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LawnEQ is a trusted source for genuine OEM Parts- Shop for the part you need from your favorite manufacturers such as Landpride, Toro, Kubota, and more today on our OEM Parts Lookup Tool! We’ve discussed choosing the right generator and making sure your generator is properly maintained in the past. One of the biggest peripheral dangers from a blizzard is the strain one can put on trees, large shrubs, and power lines.
You don’t want to hinge your ability to get out of the house on one piece of equipment, so make sure you have more than just the snow blower or plow attachment for your tractor.
Non-perishable food – You may lose power, and that could mean your fridge going down.
Alternate light sources – No one likes being in the dark, so make sure you have various light sources available, including candles, flashlights, and even an wind-up LED Lantern that also has a USB outlet for charging a mobile phone in an emergency. Emergency Kit – Every home should have a well-stocked emergency kit for general usage, not just for blizzards.
A hand-cranked radio – It might seem a bit old-fashioned in this technology age, but a massive blizzard can render all of that technology useless pretty quick. In 2012, Josephine Johnson, age 53, and her boyfriend Jim Dickson got lost in a blizzard while hiking at Mount Rainier National Park.
There was already snow on the ground, and the pair planned on a short snowshoe trek through the winter wonderland that day. A rescue team found them on Monday, but Johnson and Dickson weren’t the hikers the team was hoping to find. How did Johnson, Dickson, and Kim stay alive in Mount Rainier’s blizzard conditions, when so many others have perished in the same extreme weather? Ideally, you dig a snow cave into a drift, bank, or slope that’s at least six feet deep. If you don’t have the right conditions for building a snow cave, you can also dig a trench in the snow and cover it with a tarp.
Matches are probably the least helpful way to start a fire for hikers who get caught in blizzard conditions, because once they get wet, they’re useless. Use your survival knife (you do carry a survival knife, don’t you?) to take off the outermost layers of bark or wetness. If you’ve survived an unexpected blizzard in the wilderness, or if you have other wilderness survival tips, share them in the comments section below.

I used to live in Niskayuna (Schenectady Co.), and also have had more than my fill of shovelling and sub-zero temps.
Have been spoiled this winter with not much snow so we have to expect at least one huge dumping before the winter is over. You can’t move the poles for the power lines, but you can make sure that they are not in danger from falling or toppling trees and shrubs. A walk-behind snow blower or even a smaller snow thrower, along with multiple shovels, is worth having on hand.
But as we’ve seen with blizzards in recent times, you can never be sure how long you may be without power and other service, or without the ability to go anywhere. Thankfully, radios still work fine in blizzards, and a hand-cranked radio such as the Eton MicroLink that can also charge a phone or run off of solar energy can certainly be a life-saver.
In fact, this is a reason why there has been an uptick in the purchase and installations of pellet stoves, wood stoves, and fireplaces in the northern states in recent times. Sure, you might not need it this winter or the next, but it never hurts to be ready for the future.
If you get stranded in your car during a bad snow storm be prepared with plenty of warm clothes and packaged snack foods. Designate a spot, in the hall closet, to keep a bag of warm clothes for each person in the household.
If you live in an area that gets bad storms regularly consider investing in an emergency generator.
Today we’ll look at steps you can take in and around your house to be ready for a heavy snowfall.
Plenty of property damage and power outages are caused by a tree limb that is brought down in a storm, so do your best to trim back limbs that threaten power lines, your house, or your vehicles. If you have one of these, or can have one installed, it’s great for warmth in a blizzard. If you are on the road during a blizzard look for a hotel or motel nearby and stay off the road until driving conditions are safe again. Keep this routine up until the conditions are stable enough for you to get back on the road. You may also want to cover the windows and spaces around the doors to keep drafts at a minimum in the event the heat shuts off.

However tempting it may be for kids to go out and make snow angels or play in the falling snow, use caution. If not, you’ll need a heater that is safe for enclosed-space usage, such as the Buddy heater or an old-school Perfection heater.
The winds and snow cause disorientation and, especially in rural areas, sometimes you can wander just a few feet from your front door and not be able to find it. Make sure that you have candles, matches or lighters, a flashlight, a battery-operated radio, and emergency food supplies and tons of blankets.
Many people don't realize that their heating system depends on a boiler that is powered by electricity. Count on the power being out for at least a day or two and have some board games and a deck of cards on hand.
Now is the time to add emergency numbers in your phone's memory for easy access when you need them. Those blowing winds - both before and after a blizzard - are cold enough to cause frostbite, and snowdrifts may hide dangers children might otherwise see. If you use these, a CO2 detector is a wise investment – a number of deaths during blizzards have been attributed to poorly-ventilated heating set-ups. Electric stoves and gas stoves that depend on electricity will be powerless if the storm knocks the lines down.
Arts and crafts are always fun for the kids (especially if there isn't any television to distract them) so make sure you have some of those supplies easily available. Even if the phone and power lines go out you can get word out that you are stranded and need help. Dress warmly, make use of blankets and sleeping bags, and seal off anywhere that heat may escape.

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