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As more and more departments develop business continuity plans, the pressure increases on the Business Continuity Manager to conduct more exercises to meet the requirements laid out in the organisations business continuity policy.
Students will be given a number of documents which they can tailor to the needs of their organisation. This training has been developed by Charlie and Kim Maclean-Bristol and will be delivered by either one of them. PlanB Consulting's Charlie Maclean-Bristol and Jennifer MacKenzie carried out a Webinar during Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015, where they discussed the importance of simulating both media and social media during an exercise. Why did Toyota suffer losses while General Motors sailed through the after effects of the tsunami in Japan in March 2011? We’re often asked for our top tips for running really good business continuity desktop exercises. DisclaimerReliance on information, downloads, material, advice, or other linked or recommended resources shall be at your sole risk. In an incident do you have to provide expert advice or take decisions which could have major consequences or impact on members of the public, the environment or on your organisation? This training course will enhance individual and teams competence through providing the necessary skills and tools to enable a logical, defensible and justifiable approach to decision making.
This course is a must for defending individual and organisational reputation in this era of constant and sustained political, legal and regulatory scrutiny! In the fast-paced, volatile world of financial services, constantly maintaining normal business operations is crucial – even in the event of an unexpected disaster.
Since we frequently work with our hedge fund and alternative investment clients on developing comprehensive business continuity plans (BCPs), we feel it is important to review and test our own BCP procedures on a regular basis to ensure they will meet our most current business needs in the event of a disaster. A BCP table top exercise is an informal brainstorming session used to encourage participation from business leaders and other key employees. Gather the firm’s executive team (and any other individuals within the organization that play a leadership role in the BCP activation process) in a conference room-type setting that is conducive to open discussion and interaction. To begin, the consultant or group leader should develop a hypothetical disaster scenario to use as an example. Once the scenario has been established, the members of the management team will break down what steps need to be taken (and in what order) to ensure all employees are safe and accounted for, communications are made to all necessary parties and the business remains operational. A company’s ability to recover quickly from an unexpected disruption is directly associated with the quality of the preparations that have been completed prior to the event.
We thought it was important to provide you with a free business continuity course before we created the paid-for content. We’ve personally been using these rehearsals, and ones very similar, with fantastic results. For those of you who want something more complex, or who can’t wait, why not contact us so we can help you with bespoke exercises or help you find a local consultant or firm?

An approach is to start at the first hour, on the first day, at the point of the disruption. Better practice entities provide a written report of the exercise to the business continuity committee.
The Australian Taxation Office (Tax Office) is the Governmenta€™s principal revenue collection agency, and its role is to manage and shape tax, excise and superannuation systems that fund services for Australians. Pre-exercise planning - The Tax Office planned and held a partial live scenario exercise at its Northbridge (WA Region) Office in May 2008. Clear objectives - The objective of the partial simulation exercise was to test staff at the Northbridge Office on their understanding of business continuity procedures.
Nature of the exercise - The exercise principally involved bringing together the Northbridge business continuity team. Post exercise review a€“ Immediately following the exercise, a review of the scenario was conducted. Outcome - As a result of the simulation nature of the exercise, Northbridge staff were exposed to practical experiences, and gained the skills required in relation to business continuity management. As usual, however, it gives us an excuse to raise a more serious issue for business continuity planning. The way people make assumptions can be very interesting to watch, and people like Dan Gardner tell us why, in a rather more entertaining manner that some of the text books we’ve seen.
The organisations Business Continuity Coordinators are responsible for writing and updating their plans however they often do not possess the skills to develop and run an exercise and produce a post-exercise report.
These include an exercise instruction, a list of possible scenarios, a post exercise report template and a selection of feedback forms.
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Students will also be shown how to use a decision making model recording sheet and will be given copies of the sheet to use in the future. Even just a few moments of downtime could be extremely costly, so it is essential that firms implement sound business continuity procedures. To this end, Lisa Smith - one of our certified business continuity professionals - and her team recently conducted a BCP table top exercise with our management team here at Eze Castle.
Read our complete Manager's Guide to DR and BCP for a comprehensive overview on hedge fund business continuty best practices. Scenarios may include a regional electricity outage, building fire, terrorist attack, violent storm, or the like. The group should identify realistic and unrealistic expectations and work together to bridge any gaps between leadership and the established BCP plans. BCP table top exercises are conducted to provide an example of how the management team would work together to get the organization through a disaster.

Each recovery team can then explain the process they would go through to recover their operations. Better practice entities will also assign responsibility for implementing any recommendations and monitor progress. Audit Report No.16 of 2007-08, Administration of Business Continuity Management in the Tax Office details the business continuity arrangements in the Tax Office.
The exercise involved all elements of business continuity management as well as those officers with a business continuity role within the region. This team exercised a real time scenario that involved Tax Office processes being threatened by a loss of staff due to multiple causes, such as a possible pandemic and sabotage.
The aim of the training is to give Business Continuity Coordinators and other business continuity staff the skills, tools and confidence to plan, run and report their own exercises.
The model demonstrates the benefits of linking decision making to the values of the organisation and the need for decisions to be proportionate, legitimate, authorised, necessary and ethical. After this successful meeting, we thought it would be valuable to share some insights on the BCP table top exercise process with our readers to spotlight the importance of this activity. The group covers all of the actions necessary to ensure employees are safe and accounted for and the business can continue to operate. Be sure to hash out all of the details of the scenario, including a hypothetical date and time, an assessment of the immediate impact of the event and how employees are being affected. The other teams can challenge the approach and identify any weaknesses detected in the plan. Selected staff from other sites were aware of the simulation as was the Tax Office Executive. The Northbridge team came together quickly and notified relevant Tax Office staff locally and nationally.
Participants will receive a scenario list and a number of templates which they can use to run their own exercises. They also serve as a reminder that these events can happen at any time and often occur rapidly and without warning. The team effectively managed the situation they were presented with and approached the exercise in a professional manner. The training will be very interactive and those participating will have the opportunity to plan and take part in a number of exercises run by those on the course.

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