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A black comedy of violent criminals who terrorize apartment dwellers during New York’s 1977 power blackout.
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One man dies, the other (Keith Carradine)has no memory and needs facial reconstruction surgery. Yearslater, a still obsessed Steiner receives an anonymous tip in the formof a newspaper clipping. There are some creepy moments as well,like sinister phone calls and the scenes with the zipper-faced maniacon the prowl. I havealways remembered it as being thrilling, psychologically interestingand well acted by the entire cast. It holds the dubious honor as beingone of the first of its kind in the genre of reality based films. He was able to move from monster to nice guyreal estate agent back to monster in a seamless, believable,frightening portrayal. One of my favorite actors bears mentioning here,Richard Widmark was the consummate professional yet again. WhileBlackout has some flaws and is not In Cold Blood or Compulsion, Ibelieve its aim was accomplished. This movie keepsyou in a constant state of bewilderment, is this guy a good family manor a brutal serial killer. The beginning has a man kill his entirefamily and then head out in the the family car, along the way he picksup a hitchhiker and soon thereafter are involved in a horrendousaccident. Only one of the two survive and because of the fire involvedin the crash they cannot be sure which of the 2 men survived.
In the end the answer comes to light.Replyfrom United States26 Feb 2014, 2:24 pmI saw Blackout for the first time when I was a kid and it SCARED THEHELL OUT OF ME FOR A LONG TIME! This film, in my opinion, is wonderful!Blackout has GOT TO BE one of Richard Widmark's greatest performancesas Detective Joe Steiner. Director Douglas Hickox (father ofdirector Anthony Hickox) gets the goods out of his first-rate castconsisting of Richard Widmark, Keith Carradine, Kathleen Quinlan andMichael Beck. Carradine is terrifically convincing in the lead role.After the discovery of a brutally murdered mother and her children, thesearch begins for the father, but he seems to have disappeared. Sixyears later the cop who was in charge of the case is retired by theforce, but still looking into the case.

In the mail he receives ananonymous letter with an article that features a man who recovered froma devastating car accident, but had lost his memory about his past. Nowhis starting a new life with a family, but could he be the killer?In the air are a disturbing and glum vibe, and the opening sequencecements it. What begins is quite slow-going in a melodrama format, butthe gradually tight build-up psychologically toys around with theviewer of what to possibility to believe. Neverdoes it fall into anything cheap or uninspired, and the red herringsare pulled off effectively and the intensity grows to lead onto thefinal revelation. The story opens with the disturbing discovery of 3dead bodies, a mother and her two children, nightmarishly exhibited asif they were celebrating the youngest one's birthday. The elderly copSteiner promptly becomes obsessed with finding the killer, whichundoubtedly is the husband and father. Almost at the same time of thediscovery and a couple of States further, a man survives a horrible caraccident, albeit with a total loss of memory and in desperate need forplastic surgery. His memory doesn't return, but he starts a new lifeunder the name Allen Devlin and marries the nurse who treated him.
Sixyears later, the meanwhile retired Steiner is still looking for thekiller and receives an anonymous letter with a picture of Devlin andhis new family.
There arevery few possibilities of whom the killer may be, yet the intelligentlywritten script keeps you guessing and doubting till the very lasttwist. Even with the quite large number familiar themes, like amnesiaand love-triangles, the plot feels original and the suspense feelsgenuine.
As expected, there aren't any vile murders shown on screen andthe use of blood and make-up effects is kept to a minimum.
Naturally a lotof credit must go to director Douglas Hickox, who's clearly one classabove the average TV-movie director.
Speaking of which, thecast is excellent with Richard Widmark, Keith Carradine and MichaelBeck.

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