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Back to the time when the Transformers movie was still in development, the design team was asked by director Michael Bay to produce some concept arts. That’s how the brand new design of Transformers was formed, and undoubtedly the redesign is too successful that it brought in massive numbers of brand new fans (including me).
Note: Introductions for Transformers below are mostly based on Wikipedia and Transformers Wiki, thanks for their extremely detailed info! Blackout is the largest Decepticon on Earth, so trying to hide his roughly 23 ton mass and yet allow himself to move about freely is not an easy thing to do. Blackout’s vehicle mode (back) is that of a real US special-operations MH-53 Pave Low III heavy-lift helicopter, manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. While the tail rotor can spin freely, there is a special feature just behind it- a short black shaft not seen on the real helicopter. When rotating Blackout’s head into position, an internal frame subtly rearranges the position of both the waist section and base of the rotor assembly. On the front of both lower legs, pulling out slightly on the black ABS panels in the center of his legs will extend knee protection armor, though these have very little range of motion. Blackout’s robot mode (back) looks like a jumble of parts and plates and pistons cobbled together in a random-yet-symmetrical form. Blackout is fairly flexible with a wide range of motion in the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees; with limited range of motion in the head, wrists, and waist.
As Megatron and Optimus Prime are fighting each other in the climactic battle in Mission City at the end of the film, Blackout manages to sneak up behind them, and deploys his smaller tail rotor assembly as a hand-held spinning-blade weapon. Whereas in the movie Blackout just reached behind his head to pull out the weapon, you actually disconnect the entire rotor & tail assembly.
Now, the thing you have to keep in mind here is that Blackout’s main rotor does not disconnect from him in the movie- he uses his tail rotor as this weapon. Blackout’s partner-in-crime, Scorponok, is deployed during the assault on the SOCCENT FWD air base to search for survivors and eliminate them because, at that time, the existence of Cybertronians was not known yet [except to Sector 7].
Alternatively, the larger and more-detailed Deluxe-class Scorponok can be attached beneath the Voyager-class Blackout.
While Hasbro can certainly be credited with the enormous task of transforming the immensely-complex CGI characters used in the 2007 movie (which- on average- contained an overwhelming, much-publicized 10,000 components per robot!), it should be noted that these are not just straight transitions either.
As part of Blackout’s Automorph feature, there is a black ABS framework behind the nose that swings downward as the head & chest are rotated into position. I was one of the people who liked this new style for the Cybertronians’; it was something different and unique from the ‘simplified’ blocky armor of the past, and gave them a very organic, non-human-designed feel.

Just before “Transformers” was released into theaters in July, 2007, Warner Brothers’ music label released a single CD containing songs performed by various popular bands that were appearing in the film.
On August 26th, Warner Brothers announced that- by popular demand- they would be releasing a single CD containing most of the OST from the film! On September 2nd, Steve Jablonsky e-mailed The Knight Shift, thanking them, and everyone who had signed the petition, for supporting him and the music. If you read these notices at the end of these reviews on CDX, and you too signed the petition, I thank you as well! CollectionDX is your source for Reviews, News and Collections of the latest Japanese Toys, American Toys, Robots, Designer Toys and Action figures.
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They made some experiments which was later commented as old-school, thus they decided to bring a massive redesign to the Transformers, making them very, very cool robots. That is not the end of the story, the team has actually redesigned those appeared Transformers throughout the sequel to make sure they are even more attractive, and of course, epic. To help you get the awesomeness of Transformers’ design and the hard work put into it, we have lined up 86 totally awesome and inspiring concept arts, comic book cover arts and fan arts for you to enjoy Transformers in detail.
This section includes approved and also some unapproved quality designs of Transformers, with introduction for each of them along the showcase. Optimus Prime is best known as the leader of the Autobots, a faction of heroic Transformers who battle with the evil forces named Decepticons since the time they are both in their own planet, Cybertron.
Every Transformers’ design in the movie is the combined effort of professional design teams. Concept art means there are lots of revisions before the design is approved as final, here is one of the revision of Optimus Prime’s arm gun. As the elder of the Transformers, Jetfire is one of the few Transformers left since the beginning of humanity.
Unapproved version of Bumblebee, looks pretty cool but I believe most fans prefer the approved version. One of the coolest moments in the first Transformers movie, never stop battling unless you die, spirit of the Autobots! Judging from the design, Springer should be originally designed to be appeared in the movie, but was dropped with unknown reason. Although the concept art’s title says Firestorm, this Autobots is widely recognized as Breakaway.

Arcee was planned to be casted in Trasformers movie but her appearance was finally replaced by Ironhide, with the rumor that the movie doesn’t have extra time to explain the gender of the Transformers. This is actually the unused version of Ratchet, that means you didn’t see Ratchet with this design in the first Transformer.
Megatron is the leader of Decepticons, who is also the antagonist of the Transformers movie. By looking his back you can feel how much extreme hard work has been put into designing it.
The reason of why I stand on the Decepticons’ side, Megatron’s vehicle mode is just too kick-ass! Take Optimus Prime as example, his front design is honed by Victor Martinez while Ben Procter developed the back. Jetfire was combined with Optimus Prime in the movie Revenge of the Fallen to ultimately defeat the Megatron.
He chose Chevrolet Camaro as his vehicular form, and he communicates though selected playback of radio and television signals, due to his voice injury.
Transformed version has two wheeled feet, and armed with 2 retractable Cybertanium arm blades on each of his wrists in robot mode, along with an extra gun on his back. However, his cool design is hardly ignored, thus making him produced as a toy available for fans. Unlike other Aerialbots who focus more on aerial acrobatics, Breakaway put more power on straightforward flying with terrible speed, making him the elite flyer in Autobots. Note that this design is pretty similar to common robot design, so it might be earlier experimental sketch for discovering spectacular Transformer’s design. He appears as a Cybertronian Jet in first movie then in second film, he gains an alternate flying tank mode. His head was a tag team effort by Ryan Church and Paul Ozzimo, and then interpreted into 3D by Alex Jaeger and ILM modellers. He was heavily redesigned during the sequel and his design has more focus on the alien aspect of Transformers, which made him looks very different with the Autobots who have more mechanical aspect on their design.

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