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Last week we published a very popular article on storing water for long term.  In that article I briefly talked about purifying water.
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Short of using a very high-quality water filter, this is the most reliable method for killing microbes and parasites. In an emergency, think of this (one gallon of Regular Clorox Bleach) as 3,800 gallons of drinking water.
When the tap water stops flowing, Regular Clorox Bleach isn't just a laundry-aid, it's a lifesaver. World Health Organization reports that water can be purified using sunlight and plastic bottles! A do-it-yourself technique of disinfecting water with sunlight and soft-drink bottles could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, the World Health Organization said Thursday.In a campaign to reduce deaths from unhealthy water in developing countries, the UN health agency is promoting a nearly cost-free process called Solar Water Disinfection, or SODIS.
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Put a silver coin in your water bottle, this will kill bacteria and keeps the water in your cantina safe. The main danger you face with drinking water from a stream or lake in a tiny organism called Giardia.
The idea is to get some beach sand or filtered sand, not too small grain or containing clay (or it will hold the water and not let it pass through). The sand will do most of the filtering of the small organism and microbes and the rocks are just there to hold the plate and sand and allow the filtered water to perculate up and be caught at the top. So in this Boy Scout method, you place a lid over the boiling water and hang a cup from the center and lowest part of the lid. I tell my wife if I'm not home and something big happens, fill the bathtubs while there is still water pressure.
As a last ditch, I can dig a hole 3 feet in diameter 2 feet deep and put a 4'X4' piece of plastic stretched over it.
I am a power grid operator, and can attest that Dan's concern about a CME or EMP blast is a VERY real threat.
I have never seen it addressed in any article, but I can only speculate that at least 95% or the population would perish within a month if a total power failure.
Learn everything about handwriting analysis in these free viewzone lesson by a professional! AK Has Been Honored With This Distinction For Exceptional Customer Service FOUR Times Since 2007. A trio of experts weighs in on the steps you need to take to create a structured, stress-free kitchen! Having a large kitchen space could be a luxury for many homeowners because most kitchens are cramped and tiny. I decided to write an update to clarify using bleach as a purification method.Typical household bleach is one of the more popular ways preppers are planning to use to purify their water after disaster strikes. While we can go for weeks without food, we can only last a couple of miserable days with no water.
Always wash and rinse items first, then let each item soak in Clorox Bleach Sanitizing Solution for 2 minutes.
The process is simple: Transparent bottles are filled with water and placed horizontally on a flat surface for about five hours.
It's an ugly looking parasite that lives in animal intestines and gets in to the water from their feces.

You have a healthy layer of this sand, then underneath you have a plate with lots of small holes in it, and then under that you have some rocks.
An improvement of the idea is to also include a layer of charcoal (blackened burnt wood) in between the sand layer. The steam will condense and follow the curve of the lid where it will then accumulate and drip into the cup. This makes a nice survival manual if one has a laptop and internet access during the next crisis!
Maybe put a tube on the top vent and then run it to another container after it passes through a bucket of cold water. Put a collection can in the bottom and put a small stone on the plastic so condensed water will drip into the can. Which, if any, of the following actions do you typically take after using the kitchen counter? For each of the following statements, please indicate whether you believe it is true, false, or if you don’t know.
It seems odd that water would be a problem during a flood, since there is so much of it everywhere. The heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun kill illness-causing microorganisms in polluted water. Iodine has been shown to be more effective than chlorine-based treatments in inactivating Giardia cysts. Add the number of capfuls (per quart of water treated) listed on the bottle, based on the temperature of the iodine solution. If the water is too dirty to start with then the filter quickly becomes clogged and the water won't go through it anymore.
If it gets in a human body it lives in the small intestines, multiplies rapidly and caused diarrhea, excess gas, stomach and gut aches and the constant feeling of nausea. You connect a tube to the bottom of the barrel and force the water up through the plate and the sand, collecting it at the top of the barrel. This will catch any toxins in the water.Of course this is something that a group of survivalists could build and may not be practical for a few people running from a toxic cloud or whatever!LeoHere's an idea if you find yourself next to the ocean and need to remove the salt. The idea could be scaled up and the same set up would work powered by the sun if it was covered with some plastic to trap the heat, say on a beach.
If you bought a gallon today, it would require 4 times the dose after a year, so you need to rotate your Clorox. If an inspection was conducted in your kitchen, do you think your kitchen would pass or fail?
Life would be far too easy if clean, safe drinking water was nothing more than a few drops of bleach away.In this article, we are going to discuss the good and the bad of purifying water with bleach.
But that's just the problem -- that water has been everywhere and will have picked up sewage, toxic chemicals and organisms that can make you very ill or even die. Be aware that some people are allergic to iodine and cannot use it as a form of water purification. Also, if you are using a filter and it suddenly decides to break or get a hole in it then the entire batch of water you just filtered is no good.The things they sell for use in your home is ok but it's no good for taking with you in the case of an emergency where you will need a gallon of clean water for each person in your family. If you hang a cool object over the steam it will condense back to a liquid and gravity will make it fall again. Read on the get some new cleaning tips & tricks using everyday household items in brand new ways! It is up to you to decide what you will do to make your water safe to drink.AdvantagesHousehold bleach is extraordinarily inexpensive.

Allow the water to cool if it is for drinking plain and store it in a sanitized (see below) bottle. Persons with thyroid problems or on lithium, women over fifty, and pregnant women should consult their physician prior to using iodine for purification.
It is important to note that you are using the iodine solution to treat the water, not the iodine crystals. It's not easy to get rid of it, even when you take the appropriate medicine (metronidazole).
This is much less expensive than any other chemical treatment.You only need a few drops to purify a quart of water.
The dirtiest pond water can be made relatively safe to drink with a cap full of bleach or about sixteen drops, which means a single gallon will last you for quite a while.Bleach is widely available. You don’t have to order it online or search out some Army surplus store to try and find what you need. Bleach can be found at convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores.Bleach does not discolor the water once it has been treated. It can leave behind a bit of a chlorine smell, but gently swirling the water and exposing it to air can help get rid of the smell.Bleach is a multi-purpose tool that can be used in prepping. It disinfects surfaces, can sanitize surfaces and can even kill the Ebola virus if you were worried. With so many uses for bleach, there is no wonder it is sold in gallon jugs.Bleach can kill mold and mildew. If you are dealing with a disaster that involves flooding or heavy rain, bleach will be a necessity to ward off mold.Bleach can be used as a pesticide.
Again, if you are holed up somewhere and sanitation isn’t what it used to be, you are going to be dealing with a lot of pests.
Use straight bleach or a solution of bleach and water to kill ants, roaches or whatever bugs have invaded your area.Bleach may be a bit stinky at first, but it eliminates nasty odors. However, that is not taking into account the time the bleach sits in their warehouse, the supplier’s warehouse and then on the store shelf. After six months, it is safe to assume the bleach is weakened.Bleach is not effective against killing every single harmful contaminant in water. If they touch something after using the restroom and do not wash their hands properly and somebody else comes along and touches that thing, puts their hand to their mouth, they can become infected. The hard outer shell of the Crypto allows it to live outside the body for several days.Bleach is poisonous! Humans can tolerate minuscule amounts of bleach diluted in water, but touching bleach or ingesting bleach is dangerous.
Your eyes will water and burn and you may find it difficult to breathe.Folks who have asthma may have an attack triggered by the inhalation of bleach. If you or someone in the family has asthma, it is best to treat the water in another area of the house or outside.
Anybody who has asthma or other breathing problems may not be able to tolerate water treated with bleach. Use a market to mark the date you added the bleach to your supply and try to add a fresh gallon each month.

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