which would serve as the basis for all ensuing activities and laying down necessary infrastructure.
We’ll carry out a realistic risk assessment so that no risk is over assessed and, subsequently, no unnecessary expenditures are incurred. We’ll provide you with the best cost-effective options for all disaster recovery IT requirements like data replication and other backup solutions that will ensure full protection of your data. So at the end of the day, you’ll know that even if a disaster strikes at night, you’ll be ready to continue doing business come day break. To request Business Continuity Services or to schedule a meeting to discuss what we could do for you, please contact us. It might seem impossible to plan for for something that hasn’t even happened yet, but this is where Integra Network Services excels.
Many of our clients choose to include our Business Continuity services to help create a custom, tailor-made plan of action to comprehensively protect their network. Each day a new set of potentially hazardous events align that could damage your network and your ability to effectively conduct business.
In some cases these disasters could potentially wreck havoc with your network and impact your ability to do business for hours, days – even weeks or months at a time.
With Business Continuity, Integra can get your network up and running in a quick and timely manner, no matter what disasters you face.
Assessment – We work with you and your staff to identify critical risks or potential points of failure at your business and create a custom plan for recovery and restoration.

Planning – We help you to develop a network plan of action that will help you to immediately respond and act when necessary. Emergency – We provide our clients with a network plan of action that they can use to get back on track following a disaster or emergency situation. Restoration – Our goal is to get your core servers back in business in as little time as possible. Benefits – In addition to our Business Continuity services, we also provide our clients with insurance and compliance benefits, a full service business disruption plan to help get you back in business as soon as possible.
Contact our professional IT consultants for a full review of your current business operation and suggestions on how to better protect your network and plan for potential disasters or other emergencies that could disrupt your ability to do business.
Ramtech offer a free IT infrastructure audit (some conditions apply) that will highlight any areas of concern.
Ramtech quickly get your business computers & phones working reliably & efficiently so you can get on with business.
Introducing Ramtech Computing PTY LTD’s CEO, Founder and Blog Author, Ross MarstonConnect with Ross Marston on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus.
The shorter your downtime, the smaller the chance your customers will start thinking of alternatives to your products and services. We at Denizon can help you through all the intricacies of fully integrating business continuity into your organization. We’ll also provide guidance in selecting traditional as well as the latest technological solutions, such as virtualization, for quick and reliable data recovery. Creating a plan to shield your network from IT loss or interruption of any kind should be a purposeful, custom and well thought out process.

Integra Network Services has created a well-rounded program that can be customized to suit the specific needs and goals of each client, keeping them safe and protected from whatever disasters or issues might come their way.
This is why it is essential for Business Continuity services to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all bases are covered. They can replace your hardware, recover your data, relocate staff – even more your entire office. Call Integra Network Services at 508-482-5510 to develop custom network solutions for your business today.
Floods, fire, cyclone and human error are just some of what Ramtech will have your IT infrastructure ready for. Our goal is to prevent network downtime at all costs in order to keep our clients in business, providing professional, quality services whenever and wherever they need them. Having a contingency plan in place can give you the peace of mind to face anything that comes you way.
Where do you start?All of these questions are part of developing a business continuity strategy. Test.A Commitment to ServiceWhen you choose Volico, you not only get access to great services and facilities, but a wealth of technical expertise, with Volico operating as an extension of your IT Department.

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