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If you live in the Northeast, you should pretty well be used to winter storms, and much of this advice will be familiar. I want you to test it out & add it in Tips with some additional info or perhaps a quick video of your own testing on this with some improvisations. Koc termiczny BLIZZARD SURVIVAL BLANKET to zaawansowany technologicznie produkt przeznaczony do wykorzystywania w dzialaniach militarnych, w sytuacji zagrozenia hipotermia. Simple things like paying your electricity bills on time keeping your cell phone charged will matter a lot during a blizzard. Stock up your pantry and fridge and cellar and other nook where you normally keep your food in the house.
Get a box and fill it with some emergency equipment like a flashlight or two with plenty of extra batteries.
If the local weather reports are giving out a warning that a blizzard is going to hit, be sure to charge all of your cell phones before the power goes out. Frostbite occurs when the skin and body tissues are exposed to cold temperature for a long period of time. You can treat frostsnip with first-aid measures, including rewarming your skin. All other frostbite requires medical attention because it can damage skin, tissues, muscle and bones.
Indoor activities such as board games, cards, puzzles and coloring books for smaller children will keep the entire family entertained while you wait out on a storm. High winds and blowing snow can create white-out conditions, making the area zero visibility and making it easy for you to get lost. Traveling in a blizzard is just not a good idea, avoid traveling even the shortest distance during a blizzard. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! Innowacyjne rozwiazania stosowane dotychczas w ekstremalnych wyprawach alpinistycznych znalazly swoje zastosowanie w ratownictwie taktycznym.
You don’t have to be the ultimate prepper to survive a blizzard, but everyone should have a working knowledge of cold weather know how.

You don’t want to lose electricity to an unpaid bill before a snowstorm hits your place and knocks out your power.
Make sure to include non-perishable food such as canned goods that you don’t have to heat, bread and margarine, fruits and vegetables that can stand being at room temperature for a few days. Keep at least 10 gallons of water on hand, more if you have a large number of household members. It may be the only means of contact left once electricity and phone lines die, and in the event you need help, you won’t want to be without phone service! No matter what the situation, if you’re stuck in a blizzard, keeping yourself and everyone else entertained will nurture a positive mental attitude and a will to live which are both as important as any survival technique. Nemo is bearing down, so in case you haven’t thought of this before, here are some winter storm and blizzard survival tips. In any event, bathroom breaks are going to be a pain, so even if you have a good emergency food supply in the vehicle, don’t over eat.
At the worst, on the first nice day after the storm you can probably walk to a home or business and get help. Koce termiczne BLIZZARD, wykonane w technologii REFLEXCELL, zostaly zaprojektowane specjalnie z przeznaczeniem do dzialan w warunkach militarnych.  Glownym zadaniem koca termicznego jest ochrona poszkodowanego przed utrata ciepla, a takze przed przegrzaniem.
Watch for whiteout’s and always stay indoors and avoid driving during these types of storms.
Keep sleeping bags and wool blankets and kerosene heater with enough fuel for a week of steady use.
Watch out for numbness, tingling, burning, itching, and pale skin that is is very cold to touch, hard and waxy looking as these are signs of superficial frostbite or frostsnip.
But if you need to hit the grocery on short notice, go for staples — rice, beans, canned vegetables, and canned stew.
Of course, if you’re in the boonies, that might not be so simple, showing how important it is to plan your routes ahead of time.

Czynniki zewnetrzne, takie jak zbyt niska lub zbyt wysoka temperatura, moga bardzo skomplikowac trudna sytuacje poszkodowanego przez co priorytety dzialan ratowniczych ulegaja zmianie.
Stanowia standardowe wyposazenie i sa uzywane przez medykow US ARMY oraz wiele armii na calym swiecie u poszkodowanych w stanie hipotermii. Dlatego nalezy  chronic poszkodowanego, u ktorego naturalne procesy termiczne moga byc zaburzone. Koc chroni takze przed czynnikami termicznymi w dzialaniach prowadzonych w normalnej akcji militarnej – zapewnia  komfort snu zolnierza w warunkach polowych.
Of course, everyone will warn you not to heat your home with combustibles because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but let Mayor Bloomberg get cold, and he’ll crank up the oven himself. Make sure you have at least one gallon of water per person per day, and keep at least three days of water. Koc jest wykonany z trzywarstwowej folii aluminiowej, ktora gwarantuje utrzymywanie ciepla poszkodowanego.
Between you and me, keep two weeks of water, but if you can’t do that, just be sure you have at least three days worth. Technologia REFLEXCELL zamyka powietrze w 3 przestrzennych warstwach, tworzac wydajny izolator cieplny, a srebrna warstwa chroni przed utrata naturalnego ciepla.
Specyficzna budowa koca sprawia, ze jego powloka przylega do ciala, zmniejsza  przestrzenie pomiedzy cialem i zapobiega utracie ciepla przez konwekcje.

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